Biography of Cooper

Roger Whitley's Diary. 02 Jan 1690. Thursday, went to Parliment, sate till past 7; supt with 2 Mainwarings, Hales & Harris at Nag's Head; then went to another roome where was Wood, Titus, Gilmore, Coling, Maxwell, Cooper & Russell, parted past 10.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 05 Jan 1690. Sonday, was not at church; dined at home with Mainwaring, his brother, my brother & Minshall; in the evening my sonne (age 39) & his wife came to see us; past 6, I went to Woods; went with him to Nag's Head; there was also Mainwaring & Cooper; we parted before 9; came home.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 04 Feb 1690. Tuesday, Barington came about his bills; I went to Toll about Chester money; I dined at home with Biddolph, Mainwaring, his brother, my 2 sons; brother, Morgan, Thomas &c; about 3, I went to Sir R: Gwynn; he was at dinner with Colt, Owens, Rud, Rawley, & severall others; I dranck a glasse of wine; stayd ½ houer; my daughters called me; went to Sir Robert Cottons; he & daughters & sonne (age 39) were at home; 2 other gentlemen with them, with musick books & instruments on the table; went then to cosen Fairefax; saw him & Lady; then called on Mrs Shakerly; they brought me home; Jones came & settled accounts: I took him in my coach to Nag's Head; there we parted; I went up to Wood, Maxfeild, Cooper & another; then came Biddolph, Mainwaring & Coling; we parted neare 10.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 10 Jul 1690. Thursday, Sir John Morgan, his lady, & one Mr Price, & Bell dined with us; also Angell & Mr Cooper & 2 sons; they went about 6; cosen John Whitley, & his wife, came about 11 at night when I was in bed.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 12 Sep 1690. Friday, I sent the Smith with venison to Cooper, Johnson & Deane; after dinner, Bidolph & Mainwaring went a setting; Tomkinson retorned from Dysert; Hardwar came & stayd an houer in the evening;.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 29 Sep 1690. Monday, Huson, Tomkinson, &c. went to Chester to sell cattle, horses, wooll, &c. Ned the postilion & the kitchenmayd went away; one Cooper came from Shrewsbery about a debt of Rogers; came at 11, dined, & went before 2; a carpenter came from Mr Ellis Lloyd to see our cydermill; went againe before dinner; no other company.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 28 Oct 1690. Tuesday, my sonne (age 39) & I went to Chester; sister Angell with us; lighted at Jacksons; there came Taylor to me; dined at Angells with sonne (age 39) & Morgan & cosen Collyer; cosen Cooper, & (2 interl cosen came in whilest at dinner; Alderman Anderson came after dinner; then I went to the almeshouses; retorned (with Crosse) to Jacksons; thither came the Governor, Streete, Mainwaring Johnson, Deane, Fernhagh, Murray, Kinaston, Parry, Sparks, Goodhand, Morgan, Mercer, &c. we went homewards about 5; came home past 7, Tomkinson with us.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 30 Nov 1690. Sonday, dined at home, Mainwaring & Bidolph with us; went in the evening to the club; there was Maxwell, Cooper, Harris, 2 Blunts, Every, Chase, &c. Mainwaring,&c. parted at 10.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 15 Dec 1690. Monday, dined at home, Bidolph with us; went at night to Wood; then to Lord Maxfeild, saw him, & Lady Gerard; went then to the club; there was Harris, Cooper, Partridge, Maxwell, (Craven interl) & Shard, Mainwaring came in late; we parted past 10.