Biography of George Harper 1503-1558

On 11 Mar 1503 George Harper was born to Richard Harper of Latton in Essex.

Before 27 Oct 1512 William "Great" Courtenay (age 35) and [his future sister-in-law] Mary Gainsford (age 13) were married. The difference in their ages was 22 years.

In Nov 1524 George Harper (age 21) and Lucy Peckham (age 20) were married.

In 1533 George Harper (age 29) was appointed Esquire to the Body.

After 1535 Anthony Kingston (age 27) and [his future sister-in-law] Mary Gainsford (age 36) were married. She the widow of William "Great" Courtenay (deceased).

In 1539 George Harper (age 35) was appointed Justice of the Peace Kent.

In 1548 George Harper (age 44) was appointed High Sheriff of Kent.

In 1552 [his wife] Lucy Peckham (age 48) died.

Before Jun 1556 George Harper (age 53) and Audrey Gainsford were married.

In Oct 1556 [his brother-in-law] John Ayloffe (age 56) died.

Before 12 Dec 1558 George Harper (age 55) died.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 12 Dec 1558. The xij of Desember was bered at sant Martens at Ludgat ser Gorge Harper (age 55) knyght, with ij haroldes of armes, with ij whyt branchys, xij torchys, and iiij gret tapurs; and a standard, a pennon, and cote armur, target, sword, mantyll, and crest a gylt bore [boar], and v dosen of skochyons of armes, and mony morners, and ther had xvj pore men had gownes.

Note. P. 181. Note. Funeral of sir George Harper. "Sir George Harper knight dysceased the 7. of December at his howsse within the late Blacke Fryers in London in the fyrst yere of quene Elizabeth 1558, and was buryed in the parishe churche of St. Marten's in Ludgate the xijth of December. He had maryed Awdre doughter of sir John Gaynsford of Surrey wyff before to George Tayler of Lyngfield in Surrey, and after to Caryngton of Sussex." (MS. Harl. 897, p. 26.) His widow was buried at the same church Jan. 27, 1559. Malcolm's Londinium Redivivum, iv. 358.

After 12 Dec 1558 George Carleton (age 29) and [his former wife] Audrey Gainsford were married.

Before 27 Jan 1560 [his former wife] Audrey Gainsford died.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 27 Jan 1560. The xxvij day of January was cared from [Black] frers unto sant Martens at Ludgatt to be bered my [his former wife] lade Harper, by her furst hosband ser Gorge Harper knyght, and the wyff of master Carlton (age 31), with a pennon of armes, and ij dosen and a d' of of skochyons of armes, and re .. mad in the chyrche and hangyd with blake and armes; and haroldes of armes, master Clarenshux (age 50) and master Somersett, [and] mony morners in blake; the cheyff morner was ...

George Taylor of Lingfield in Surrey and Audrey Gainsford were married.