Biography of Edward Shippen 1639-1712

In 1639 Edward Shippen was born to William Shippen at Methley [Map].

In or before 1671 Edward Shippen (age 32) and Elizabeth Lybrand were married.

On 28 Feb 1679 [his son] Joseph Shippen was born to Edward Shippen (age 40) and [his wife] Elizabeth Lybrand.

In 1688 [his wife] Elizabeth Lybrand died.

On 04 Sep 1689 Edward Shippen (age 50) and Rebecca Howard were married.

In 1701 Edward Shippen (age 62) was appointed Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by William Penn (age 56).

In 1702 Edward Shippen (age 63) was elected Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the first elected mayor of Philadelphia.

On 26 Feb 1704 or 26 Feb 1705 [his wife] Rebecca Howard died.

In 1706 Edward Shippen (age 67) and Esther Wilcox were married.

On 02 Oct 1712 Edward Shippen (age 73) died.

On 07 Aug 1724 [his former wife] Esther Wilcox died.