Biography of Daines Barrington 1717-1800

Paternal Family Tree: Shute aka Barrington

Daines Barrington 1717-1800 is in Antiquaries.

On 23 Jun 1713 [his father] John Shute aka Barrington 1st Viscount Barrington (age 35) and [his mother] Anne Daines Viscountess Barrington (age 23) were married.

After 15 Jan 1717 Daines Barrington was born to John Shute aka Barrington 1st Viscount Barrington (age 39) and Anne Daines Viscountess Barrington (age 27).

On 01 Jul 1720 [his father] John Shute aka Barrington 1st Viscount Barrington (age 42) was created 1st Viscount Barrington of Ardglass in County Down.[his mother] Anne Daines Viscountess Barrington (age 30) by marriage Viscountess Barrington of Ardglass in County Down.

Archaeologia Volume 4 Section VIII. Observations on Kit’s Cotty House [Map], in Kent. In a Letter to the Honourable Daines Barrington (age 56), from the Reverend Mr Pegge (age 69). Read at the Society of Antiquaries, Jan. 13, 1774.

Archaeologia Volume 3 Section XLIII. In the year 1770, our worthy and truly respectable member the Honourable Daines Barrington (age 57), whose incessant literary pursuits are confessedly employed for the emolument as well as the edification of the public, stated to the Society the above circumstances, together with his sentiments thereon. At the same time, he expressed his ardent wishies, that the corpse of Edward the First, as entombed in the collegiate church of St. Peter at Westminster, might be inspected, in order to examine the state of preservation in which it then was; and whether any remains of the composition, supposed to have been used to prevent its decay, were discoverabled. His zeal for obtaining such inspection did not however rest satisfied with having barely propounded his wishes to the Society, he frequently applied to the Reverend Dr. John Thomas (age 62), the dean of Westminstere by means of his learned friend Dr. Blair, one of the prebendaries of that church, for leave to open the royal tomb.

Note d. In three letters read at the Society of Antiquaries on the 25th of January, and 1st of February, 1770.

Note e. Now bishop of Rochester.

On 08 Feb 1783 [his mother] Anne Daines Viscountess Barrington (age 93) died.

Archaeologia Volume 8 Appendix. The Hon. Daines Barrington (age 68) communicated the following observations by him on the Grey Weathers in Berkshire, and the Crypts in Canterbury Cathedral. Read March 17, 17 85.

On 14 Mar 1800 Daines Barrington (age 83) died.

Ancestors of Daines Barrington 1717-1800

Daines Barrington

GrandFather: William Daines

Mother: Anne Daines Viscountess Barrington