Biography of James Hayes 1637-1694

In 1637 James Hayes was born to James Hayes.

Around 1646 James Hayes (age 9) educated at St Paul's School Barnes Richmond, Surrey.

In 1649 James Hayes (age 12) was educated at Corpus Christi College, Oxford University.

In 1649 James Hayes (age 12) admitted at Lincoln's Inn.

On 14 Apr 1653 Henry Carey 4th Viscount Falkland (age 19) and [his future wife] Rachel Hungerford Viscountess Falkland (age 18) were married at Black Bourton, Bampton. She by marriage Viscountess Falkland.

On 08 Jun 1653 William Wyndham 1st Baronet (age 21) and [his future sister-in-law] Frances Hungerford (age 18) were married.

In 1656 James Hayes (age 19) called to the bar.

Before 1658 [his future brother-in-law] Edward Hungerford (age 25) and Jane Hele were married.

In 1659 James Hayes (age 22) was appointed Recorder Marlborough.

In 1659 James Hayes (age 22) was elected MP Marlborough.

In May 1663 James Hayes (age 26) was appointed Fellow of the Royal Society.

In 1664 James Hayes (age 27) and Rachel Hungerford Viscountess Falkland (age 29) were married.

On 03 Feb 1666 [his brother-in-law] Edward Hungerford (age 33) and Jane Culme (age 29) were married.

Pepy's Diary. 28 Mar 1666. Up, and with Creed, who come hither betimes to speake with me about his accounts, to White Hall by water, mighty merry in discourse, though I had been very little troubled with him, or did countenance it, having now, blessed be God! a great deale of good business to mind to better purpose than chatting with him. Waited on the Duke (age 32), after that walked with Sir W. Clerke (age 43) into St. James's Parke, and by and by met with Mr. Hayes (age 29), Prince Rupert's (age 46) Secretary, who are mighty, both, briske blades, but I fear they promise themselves more than they expect.

Pepy's Diary. 24 Oct 1666. I to the Hall and there walked long, among others talking with Mr. Hayes (age 29), Prince Rupert's (age 46) Secretary, a very ingenious man, and one, I think, fit to contract some friendship with. Here I staid late, walking to and again, hearing how the Parliament proceeds, which is mighty slowly in the settling of the money business, and great factions growing every day among them. I am told also how Holmes (age 44) did last Sunday deliver in his articles to the King (age 36) and Cabinet against [Sir Jeremy] Smith, and that Smith hath given in his answer, and lays his not accompanying the fleete to his pilot, who would not undertake to carry the ship further; which the pilot acknowledges. The thing is not accommodated, but only taken up, and both sides commanded to be quiet; but no peace like to be. The Duke of Albemarle (age 57) is Smith's friend, and hath publiquely swore that he would never go to sea again unless Holmes's (age 44) commission were taken from him1. I find by Hayes (age 29) that they did expect great glory in coming home in so good condition as they did with the fleete, and therefore I the less wonder that the Prince was distasted with my discourse the other day about the bad state of the fleete. But it pleases me to hear that he did expect great thanks, and lays the fault of the want of it upon the fire, which deadened everything, and the glory of his services. About seven at night home, and called my wife, and, it being moonshine, took her into the garden, and there layed open our condition as to our estate, and the danger of my having it [his money] all in the house at once, in case of any disorder or troubles in the State, and therefore resolved to remove part of it to Brampton [Map], and part some whither else, and part in my owne house, which is very necessary, and will tend to our safety, though I shall not think it safe out of my owne sight. So to the office, and then to supper and to bed.

Note 1. In the instructions given to Sir Thomas Clifford (age 36) (August 5th, 1666) to be communicated to Prince Rupert (age 46) and the Duke of Albemarle (age 57), we read: "to tell them that the complaint of Sir Jeremy Smith's misbehaviour in the late engagement being so universal, unless he have fully satisfied the generals he should be brought to trial by court-martial, and there purged or condemned". The Duke of Albemarle (age 57) answered the King (age 36) (August 14th?): "Wishes to clear a gallant man falsely accused, Sir Jeremiah Smith, who had more men killed and hurt, and his ship received more shot than any in the fleet. There is not a more spirited man serves in the fleet". On October 27th H. Muddiman wrote to Sir Edward Stradling: "Sir Jeremy Smith has got as much credit by his late examination as his enemies wished him disgrace, the King (age 36) and Duke of York (age 33) being fully satisfied of his valour in the engagement. It appears that he had 147 men killed and wounded, while the most eminent of his accusers had but two or three". With regard to Sir Jeremy's counter-charges, we read: "Nov. 3. The King (age 36) having maturely considered the charges brought against Sir Rob. Holmes (age 44) by Sir Jeremy Smith, finds no cause to suspect Sir Robert of cowardice in the fight with the Dutch of June 25 and 26, but thinks that on the night of the 26th he yielded too easily to the opinion of his pilot, without consulting those of the other ships, muzzled his ship, and thus obliged the squadron to do the same, and so the enemy, which might have been driven into the body of the King's fleet, then returning from the pursuit, was allowed to escape" (Calendar of State Papers, 1666-67, pp. 14, 40, 222, 236).

Pepy's Diary. 28 Jan 1667. Here I hear from Mr. Hayes (age 30) that Prince Rupert (age 47) is very bad still, and so bad, that he do now yield to be trepanned. It seems, as Dr. Clerke also tells me, it is a clap of the pox which he got about twelve years ago, and hath eaten to his head and come through his scull, so his scull must be opened, and there is great fear of him.

Before 1668 James Hayes (age 31) was appointed Secretary to Prince Rupert Palatinate Simmern 1st Duke Cumberland (age 48).

In 1670 James Hayes (age 33) was knighted.

Around 30 May 1671 James Montagu (age 32) and [his sister-in-law] Diana Hungerford (age 22) were married.

After May 1672 James Hayes (age 35) was appointed Deputy Governor of the Hudson Bay Company.

Evelyn's Diary. 18 Aug 1672. Sir James Hayes (age 35), Secretary to Prince Rupert (age 52), dined with me; after dinner I was sent to Gravesend, Kent [Map] to dispose of no fewer than 800 sick men. That night I got to the fleet at the Buoy of the Nore, where I spoke with the King (age 42) and the Duke (age 38); and, after dinner next day, returned to Gravesend, Kent [Map].

In Jul 1679 [his brother-in-law] Edward Hungerford (age 46) and Jane Digby Baroness Gerard (age 42) were married.

In 1682 James Hayes (age 45) bought from Thomas Culpepper at Bedgebury Manor, Goudhurst, Kent.

In 1694 James Hayes (age 57) died.

On 24 Feb 1718 [his former wife] Rachel Hungerford Viscountess Falkland (age 83) died at Bedgebury Manor, Goudhurst.

[his daughter] Rachel Hayes was born to James Hayes and Rachel Hungerford Viscountess Falkland.