Biography of John Puckering 1544-1596

In 1544 John Puckering was born at Flamborough.

On 10 Apr 1559 John Puckering (age 15) entered Lincoln's Inn.

On 15 Jan 1567 John Puckering (age 23) was called to the bar.

After 1573 [his son-in-law] Thomas Mildmay 1st Baronet and [his daughter] Elizabeth Puckering were married.

In 1580 John Puckering (age 36) was appointed Serjeant at Law.

Around 1580 [his daughter] Katherine Puckering Lady Newton was born to John Puckering (age 36).

In 1581 John Puckering (age 37) was elected MP Bedford.

On 23 Nov 1585 John Puckering (age 41) was elected Speaker of the House of Commons.

On 01 Mar 1587 John Puckering (age 43) was asked by Peter Wentworth (age 58) to answer some questions regarding the liberties of the House. Puckering refused, but showed one of the questions to Thomas Heneage (age 55). Wentworth (age 58), and four other members of parliament who seconded his motion were imprisoned in the Tower of London [Map].

In 1588 John Puckering (age 44) was knighted.

In 1592 John Puckering (age 48) was appointed Lord Keeper of the Great Seal.

In 1592 [his son] Thomas Puckering 1st Baronet was born to John Puckering (age 48).

On 30 Apr 1596 John Puckering (age 52) died.

[his daughter] Elizabeth Puckering was born to John Puckering.