Biography of Joseph Kendrick 1754-1833

 Wakefield Cathedral

Joseph Kendrick 1754-1833 is in Sculptors.

On or before 02 Jun 1754 Joseph Kendrick was born. He was baptised on 02 Jun 1754 at St John's Church.

In 1771 Joseph Kendrick (age 16) attended the Royal Academy Schools.

In or before 1786 Joseph Kendrick (age 31) and Sarah Crow of Wateringbury (age 15) were married.

In Dec 1813 Joseph Kendrick (age 59) was awarded a Gold Medal and a prize of fifty guineas by the Royal Academy for the best historical basso relievo.

After 08 Jul 1824. Monument in Wakefield Cathedral [Map] to Janet daughter of George Munro of Calderbank, wife of Daniel Maude of Wakfield. Sculpted by Joseph Kendrick (age 70).

On or before 09 Dec 1833 Joseph Kendrick (age 79) died.