Biography of George Barnes -1558

In or before 1532 George Barnes and Alice Brooke of Shropshire were married.

Around 1532 [his son] George Barne was born to George Barnes and [his wife] Alice Brooke of Shropshire.

In 1533 [his daughter] Anne Barne was born to George Barnes and [his wife] Alice Brooke of Shropshire.

Around 1550 [his son-in-law] Alexander Carleill (age 22) and [his daughter] Anne Barne (age 17) were married.

In 1552 George Barnes was elected Lord Mayor of London.

On 18 Feb 1558 George Barnes died. He was buried at St Bartholomew by the Exchange Church.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 18 Feb 1558. [The xviij day of February died sir George Barnes knight and haberdasher, late mayor of London, at the] crownenassyon of qwyn Mare (age 42).

Note. P. 166. Funeral of alderman sir George Barnes. Son of George Barnes, citizen and haberdasher of London; sheriff 1545–6, lord mayor 1552–3. He was buried at St. Bartholomew the Little, as was his widow (see p. 199). "He dwelled in Bartholomew lane, where sir William Capell once dwelled, and now [1605] Mr. Derham. His arms, Argent, on a chevron wavy azure, between three barnacles proper, three trefoils slipped of the first, were taken downe after his death by his sonne sir George Barnes, and these sett upp in stede thereof, Azure, three leopard's heads argent." The second sir George Barnes was also a haberdasher, and lord mayor in 1586–7. "He dwelled in Lombard strete, overagainst the George, in the house which was sir William Chester's, and is buried in St. Edmund's church hard by." He bore the coat of leopard's heads quartered with, Argent, a chevron azure between three blackbirds.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 24 Feb 1558. The xxiiij day of Feybruary was [buried] ser Gorge Barnes knyght, late ma[yor] and haberdasser, and the cheyff marchand of Muskovea, and had the penon of Mu[scovy] armes borne at ys berehyng; and the [mayor] and the swerdherar had blake gownes and a .... in blake, and a iijxx pore men in blake [gowns;] and had a standard and v penons of armes, and cote and elmett, sword, targett, and a goodly hers of wax and ij grett branchys of whytt wax, iiij dosen torchys, and viij dosen pensels, and ix dosen skochyons; and doctur Chadsay mad the sermon on the morow, and after a grett dener. Master Clarenshus and Lanckostur the haroldes (conducted the ceremony.)

Henry Machyn's Diary. 26 Sep 1558. The xxvj day of September was the monyth myn of master Barnes, sqwyre, and ys wyffes, at a towne called (blank), and ther was grett chere ther, and venysun plente, and wyne; and he had cott and penon of armes-in Essex.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 02 Jun 1559. The ij day of Juin was bered at lytyll sant Baythelmuwes my lade Barnes, the wyff of ser George Barnes, knyght, and late mare of London; and she gayff to pore men and powre women good rosett gownes a (blank), and she gayffe to the powre men and women of Calles (blank) a-pesse, and she gayff a C [100] blake gownes and cottes; and ther she had penon of armes, and master Clarenshux kyng of armes, and ther was a xx [20] clarkes syngyng afor her to the chyrche with blake and armes; and after master Horne mad a sermon, and after the clarkes song Te Deum laudamus in Englys, and after bered with a songe, and a-for songe the Englys pressessyon, and after to the place to dener; ser Wylliam Garrett cheyff morner, and master Altham and master Chamburlayn, and her sunes and doythurs; ther was a nobull dener.

Henry Machyn's Diary. Oct 1561. The sam day of October was bered in Whytyngtun colege master Alesandur Karlelle (age 33) the master of the Vyntoners, the wyche he mared the dowther (age 28) of ser George Barnes knyght, [late] mare of the nobull cete of London and haburdassher; and he gayff a xx blake gownes, and he gayff (blank) mantyll [frieze] gowne(s) unto (blank) pore men; and ther wher the Clarkes of London syngyng, and [master] Crolley dyd pryche, and then to the plase to denner, and a dolle, and a ij dozen of kochyons of armes, and the leverey of the Vyntonars.