Biography of Bishop William Alley 1510-1570

In 1510 Bishop William Alley was born. He was educated at Eton College [Map].

Henry Machyn's Diary. 02 Apr 1560. [The ij day of April, Alley (age 50), bishop elect of Exeter, preached at court,] aganst blasfemy, dysse [dice ie gambling], and women, and drunkenes.

On 20 May 1560 Bishop William Alley (age 50) was elected Bishop of Exeter on the recommendation of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 26). Henry Machyn in his diary of 02 Apr 1560 refers to Bishop William Alley (age 50) as being 'bishop elect of Exeter'.

On 14 Jul 1560 Bishop William Alley (age 50) was consecrated Bishop of Exeter.

Henry Machyn's Diary. After 14 Jul 1560. The .. day of July .... master Loves mercer; he gayff to .... ther was the clothyng of ys compene .... blake gownes and the compene of the Clarkes sy[ngi]ng, [and there preached] master Alley (age 50) the byshope of Exseter, and a goodly sermon.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 10 Aug 1560. The x day of August was bered within the Towre [Map] withowt a offeser of armes, and (with) master Alley (age 50) the nuw byshope of Excetur, and the chyrch hangyd with blake and armes, my lade Warner (deceased), the wyff of ser Edward Warner (age 49).

Note. P. 241. Funeral of lady Warner. "Elizabeth, late wiff to sir Edward Warner knight, lieutenaunte of the tower of London; she was doter of Thomas Cobham, and dysceased the 8. of August 1560, and left issue a [son] whosse name is Edward." (MS. Harl. 897, f. 19.)

Henry Machyn's Diary. 01 Mar 1562. The furst day of Marche, the wyche was the iij sonday (in Lent,) dyd pryche at after-none at the cowrte a-for the quen (age 28) master Allen (age 52) the byshope of Exsetur.

On 15 Apr 1570 Bishop William Alley (age 60) died.