Biography of Henry Gastineau 1791-1876

Henry Gastineau 1791-1876 is in Painters.

In 1791 Henry Gastineau was born to Charles Gastineau (age 56) in London to a family of Huguenot descent.

In 1818 Henry Gastineau (age 27) the Society of Painters in Water-colours when he exhibited for the first time.

In 1818 [his father] Charles Gastineau (age 83) died.

Around 1820. Henry Gastineau (age 29). Watercolor of Tretower Castle [Map].

In 1821 Henry Gastineau (age 30) was appointed Associate of the Society of Painters in Water-colours.

In 1823 Henry Gastineau (age 32) was appointed Member of the Society of Painters in Water-colours.

In 1827 [his daughter] Mary Gastineau was born to Henry Gastineau (age 36)

Wales Illustrated. Wales Illustrated in a Series of Views comprising the Pictureesque Scenery, Towns, Castles, Seats of the Nobilty and Gentry, Antiquities, &c. Engraved on Steel from the Original Drawings by Henry Gastineau (age 38). Accompnied by Historical and Topographical Descriptions.

Title Page: Menai Straits, Anglesey.

1850. Henry Gastineau (age 59). Watercolor of Croxden Abbey, Staffordshire [Map].

On 17 Jan 1876 Henry Gastineau (age 85) died at his home Norfolk Lodge, Cold Harbour Lane. He was buried at West Norwood Cemetery.

05 Nov 1876. Portrait of Henry Gastineau from the Illustrated London News.