Biography of Henry Yelverton 1566-1624

Paternal Family Tree: Yelverton

Before 29 Jun 1566 [his father] Christopher Yelverton (age 30) and [his mother] Margaret Catesby (age 23) were married.

On 29 Jun 1566 Henry Yelverton was born to Christopher Yelverton (age 30) and Margaret Catesby (age 23).

In 1597 Henry Yelverton (age 30) was elected MP Northampton. He was elected again in 1604 and 1614.

Before 27 Mar 1602 Henry Yelverton (age 35) and Mary Beale (age 20) were married. She the daughter of Robert Beale.

On 27 Mar 1602 [his son] Christopher Yelverton 1st Baronet was born to Henry Yelverton (age 35) and [his wife] Mary Beale (age 20).

In 1611 [his mother] Margaret Catesby (age 68) died.

On 31 Oct 1612 [his father] Christopher Yelverton (age 76) died at his seventy room house in Easton Maudit.

In Jul 1616 Edmond Peacham was sent to Taunton to stand his trial. On 07 Aug 1615 he was arraigned at the assizes before Sir Christopher Tanfield and Serjeant Montagu. Sir Randal Crewe, the king's Serjeant, and Sir Henry Yelverton (age 49), solicitor-general, came from London to conduct the case. He was, however, found guilty and condemned to death.

Arouind 1617 Henry Yelverton (age 50) was appointed Attorney General.

Autobiography Simon D'Ewes. The beloved Marquis of Buckingham (age 28), not yet satisfied with the censure of Sir Henry Yelverton (age 54), Knt., late the Attorney-General, passed against him in the Star-Chamber, upon the 10th day of November last foregoing, in 1620, which I have there more fully touched upon, was the means, this Easter Term, to have him called in question for new matters in the Upper House of Parliament. Here he laid open, upon Monday, the 30th day of April, so many of the Marquis's inordinate actions, comparing him to the Spencers, that misled King Edward the Second, of England; as his Lordship had been much better to have let him alone in the Tower, where he still remained prisoner since his former censure, than to have brought him upon the stage again, where his revenge might have cost him dear, had not the King himself, in person, and Prince Charles also appeared in the Upper House against Sir Henry Yelverton (age 54); so as the Lords, out of their great wisdoms, fearing at this time to irritate the King by their further questioning the Marquis, his favourite, remitted all further prosecution of those accusations; but sent back Sir Henry Telverton (age 54) to the Tower1, where he remwned awhile close prisoner.

Note 1. "On Wednesday was Sir Henry Yelverton censured by Parligment, fined ten thousand marks to the King, and five thousand marks to the Marquis of Buckingham, to make hia submission at the bar, and be imprisoned during pleasure. The Lord Marquis remitted the fine unto him, and offered to join with the Lords to his Majesty For mitigation of the rest." - Letter dated May 18th, Harl. MS

On 10 May 1625 Henry Yelverton (age 58) was appointed the fifth Judge of the Common Pleas.

On 24 Jan 1630 Henry Yelverton (age 63) died. He was buried at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Easton Maudit [Map].

On 29 Apr 1625 [his former wife] Mary Beale (age 43) died. She was buried at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Easton Maudit [Map].

Elaborate canopied Jacobean Hooded Monument of alabaster, the effigies one above the other, with the figures of four sons and five daughters below. The canopy is supported by bedesmen in black gowns, and is surmounted by figures of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Above is an inscribed panel surrounded by books on end and various linked symbols with winged cherubs above. Large caryatids representing hooded bedesmen to left and right. Arch above with 3 standing figures and 2 hour-glasses on sculls.

Mary Beale: Around 1582 she was born to Robert Beale. Before 27 Mar 1602 Henry Yelverton and she were married. She the daughter of Robert Beale.

Ancestors of Henry Yelverton 1566-1624

Great x 4 Grandfather: John Yelverton

Great x 3 Grandfather: William Yelverton

Great x 2 Grandfather: William Yelverton

Great x 1 Grandfather: William Yelverton

GrandFather: William Yelverton

Father: Christopher Yelverton

Great x 3 Grandfather: Thomas Fermor alias Ricards

Great x 2 Grandfather: Laurence Fermor

Great x 1 Grandfather: Henry Fermor

GrandMother: Amy Fermor

Henry Yelverton

Great x 4 Grandfather: Edmund Catesby

Great x 3 Grandfather: John Catesby

Great x 2 Grandfather: Humphrey Catesby

Great x 1 Grandfather: Anthony Catesby of Whiston

GrandFather: Thomas Catesby of Whiston

Great x 2 Grandfather: Thomas Pigot

Great x 1 Grandmother: Isabel Pigot

Mother: Margaret Catesby