Biography of Christopher Clitherow 1578-1641

On 10 Jan 1578 Christopher Clitherow was born.

In 1608 Christopher Clitherow (age 29) and Mary Campbell (age 25) were married.

Around 1610 [his daughter] Mary Clitherow Lady Trollope was born to Christopher Clitherow (age 31) and [his wife] Mary Campbell (age 27).

On 14 Aug 1610 Anthony Abdy (age 30) and [his sister-in-law] Abigail Campbell (age 26) were married at the Church of St Mary Aldermary.

In 1625 Christopher Clitherow (age 46) was appointed Deputy Governor of the East India Company.

On 02 Jan 1625 Christopher Clitherow (age 46) was elected Alderman of Aldersgate Ward.

Before 06 Dec 1634 John Gore and [his sister-in-law] Hester Campbell (age 61) were married.

On 06 Dec 1634 [his sister-in-law] Hester Campbell (age 61) died.

In 1635 Christopher Clitherow (age 56) was elected Lord Mayor of London.

On 16 Nov 1635 [his son-in-law] Thomas Trollope 1st Baronet (age 40) and [his daughter] Mary Clitherow Lady Trollope (age 25) were married.

In 1640 [his sister-in-law] Abigail Campbell (age 56) died.

On 11 Nov 1641 Christopher Clitherow (age 63) died. He was buried at St Andrew Undershaft, Aldgate Ward.

On 13 Dec 1646 [his former wife] Mary Campbell (age 63) died.