Biography of Bishop Robert Bingham 1180-1246

In 1180 Bishop Robert Bingham was born.

On 25 Sep 1228 Bishop Robert Bingham (age 48) was elected Bishop of Salisbury.

Flowers of History 1233. How Hubert (age 62) was dragged by violence from the church and imprisoned.

When the garrison awoke and found that Hubert was not in the usual place, they were greatly alarmed, and sallying forth in troops with lanthorns and weapons, they traversed the country round in search of him ; after some time they heard that Hubert was in the church, released from his fetters, on which they tuinultuously rushed thither and found him before the great altar, with the holy cross in his hands ; they at once fiercely seized him, and striking and driving him along with their weapons and fists, they took him back to the castle as well as his two liberators, where they confined him more strictly than before. When this event reached the ears of Robert bishop of Salisbury (age 52), he went to the castle and ordered these violators of the church at once to release Hubert and to restore him to the sanctuary of the church in the same condition as they found him ; but the castellans noisily told him they would rather that Hubert should be hung than they ; on which, as they refused to give him up, the bishop, by virtue of the power entrusted to him, excommunicated by name all those who detained him and who had laid violent hands on him. The said bishop then, accompanied by Roger bishop of London, went to the king and laid a complaint before him of the injury inflicted on Hubert, and did not leave the king till he had obtained his release ; so on the 18th of October he was sent back to the church much against the king's wish, who sent orders by letter to the sheriff of that county to blockade the church'in order to starve Hubert to death.

In 1246 Bishop Robert Bingham (age 66) died.