Biography of Captain Frederick William Leopold Thomas 1812-1885

Around 1812 Captain Frederick William Leopold Thomas was born to George Thomas (age 30).

In 1850 [his father] George Thomas (age 68) died.

Archaeologia Volume 34 Section XIII. Account of some of the Celtic Antiquities of Orkney, including the Stones of Stenness [Map], Tumuli, Picts-houses, &c, with Plans, by F. W. L. Thomas (age 38), R.N., Corr. Mem. S.A. Scot., Lieutenant Commanding H.M. Surveying Vessel Woodlark. Read Feb. 6th and 13th, 1851.

In 1860 Captain Frederick William Leopold Thomas (age 48) with Captain Otter, on HMS Porcupine, on a voyage to St Kilda.

In 1885 Captain Frederick William Leopold Thomas (age 73) died.

Proceedings of the Royal Society of Scotland Volume 10 Chapter III. Letter From St Kilda [Map]. By Miss Anne Kennedy. Communicated With Notes, by Capt. F. W. L. Thomas, R.N., F.S.A. Scot.

Having, by the courtesy of Captain Otter, an opportunity of visiting St Kilda in 1860, besides photographing many of the inhabitants, and seeing as much as I was able, I made the acquaintance of the Rev. Mr Kennedy, who was then missionary there. Subsequently a string of questions was forwarded to him on points of antiquarian interest; but he, probably not to give offence to weak brethren, turned the letter over to his niece, and I have no reason to believe that the subject lost by the exchange. As the opportunities of going to St Kilda seem likely to increase, I have transcribed the substance of her letter, which may serve as a guide to archeologists as to what to observe in that remarkable group of islets.