Biography of Henry Hopper 1767-1844

 Wolsingham, County Durham Church of St Mary, Hillington Church of St Rumbold, Stoke Doyle

Henry Hopper 1767-1844 is in Sculptors.

In 1767 Henry Hopper was born at Wolsingham, County Durham [Map].

After 16 Aug 1828. Church of St Mary, Hillington [Map]. Monument to Edward West and Lucretia Georgiana ffolkes sculpted by Henry Hopper (age 61). The armorial Edward West Chief Justice of Bombay 1782-1828 arms and Lucretia Georgiana ffolkes impaled. His arms quartered West Arms and Unknown Arms. Her arms quartered 1 ffolkes Arms 2 Hovell Arms 3 appears to be Browne as seen in the armorial to William Browne 4 Turner Baronets Arms.

Edward West: he was born to John Balchen West. His parents died young so he was brought up by his uncle Martin ffolkes 1st Baronet. 26 Aug 1822 he and Lucretia Georgiana ffolkes were married at St Marylebone Church. She the daughter of his guardian and uncle Martin ffolkes 1st Baronet. On 16 Aug 1828 he died at Poonah.

Lucretia Georgiana ffolkes: she was born to Martin ffolkes 1st Baronet and Fanny Turner. On 15 Oct 1828 Lucretia Georgiana ffolkes died in childbirth at Bombay, India eleven days after having given birth to a posthumous son who only lived at few hours.

William Browne: In 1692 he was born. On 24 Aug 1717 he and Mary Greene were married.

On 04 Jul 1829 Thomas Capron (age 81) died. On 24 Feb 1832 Elizabeth Lucas (age 80) died. Memorial in Church of St Rumbold, Stoke Doyle [Map] sculpted by Henry Hopper (age 62).

Thomas Capron: he and Elizabeth Lucas were married. Around 1748 he was born.

Elizabeth Lucas: Around 1752 she was born to John Lucas of Nortoft Manor.

On 27 May 1844 Henry Hopper (age 77) died at 13 Wigmore Street Cavendish Square.