Biography of Charles Fox 1660-1713

Paternal Family Tree: Fox of Farley

Maternal Family Tree: Elizabeth Whittle 1696

On 08 Dec 1651 [his father] Stephen Fox (age 24) and [his mother] Elizabeth Whittle were married.

On 02 Jan 1660 Charles Fox was born to Stephen Fox (age 32) and Elizabeth Whittle in Brussels [Map]. His godfather was King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 29).

In 1679 Charles Fox (age 18) and Elizabeth Carr Trollope (age 18) were married. There was no issue from the marriage. She brought the Water Eaton estate, near Cricklade, and £6000 and/or £2000 each year to the marriage

On 08 Dec 1680 Charles Fox (age 20) was elected MP Eye in the interest of his brother-in-law Charles Cornwallis 3rd Baron Cornwallis (age 24). He appears to have been underage at the time.

In 1682 Charles Fox (age 21) was appointed Paymaster General to the Forces which office he held solely until 1685.

On 26 May 1685 Charles Fox (age 25) was elected MP Cricklade. He was re-elected in 1689, 1690 and 1695.

In 1690 Charles Fox (age 29) was appointed Receiver-General and Paymaster which office he held until 1698.

Calendars. 22 Mar 1693. Kensington. Warrant to [the same] to grant to Thomas, Lord Coningsby, and Charles Fox (age 33), receivers and paymasters-general in Ireland, sixpence in the pound on all moneys paid by them (provided it do not exceed the yearly sum of 6,250l.), in lieu of the allowances they at present receive for their fees and expenses. [Ibid.]

Calendars. 06 Apr 1693. Whitehall. Proceedings upon the petition of Lieutenant-Colonel James Montaut. Shows that he was first captain in Colonel Du Cambon's regiment and could never have any account from his colonel of the money that was paid to the regiment, though it was often desired. He therefore prays that the said colonel be ordered to give him his accounts. ace to Charles Fox (age 33), esq. [S.P. Dom. Petition Entry Book 1, p. 466.]

Calendars. 28 Apr 1693. Whitehall. Proceedings upon the petition of Erasmus Trenshenberg. Shows that he was captain in Col. Groben's regiment in Ireland, and that there is due to him, thereupon, 977l. 18s. Referred to the Earl of Ranelagh and to Charles Fox (age 33), esq., paymasters of their Majesties' forces, to examine the allegations contained. [S.P. Dom. Petition Entry Book 2, p. 318.]

On 11 Aug 1696 [his mother] Elizabeth Whittle died.

In 1698 Charles Fox (age 37) was elected MP Salisbury. He was re-elected on 09 Jul 1701, in Dec 1701, 1702, 1705, 1708, 1710 and 31 Aug 1713 until his death on 21 Sep 1713.

In 1702 Charles Fox (age 41) was appointed Paymaster General to the Forces which office he held jointly until 1705.

In Mar 1703 [his wife] Elizabeth Carr Trollope (age 42) died.

In 21 Sep 1713 Charles Fox (age 53) died predeacsing his father.

Ancestors of Charles Fox 1660-1713

Charles Fox

GrandFather: William Whittle of the City of London

Mother: Elizabeth Whittle