Biography of Edmund Prideaux 1693-1745

Paternal Family Tree: Prideaux

Before 22 Feb 1693 [his father] Humphrey Prideaux (age 44) and [his mother] Bridget Bokenham were married.

On or before 22 Feb 1693 Edmund Prideaux was born to Humphrey Prideaux (age 44) and Bridget Bokenham. He was christened at Soham Tony, Norfolk on 22 Feb 1693

In 1700 [his mother] Bridget Bokenham died.

On 22 May 1711 Edmund Prideaux (age 18) was admitted to Clare College, Cambridge University as a Fellow Commoner.

On 10 Feb 1712 Edmund Prideaux (age 18) entered Middle Temple.

On 17 Apr 1717 Edmund Prideaux (age 24) and Hannah Wrench (age 20) were married.

In 1719 [his son] Humphrey Prideaux was born to Edmund Prideaux (age 25) and [his wife] Hannah Wrench (age 22).

Vesta Monumenta. 1724.Plates 1.13 and 1.14: Engravings of St. Benet's Abbey Gatehouse [Map] (1 of 2) by George Vertue (age 40) after John Kirkpatrick and Edmund Prideaux (age 30). 205 x 389 mm and 206 x 318 mm. Published by the Society of Antiquaries of London in 1724.

Vesta Monumenta. 1724. Plate 1.15: Engraving of the Tomb of Robart Colles. Late fifteenth or early sixteenth-century chest tomb of Robart Colles in the Holy Innocents Church, Foulsham [Map]. Paneled sides around which runs the inscription "Robart Colles Cecili his vif." Engraving by George Vertue (age 40) after Edmund Prideaux (age 30). 204 x 328 mm.

On 01 Nov 1724 [his father] Humphrey Prideaux (age 76) died.

On 02 Feb 1726 [his wife] Hannah Wrench (age 29) died.

In 1728 Edmund Prideaux (age 56) died. His cousin Edmund Prideaux (age 34) inherited Prideaux Place.

Around 1730 William Aikman (age 47). Portrait of Edmund Prideaux (age 36).

Vesta Monumenta. 1738. Plates 50 to 52. Three mid fourth-century CE Roman mosaic pavements at Wellow, Somerset [Map] the first of which was found by John Aubrey c. 1685. Further investigations of the site were carried out in 1737 by Edmund Prideaux (age 44) and James West, who found the second and third pavements, respectively. Engravings by George Vertue (age 54) after James Vertue (age 78) and James West.

James Vertue: In 1660 he was born.

In 1745 Edmund Prideaux (age 51) died.

Ancestors of Edmund Prideaux 1693-1745

Great x 3 Grandfather: Roger Prideaux

Great x 2 Grandfather: Nicholas Prideaux

Great x 1 Grandfather: Humphrey Pruideaux

GrandFather: Edmund Prideaux

Father: Humphrey Prideaux

Great x 1 Grandfather: John Moyle

GrandMother: Bridget Moyle

Edmund Prideaux

GrandFather: Anthony Bokenham of Helmingham in Suffolk

Mother: Bridget Bokenham