Biography of Edward Pepys 1617-1663

Paternal Family Tree: Pepys

In 1617 Edward Pepys was born to John Pepys of Ashtead (age 41).

In 1652 [his father] John Pepys of Ashtead (age 76) died.

Pepy's Diary. 12 Feb 1660. Thence to Mr. Turner's, where I found my wife, Mr. Edw. Pepys (age 43), and Roger (age 42) and Mr. Armiger being there, to whom I gave as good an account of things as I could, and so to my father's (age 59), where Charles Glascocke was overjoyed to see how things are now; who told me the boys had last night broke Barebone's (age 62) windows.

Pepy's Diary. 19 Feb 1660. Hence home and brought my wife to Mr. Mossum's to hear him, and indeed he made a very good sermon, but only too eloquent for a pulpit. Here Mr. L'Impertinent helped me to a seat. After sermon to my father's (age 59); and fell in discourse concerning our going to Cambridge the next week with my brother John (age 19). To [his sister] Mrs. Turner (age 37) where her brother, Mr. Edward Pepys (age 43), was there, and I sat a great while talking of public business of the times with him. So to supper to my father's (age 59), all supper talking of John's (age 19) going to Cambridge. So home, and it raining my wife got my mother's French mantle and my brother John's (age 19) hat, and so we went all along home and to bed.

Before 1663 Edward Pepys (age 46) and Elizabeth Walpole were married.

Pepy's Diary. 05 Jun 1663. So to Mr. Turner's, and there saw Mr. Edward Pepys's (age 46) [his wife] lady, who my wife concurs with me to be very pretty, as most women we ever saw.

Pepy's Diary. 17 Jun 1663. This day I sent my cozen Edward Pepys (age 46) his [his wife] Lady, at my cozen Turner's, a piece of venison given me yesterday, and [his sister] Madam Turner (age 40) I sent for a dozen bottles of her's, to fill with wine for her. This day I met with Pierce the surgeon, who tells me that the King (age 33) has made peace between Mr. Edward Montagu (age 28) and his father Lord Montagu, and that all is well again; at which; for the family's sake, I am very glad, but do not think it will hold long.

Pepy's Diary. 15 Dec 1663. Before I was up, my brother's man came to tell me that my cozen, Edward Pepys (age 46), was dead, died at [his sister] Mrs. Turner's (age 40), for which my wife and I are very sorry, and the more for that his [his wife] wife was the only handsome woman of our name.

Around 15 Dec 1663 Edward Pepys (age 46) died.

Pepy's Diary. 17 Dec 1663. At noon home to my poor wife and dined, and then by coach abroad to [his sister] Mrs. Turner's (age 40) where I have not been for many a day, and there I found her and her sister Dike very sad for the death of their brother (deceased). After a little common expression of sorrow, Mrs. Turner (age 40) told me that the trouble she would put me to was, to consult about getting an achievement prepared, scutcheons were done already, to set over the door.

Pepy's Diary. 17 Dec 1663. After he was gone I sat an houre talking of the suddennesse of his (deceased) death within 7 days, and how by little and little death came upon him, neither he nor they thinking it would come to that. He died after a day's raveing, through lightness in his head for want of sleep. His [his former wife] lady did not know of his sickness, nor do they hear yet how she takes it.

Pepy's Diary. 21 Dec 1663. After all musique ended, my Lord going to White Hall, I went along with him, and made a desire for to have his coach to go along with my cozen Edward Pepys's (deceased) hearse through the City on Wednesday next, which he granted me presently, though he cannot yet come to speak to me in the familiar stile that he did use to do, nor can I expect it. But I was the willinger of this occasion to see whether he would deny me or no, which he would I believe had he been at open defyance against me. Being not a little pleased with all this, though I yet see my Lord is not right yet, I thanked his Lordship and parted with him in White Hall.

On 10 Sep 1668 [his former wife] Elizabeth Walpole died without surviving issue.

Royal Ancestors of Edward Pepys 1617-1663

Kings Wessex: Great x 19 Grand Son of King Edmund "Ironside" I of England

Kings Gwynedd: Great x 16 Grand Son of Owain "Great" King Gwynedd

Kings Seisyllwg: Great x 22 Grand Son of Hywel "Dda aka Good" King Seisyllwg King Deheubarth

Kings Powys: Great x 17 Grand Son of Maredudd ap Bleddyn King Powys

Kings England: Great x 9 Grand Son of King Edward III of England

Kings Scotland: Great x 15 Grand Son of William "Lion" I King Scotland

Kings Franks: Great x 15 Grand Son of Louis VII King Franks

Kings France: Great x 11 Grand Son of Philip "The Fair" IV King France

Ancestors of Edward Pepys 1617-1663

Great x 3 Grandfather: William Pepys of Cottenham

Great x 2 Grandfather: John Pepys of Norfolk

Great x 1 Grandfather: Thomas Pepys

GrandFather: Fermor aka Jerome Pepys

Father: John Pepys of Ashtead 8 x Great Grand Son of King Edward III of England

Great x 4 Grandfather: Thomas Drury of Rougham

Great x 3 Grandfather: John Drury of Rougham

Great x 2 Grandfather: John Drury of Rougham

Great x 1 Grandfather: John Drury

GrandMother: Frances Drury 7 x Great Grand Daughter of King Edward III of England

Great x 2 Grandfather: Thomas Sydney

Great x 1 Grandmother: Eleanor Sydney 6 x Great Grand Daughter of King Edward III of England

Great x 4 Grandfather: Francis Southwell

Great x 3 Grandfather: Robert Southwell

Great x 4 Grandmother: Dorothy Tendering

Great x 2 Grandmother: Mary Southwell 5 x Great Grand Daughter of King Edward III of England

Great x 4 Grandfather: Thomas Neville 3 x Great Grand Son of King Edward III of England

Great x 3 Grandmother: Margaret Neville 4 x Great Grand Daughter of King Edward III of England

Great x 4 Grandmother: Catherine Dacre 6 x Great Grand Daughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England

Edward Pepys 9 x Great Grand Son of King Edward III of England