Biography of Harris

Roger Whitley's Diary. 02 Jan 1690. Thursday, went to Parliment, sate till past 7; supt with 2 Mainwarings, Hales & Harris at Nag's Head; then went to another roome where was Wood, Titus, Gilmore, Coling, Maxwell, Cooper & Russell, parted past 10.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 06 Jan 1690. Monday, I dined at home with brother & daughters; in the evening Beversham came to see me; went in my coach to the end of Suffolk Streete; I went to Lord Macclesfeild (age 31); Thomson was with him; did not speake to me; went away; then Atwood came but stayd not; I stayd neare ½ houer; then went to Edisbury's lodging; his cosen, Sir John Wynne & another with him; I went then to Mr Halles of Lincolnes Inne; gave him my papers & 2 guineys; then went to the Nag's Head; there was Wood, Coling, Harris, Hales & 2 or 3 more & Mainwaring; parted past 9.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 21 Jan 1690. Tuesday, went to Parliment sate till 5; supt with G. Mainwaring (age 47) at Nag's Head; there was also Mainwaring, Wood, Titus, Gilmore, Coling, Rogers, Maxwell, Craven, Harris & 2 more, parted past 9.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 24 Jan 1690. Friday, went to Parliment; dined at home with daughters & Thomas; went to Committe's; they did not sit; then went to Goslin's about my tooth, then to Nag's Head; there was Wood, Maxwell, Harris, Partridge & another; then came Mainwaring then G.Mainwaring (age 47) parted past 9; Roger came to the next roome but stayd not.; parted paast 9.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 27 Jan 1690. Monday, went to Parliment; were Prorogued about 12; dined at home with Colt, Wynne, & 2 Mainwarings; went about 7 to Nag's Head; there was Harris, Maxwell, Rogers, Coling, Craven &c; parted past 9.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 28 Jan 1690. Tuesday, went to Lord Delamer (age 38) (with G.Mainwaring (age 47)) then to the Treasurer of Chambers office; spoke with Hall about my warrants; he hath them all together (being 5 & the summe 336:6:6) I went to Lord Shrewsbury's office, spoke with Vernon about the Mayor of Chester's having Pooles Armes; went with G.Mainwaring (age 47) & Elwyn to London; then to Mosier; then to [fo. 114r] Jan: the Sunne with the spectacle maker; there were 2 Radfords; gave them a bottle of wine; I dined at Pontacks with Mainwaring my sonne (age 39) & 2 Edisbury's; went (with 2 Mainwarings) to the Post office. there was Wildman & his sonne (age 39); then to the Sunne Taverne; there were 2 Edisbury's, my sonne (age 39), Dashwood, 2 Mainwarings, Hannibal Baskerville, Monteage & another (the 2 last went first) Mainwaring & I left them neare 8, went to Nag's Head; there was Wood, Titus, Harris, Craven, Maxwell, Partridge &c; parted past 9; found Biddolph at home.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 27 Nov 1690. Thursday, dined at home, &c. went to the club & there was Chase, Wood, Harris.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 30 Nov 1690. Sonday, dined at home, Mainwaring & Bidolph with us; went in the evening to the club; there was Maxwell, Cooper, Harris, 2 Blunts, Every, Chase, &c. Mainwaring,&c. parted at 10.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 02 Dec 1690. Tuesday, went to Westminster, our Report was made, carryed against: us by one; dined at home with Bidolph, Mainwaring, Jackson, Chester witnesses, Roger, &c. past 6, I went to the club; there was Every, Maxwell, Harris, Partridge, Rogers & another; I left them past 8, came home.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 15 Dec 1690. Monday, dined at home, Bidolph with us; went at night to Wood; then to Lord Maxfeild, saw him, & Lady Gerard; went then to the club; there was Harris, Cooper, Partridge, Maxwell, (Craven interl) & Shard, Mainwaring came in late; we parted past 10.