Biography of Gilbert Dethick 1510-1584

1552 Creation of Knights of the Garter

1558 Funeral of Mary I

1559 Death and Funeral of Frances Brandon

1561 Creation of Garter Knights

1563 Creation of Garter Knights

Around 1510 Gilbert Dethick was born.

Around 1542 [his son] William Dethick was born to Gilbert Dethick (age 32). He was educated at St John's College, Cambridge University [Map].

On 29 Apr 1550 Gilbert Dethick (age 40) was appointed Garter King of Arms.

1552 Creation of Knights of the Garter

Henry Machyn's Diary. 23 Apr 1552. The xxiij day of Aprell, the wyche was sant Jorge day, the Kyng('s) grace, behyng at Westmynster at ys plase, dyd where ys robes of the garter, and the yong yerle of Warwyke beyryng of the kynges sword afor hym thrugh the halle unto the chapell; and ys grase dyd offer, and the resyduw .... evyngsong, and w ... Kynges grace dyd chuysse in the sted of the [earl [Note. Duke!] of Som]ersett the yerle of Westmorland (age 27), and sir Andrew [Dudley,] (age 45) captayne of Gynes, was chosen of the garter the ...

Note. Election of the earl of Westmerland of the garter. In the privy council 10 May 1552. A warrante to the Exchequer to paye unto sir Gilberte Dethicke (age 42) knighte, alias Garter principall kinge at armes, beinge presently to be sente by the kinges majestie to the earle of Westemerlande with the order of the Garter, the some of twentye poundes.

"A comissyon for the said sir Gylberte Dethicke to take upe v. poste horses for himselfe, his servantes, and guide." (MS. Harl. 352, f. 228 b.)

The following entry may here also be added:

"22 Apr 1553. A warrante to sir John Williames to pay unto sir Gilberte Dethicke knight, alias Garter principall kinge at armes, the some of xxj. poundes for schucheones by him sett upp in an°. 4° et 5° of the kinges [and queenes] majesties raigne at Grenewich, at the feaste of the order of the Garter, accordinge to a bill therof included in the same letter." (f. 250.)

Funeral of Mary I

Henry Machyn's Diary. 13 Dec 1558. [The xiij day of December, the corpse of the late Queen (deceased) was brought from St. James's, in a cha]rett, with the pyctur of emages [images] lyke [her person], adorned with cremesun velvett and her crowne on her hed, her septer on her hand, and mony goodly rynges on her fyngers; up the he-way [went] formett [foremost] [the] standard with the Faucon and [the Hart]; then cam a grett compene of morners; and after anodur godly standard of the Lyon and the Faucon; and then her houshold servandes, ij and ij together, in blake gownes, [the] haroldes rydyng to and fro to se them go in order; and after cam the iij standard with the Whyt Grahond and the Faucon; and then cam gentyllmen in gownes, morners; and then cam rydyng sqwyrs, bayryng of baners of armes; and then cam my lord marques of Wynchester (age 75) on hors-bake, bayryng the baner of the armes of England in-brodered with gold; and then cam after Chester the harold (age 60), baryng the helm and the crest and mantyll; then cam master Norroy (age 48), bayryng the targett with the garter and the crowne; and then cam master Clarenshus (age 48) bayreng the sword and after cam Garter (age 48), bayryng her cot-armur, on hors-bake they all; and baners borne abowt her, with knyghts, lords, and baners a-bowt the corse; with iiij harolds bayryng on horss-bake iiij whyt baners of santes wroth with fyne gold, master Samersett, master Lanckostur, master Wyndsor, and master Yorke; and then cam the corse, with her pyctur lyung over her, and the corse covered with cloth of gold, the crosse sylver, and then cam iij (blank) with the cheyff morners; and then lades rydyn, alle in blake, trapyd to the grond; and the charett that the quen was in rode the pages of honor with baners in ther handes; and a-for the corse her chapell, and after all the monkes, and after the bysshopes in order; and so by Charyng-crosse to Westmynster abay; and at the grett dore of the chyrche evere body dyd a-lykt of ther horse; and then was gentyll-men rede [ready] to take the quen owt of her charett, and so erles and lordes whent afor her grace to the herse ward, with her pyctur borne betwyn men of worshype; and at the cherche dore met her iiij byshopes, and the abbott (age 43), mytered, in copes, and sensyng the body; and so she lay all nyght under the herse, and her grace was wachyd. [And there were an hundred poor men in good black gowns] bayryng longe torchys, with [hoods on their heads, and arms] on them; and a-bowt her the gard bayryng [staff-torches] in blake cottes; and all the way chandlers [having] torchys, to gyffe them that had ther torchys [burnt out].

Note. P. 182. Funeral of queen Mary. The ceremonial is in the College of Arms, I. 14, ff. 19—30, and again in ff. 202—214; and the painters' charges at f. 198.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 09 Sep 1559. The ix day (of September) a-fore none thay cam to the chyrche from the byshope palles, the haroldes a-for them, master Garter (age 49), master Clarenshux (age 49), master Norrey (age 49), master Somersett, master Chaster (age 61), master Rechmond, master Yorke, master Wyndsor (age 49), master Lanckostur, and Ruge-crosse, Ruge-dragon, Bluw-mantyll, Perkullys, and ther thay had serves; my lord of Canturbere the meny[ster ?], the bysshope Harford, Skore (age 49), dyd pryche, and the bysshope Barlow (age 61), thes iij had blake gownes and grett hodes lynyd with sylke, and drestes' capes [caps]; and after all done to (the bishop's) plasse to dener, for ther was offesers of the quen('s) howsse, of evere offes [office] sum, for ther was grett chere.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 21 Oct 1559. The xxj day of October was cared from Halewell [Map] unto Sordyche chyrche my lade the contes of Rutland, with xxx [30] clarkes and prestes syngyng, and mony pore men and powre women in blake gownes a lx [60] and mo, morners to the nomber of a C [100] and ij [2] haroldes of armes, master Garter (age 49) and master Yorke; then cam the corsse; a-for a grett baner of armes, and a-bowt her iiij [4] goodly banerrolles of dyvers armes; and master Beycon mad the sermon; and after a grett dolle of money, ij d [2 pence] a-pesse; and so to dener, and yt was wryten a-bowt the valans Sic transit gloria mundi, and ther was vj [6] dosen penselles and vj [6] dosen skochyons.

Death and Funeral of Frances Brandon

Henry Machyn's Diary. 05 Dec 1559. The v day (of) Dessember was bered in Westmynster abbay [Map] my lade Frances (deceased) the wyff of Hare duke of Suffolke, with a gret baner of armes and viij banar-rolles, and a hersse and a viij dosen penselles, and a viij dosen skockyons, and ij haroldes of armes, master Garter (age 49) and master Clarenshux (age 49), and mony morners.

Note. P. 217. Funeral of Frances duchess of Suffolk. Daughter of Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, and Mary queen dowager of France, daughter of king Henry VII. She was first married to Henry Grey, marquess of Dorset, who was created duke of Suffolk in 1551 (see p. 10); by whom she was mother of queen Jane: and afterwards accepted the hand of Adrian Stokes (age 40) esquire, who erected her monument in Westminster abbey. Their portraits together are engraved by Vertue. Her style by our Diarist as "my lady Frances" did not arise either from ignorance or accident. The title "lady" was then equivalent to the modern title "princess;" and the duchess usually bore it, as her daughter "the lady Jane" had done, as distinctive of her being a member of the Blood Royal.—The heralds' account of her funeral is preserved in the College of Arms, I. 9, f. 153–4, and I. 14, f. 154–157.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 28 Apr 1560. The sam day at after-none att the court was grett justes, my lord of Sussex (age 35) and my lord Robartt Dudley (age 27) and ij more a-gaynst the yerle of Northumberland (age 32) and my lord Ambrose Dudley (age 30) and my lord of Hunsdon (age 34) and master Cornewalles and (blank): and ther was mony stayffes broken; and ther stod in the standyng as juges my lord markes of Northamtun (age 48), my lord of Ruttland (age 33), and my lord of Penbroke (age 59), and my lord admerall (age 50) and the Frenche inbassadur, and master Garter (age 50) and master Norey (age 50) dyd wrytt wome [whom] dyd rune; and by chanse of the brykyng of a stayff a pesse fluw up wher the juges sitt and hyt my lord of Penbroke (age 59) (blank) and ther rod the trumpeters and the haroldes of armes.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 14 Jul 1560. The xiiij day of July was bered the nob[le] erle of Hunting(don) (deceased) knyght of the garter, with a st[andard] and mony morners, and then cam ys grett baner of [arms], and then cam mo morners, and then cam iij har[olds of arms] in ther cott armurs, on bare the helme and the [crest] and the mantylles, and a-nodur cared the targett with the g[arter] and the sword, and a-nodur ys cott armur, and then [came] the cors with viij goodly grett banar-rolles a-b [out] hym; and then mony mornars; and the chyrche [Map] and the [place] and the strett hangyd with blake and armes; and ther was a goodly hers, and garnyshed with grett skochyons of armes, and a grett mageste of taffata and the valans gyldyd, and a-pone hym a nuw pall of blake velvett, and iij haroldes, master Garter (age 50), master Clarenshux (age 50), and (blank)

Note. P. 239. Funeral of the earl of Huntingdon. Francis second earl of Huntingdon, K.G. succeeded his father in 1554. He died at Ashby de la Zouche, June 22, 1560 (MS. Harl. 897, f. 80); and a full memoir of him will be found in Nichols's History of Leicestershire, vol. iii. pp. 580–583, and at p. 619 a description of his monument in the church of Ashby de la Zouche, of which a folio engraving is given, pl. lxxxiii. It bears recumbent effigies of the earl and of his countess (age 49), who was a niece of cardinal Pole, and acted in 1569 as administratrix of the cardinal's will.

Henry Machyn's Diary. On or after 29 Aug 1560. The (blank) day of August was bered my lade Dudley (age 28) the wyff of my lord Robart Dudley (age 28) the master of the quen('s) horse, with a grett baner of armes and a vj baners-rolles of armes, and a viij dosen penselles and viij dosen skochyons, and iiij grett skochyons of armes, and iiij haroldes, master Garter (age 50), master Clarenshux (age 50), master Lanckostur, and (blank).... with ij harolds, master Clarenshux (age 50) and Ruge-crosse, and a standard and a pennon of armes, a cot armur, helmett, and crest, and mantylles, and sword, and a viij dosen of skochyons of armes and vj of bokeram, and [many] mornars in blake, and ther was grett [dinner and] a dolle of mones [money] as many as cam.

Note. P. 242. Funeral of lady Amy Dudley. The name of "Amy Robsart" is invested with a prevailing interest as the heroine of poetry and romance. I have collected what is known of her, and endeavoured to sift the mysterious rumours of her assassination, in a memoir which appeared in the Gentleman's Magazine for December, 1845. I have now to append the following additional memorial: "Lady Amie Robsert, late wyff to the right noble the lord Robert Dudley, knight and companyon of the most noble order of the garter, and master of the horsse to the quenes moste excellent majestie, dyed on sonday the 8. of Septembre at a howsse of Mr. Foster, iij. myles from Oxford, in the 2. yere of quene Elizabeth, 1560, and was beryed on sonday the 22. of September next enshewenge in our Lady churche of Oxford." (MS. Harl. 897, f. 80b.)

Henry Machyn's Diary. 15 Oct 1560. The xv day of October was bered [the countess] [Note. This is a mistake for the Earl?] of Shrowsbere, Frances (deceased), in Halumshyre, with [iij heralds] of armes, master Garter (age 50), master Chester (age 62), master Lankostur; .... with a standard, a grett baner of armes, [and baner-]rolles of mareges [marriages ie alliances], and a x dosen penselles, .... skochyons of armes, and a mageste and valans ... dosen of bokeram skochyons, and a thousand in .... and cottes with the pore men and women, and a grett dolle of money, and of mett and drynke, for all that cam, and all the prestes and clarkes of, and had boyth money and mett and drynke.

Note. P. 244. Funeral of Francis earl of Shrewsbury, K.G. Misled by the diarist's spelling of the name Frances, the word "countess" was inadvertently inserted instead of "earl." He died at his manor of Sheffield 28 Sept. 1560, and the funeral took place at the same place on the 21st Oct. The ceremonial at full is printed in Peck's Desiderata Curiosa, lib. vii. pp. 17–21; and also in Hunter's Hallamshire, p. 56.

1561 Creation of Garter Knights

Henry Machyn's Diary. 23 Apr 1561. [The xxiij of April, saint George's day, was kept] holy at the quen['s court , . ] her halle in copes to the nombur of XXX, with [O God^ the father of Hewyn, have merce on .. • . and the owtter cowrt to the gatt, and rond abowt st [rewed with rushes;] and after cam master Garter (age 51), and master Norres (age 51), and master dene of the ch[apel, in copes] of cremesun saten, with a crosse of sant Gorge red, and [eleven knights] of the garter in ther robes, and after the Quen('s) (age 27) grace in [her robes, and] all the garde in ther ryche cottes; and so bake to the [Chapel,] after serves done, bake thruge the hall to her graces chambur, and that done her grace and the lord(s) wh[ent to dinner,] and her grace wher goodly servyd; and after the lordes [sitting on one] syd, and servyd in gold and sylver 5 and after dener [there were] knyghtes of the Garter electyd ij, my lord of Shrewsbere (age 33) [and my] lord of Hunsdon (age 35); and ther wher all the haroldes in ther cote armurs afor the quen('s) grace, master Clarenshux (age 51), Lanckostur, Rychemond, Wyndsor, Yorke, Chastur, Blumantyl, Ruge-dragon.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 18 May 1561. The xviij day of May was sant Gorge fest keptt at Wyndsor [Map], and ther was stallyd ther the yerle of Shrowsbere (age 33) and my lord of Hunsdon (age 35), and the yerle of Arundell (age 49) was the quens deputte, and the way my lord Monteguw (age 32) and my lord Pagett (age 55), and so they came to cherche; and after matens done, they whent a prosessyon rond about the cherche, so done the mydes and so rond a-bowt, and a X almes-knyghtes in red kyrtylles, and a-loft a robe of purpull cloth syd with a crosse of sant Gorge, and after the verger, and then the clarkes and prestes a xxiiij syngyng the Englys prossessyon in chopes [copes] xxxiiij, and sum of them in gray ames [amices] and in calabur, and then cam my lord of Hunsdun (age 35), and after my lord Montyguw (age 32), and after the yerle of Shrowsbere (age 33), and after my lord Pagett (age 55), and after the yerle of Arundell (age 49), all they in their robes, and master Garter (age 51) and master Norres (age 51) and master dene in cremesun saten robes, with red crosses on ther shuldurs, and after rod up to the castylle to dener.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 16 Jul 1561. The xvj day of July was cristened Robard Dethyke the sune of ser Gylbartt Dethyke (age 51), Garter, in the parryche of sant Gylles withowt Crepull-gatte [Map], and the chyrche hangyd with clothes of arrys and the cloth of state, and strode with gren rysses and strode with orbese [herbs], and ser Wylliam Huett (age 65) depute for my lord of Shrowsbere (age 33) and master Care [Carey] [Note. Possibly George Carey 2nd Baron Hunsdon (age 14)] depute for my lord Honsdon (age 35), and my lade Sakefeld [Note. Possibly Cicely Baker Countess Dorset (age 26)] the quen('s) depute; and after wafurs and epocrasse grett plente, and myche pepull ther, and my lade Yorke bare my lade depute's trayne; and so hom to here plase, and had a bankett. a bankett .... [master Alexander Avenon was] chosen the shreyff for the quen('s) grace.

Note. P. 264. Christening of Robert Dethiek. It was no unfrequent honour paid by queen Elizabeth to her subjects to stand godmother to their children. In a list of her presents of plate there are nine instances between the 21st April and the 24th Nov. 1561, and among them, "Item, given by her Majestie the 15th of July, to the chrystenyng of sir William Dethyk, alias Garter king at armes, his childe, oone guilte cup with a cover, per oz. 19¼ dim. oz. Bought of the Goldsmyth." Queen Elizabeth's Progresses, edit. 1823, vol. i. p. 129.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 27 Jan 1562. The xxvij day of January was bered master Charlys Wrys[seley] (age 52) alyas Wyndsore, with all the haroldes of armes, master Garter (age 52), master Clarenshux (age 52), master Chaster alleas Norrey, master Somersett, [master York,] master Rychmond, master Lankester, Rugecrosse, Ruge-dragon, [Portcullis,] and Blumantylle, with vj skochyons of armes, in sant P[ulcher's] parryche, bered in the body of the chyrche; and they [ie the heralds] payd the ch[arges].

Note. P. 275. Funeral of Charles Wryothesley, Windsor herald. He died "at Camden's howsse, in the parish of St. Pulcres in London." (MS. Harl. 897, f. 27b.) "Item. On Sounday the 25th of January, An°. 1561, departed out of this world about sixe of the cloacke, Charles Wryotheley al's Windsour herauld, who was buryed at Saint Sepulcres churche w'hout Newgate, on Tuesday in the morning, at the which buriall the sayd corsse was covered with a pall of blacke velvett, and on the same was laid a rich coate of armes, and of each corner of the sayd corpes went a pursivant of armes in a mourning gowne and hood, and in their coates of armes. And after the corsse went Somersett herauld in his gowne and hood, and after him Mr. Garter and Mr. Clarencieux, and after them the rest of the office of armes not in blacke." From the Papers of Sir Edward Walker, Garter, "Heralds, vol. I. p. 120, Coll. Arm." See also the MS. I. 13, f. 34.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 23 Apr 1562. The xxiij day of Aprell was sant Gorge's day, a[nd at Whiteh]alle the Quen('s) (age 28) grase whent from her chapell with xii. knyghtes of the Garter in robes with colars of gold with garters, [and] xx of here chapelle, in copes of cloth of gold, to the of[fering, s]yngyne the Englys presessyon from the chapell rond [about the] halle and bake agayne to the chapelle syngyng; and master [dean of] her chapell bare a boke and a robe, and master Norres (age 64) [bare the] blake rod in a robe, and master Garter (age 52), all iij in cremesun saten; [and] the byshope of Wynchester (age 52) warre ys robe of red (blank); and ser William Peter, master Clarenshux (age 52), Somersett, Yorke, Lanckaster, Rychemond, and Chaster, Ruge-dragon, and R[ouge-croix, Port-] colles, Blumantyll, Wyndsor.

Henry Machyn's Diary. After 25 May 1562. [The .. day of May was the funeral of lady Cheyne, late wife of ser Thomas Cheyne councillor to] kyng Edward the vj and unto quen Mary and queen Elesabett (age 28) tyll he ded, and she was beried at Toddington [Map] with mony mornars; master Garter (age 52) and master Norrey (age 64) [were] the haroldes, and (the) dene of Powlles (age 45) dyd pryc[h the sermon,] for ther was grett chere, and a grett dole [as ever] in that contrey sene-iij mylles from Donstabull.

Note. P. 282. Funeral of lady Cheney. See the note on sir Thomas Cheney in p. 369. There is an effigy of the lady at Toddington; see the Topographer, 1846, vol. i. p. 156.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 01 Jul 1562. The furst day of July was the Marchand-tayllers' fest, and dynyd my lord mare (age 66), the yerle of Sussex (age 37), the yerle of Kyldare (age 37), ser (blank) Stanley, and ser Thomas Whytt, ser Thomas Offeley (age 62) and master Ro .., ser Wyllyam Huett, ser Marten Bowes (age 65), master Cowper, master Allen, master Gyl[bert,] master Chamburlayn altherman, master Champyon, master Avenon, master Malere, and master Baskerfeld, and the master and the iiij wardens and the clarkes and the bedyll of the Skynnars, and mony worshephull men, and mony lades and gentyllwomen, and they had agaynst the dynner iijxx and (blank) bukes [bucks] and iiij stages; and master Wylliam Allen (age 47) electyd shreyff for the quen, and master Whettelle the master, and master Raff Whytt hed warden and master Mar .. and master serjant Halle and master Browne wardens; and master Garter (age 52) and master Clarenshux (age 52) dynyd there.

Note. P. 287. The Skinners attend the Merchant-taylors' feast. In the 1st Rich. III. a dispute for precedency between the Skinners and Merchant-taylors was determined by agreement that either should take precedence in alternate years, and that the master and wardens of each should dine with the other company on their respective feasts of Corpus Christi and the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. See the ordinance effecting this arrangement in Herbert's Twelve City Companies, vol. ii. p. 319; and see remarks by the present writer in Archæologia, vol. xxx. p. 500.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 31 Aug 1562. The xxxj day of August was bered in Essex the good erle of Oxford (deceased), with iij haroldes of armes, master Garter (age 52), master Lancostur, master Rychmond, with a standard and a grett baner of armes, and viij baner-rolles, [helmet,] crest, targett, and sword, and cott armur, and a herse with velvett [and a] palle of velvett, and a x dosen of skochyons, [and with] mony mornars in blake, and grett mone mad for hym.

Note. P. 290. Funeral of the earl of Oxford. "This John Vere, erl of Oxford, dysseased at his castell of Hemyngham [Map] in Essex on Monday the 3. of August, in the 4. yere of the quene our soveraigne lady Elizabeth, &c. 1562, and was beryed on tewsday the 25. of August next enshewing, at the parishe churche of Hemyngham. He married firstDoraty, doughter of Raff erle of Westmerland, and had issue Kateren wyff to Edward lord Wyndesor; secondly, Margery doughter of Golding, syster to sir Thomas Goldinge, and had issue Edward erl of Oxford, and Mary." (MS. Harl. 897, f. 81.)

Henry Machyn's Diary. 20 Dec 1562. The xx day of Desember was bered my lord Gr[ey of Wilton] (deceased) knyght of the Garter, sum-tyme capten of Gynes, and bered [at] (blank) with a herse garnyssed with velvett and blake and armes, [with four] haroldes of armes, master Garter (age 52) prensepalle, and master Norrey kyng at armes (age 64), [Chest] ur harold (age 27) and Ruge-dragon, and ther was a xx clark [es syng]yng all the way, furst ij porters in blake with blake sta[ffs and] in gownes, and then the standard borne, and then mo .... the grett baner of ys armes, and then the harold [bearing the] helmett and crest, and a-nodur the targett and the sword, and a-nodur [the coat armour;] then master Garter (age 52), and then the corse, with a ryche palle; and .... of ys men bayryng ytt; and iiij grett banar-rolles of m[arriages;] after the cheyffe mornars and after mony mornars, and th[ere did prea]che master (blank); and ther was iij dosen of bokeram skochyons of armes, and viij dosen of penselles to garnys the herse, and ... grett skochyons of pastyd paper, and the chyrche hangyd with blake and armes, and a viij dosen of skochyons of armes; and after a[ll done at] the berehyng all they when(t) bake agayne unto master de[an's] plase to dener, for ther was a nobull dener as [has] bene sene for venesun and wyld fulle.

Note. P. 297. Funeral of William lord Grey of Wilton, K.G. The circumstancial account of this ceremonial, drawn up by one of the attendant heralds, is appended to the "Commentarie of the Services" of this nobleman, in the volume edited for the Camden Society by Sir Philip Grey Egerton, Bart. The church (left blank in p. 298,) was Cheshunt, co. Hertford; the preacher was Michael Reniger; and in line 17, for "master de[an's] plase," read "master De[nny's] plase."

1563 Creation of Garter Knights

Henry Machyn's Diary. 22 Apr 1563. The xxij day of Aprell, was sant Gorge's evyn, at v of the cloke the knyghtes of the Garter cam downe from the quen('s) chambur thrugh the halle to here chapell, and yt was strod with gren ryssys, [and all] the haroldes in ther cott armurs, master Perkullys, master Ruges-dragon, master Lanckaster, master Rychmond, and master Somersett, and master Norray (age 65) and master Clarenshux (age 53), master Garter (age 53), and master dene, my lord of Hunsdon (age 37), my lord Montyguw (age 34), my lord Robartt (age 30), my lord of Lughborow (age 42), the yerle of Shrowsbere (age 35), my lord admeralle (age 51), my lord chamburlayn, the yerle of Ruttland (age 36), the yerle of Darbe (age 53), the marques of Northamtun (age 51), the duke of Northfoke (age 27), (the) yerle of Arundell (age 50), and the yerle of Penbroke (age 62), and so evere man to ys own plase in the chapell of ther owne sett.... cam a prosessyon up thrugh the halle to .... furst the serjant of the vestre with a sylver rod, [then the] chylderyn in ther surples, and then the qwyre sy[nging the English] prosessyon in copes of cloth of gold to the nombur of .... haroldes of armes and sergantes of armes, furst Ruges[croix and] Ruge-dragon, and then cam master Lonkastur and master Rychmond and master [Somerset;] furst my lord of Hunsdon, my lord Montyguw, my lord Robartt, my lord of Lowthborow, my lord admeralle, my lord chamburlayn, the yerle of Rutland, the yerle of [Shrewsbury,] the yerle of Darbe, the yerle of Penbroke, the marques of [Northampton,] the yerle of Arundell, the duke of Northfoke; and then [master Garter,] master Norres (age 65), the dene of the chapell, they iij in cremesun saten v[elvet;] and next the byshope of Wynchestur and ser Wylliam Peter in [robes of] cremesun velvett with red crosses on ther robes, and ser .... and the yerle of Northumberland bare the sword, and the(n) the [Queen] in her robe, and master Knolles bare the quen('s) trayn, and after ....

Henry Machyn's Diary. 10 Jun 1563. The x day of June was a degre [decree] mayd a-for my lord [the duke] of Northfoke (age 27), and master Garter (age 53) and master Clarenshux (age 53) and master Norrey (age 65), that master Garter have the berehyng of all knyghtes of the Garter and all yerles and ther [wives] and all lordes and ther wyffes and vyconttes.

On 03 Oct 1584 Gilbert Dethick (age 74) died. Robert Cooke (age 49) served as Acting Garter King of Arms until the appointment of Gilbert's son [his son] William Dethick (age 44) on 21 Apr 1586.