Biography of George Body 1840-1911

Memorial to George Body on nineteen South Bailey, Durham.

On 07 Jan 1840 George Body was born to Josiah Body and Mary Snell at Cheriton Fitzpayne, Devon.

In 1859 George Body (age 18) matriculated St John's College, Cambridge University [Map] being awarded BA in 1862, MA in 1876, MA ad eundem in 1884 and DD in 1885.

1860 to 1870. Samuel Alexander Walker (age 18). Photograph of George Body (age 19).

In 1863 George Body (age 22) was ordained Deacon. In 1864 he was ordained Priest. Thereafter he was appointed to the curacies of St James's Church, Wednesbury, and Christ Church, Wolverhampton.

On 25 Sep 1864 George Body (age 24) and Louisa Lewis were married. They had three sons and four daughters.

In 1883 George Body (age 42) was appointed 'canon-missioner' of Durham by Bishop Joseph Barber Lightfoot (age 54), and for twenty-eight years carried on fruitful mission work among the Durham miners.

1889. Samuel Alexander Walker (age 47). Photograph of George Body (age 48).

On 05 Jun 1911 George Body (age 71) died.