Biography of Josiah Child 1631-1699

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1659 Third Protectorate Parliament

1661 Cavalier Parliament

On or before 27 Feb 1631, the date he was baptised at St Bartholomew by the Exchange Church, Josiah Child was born to Richard Child and Elizabeth Roycroft.

Around 1656 [his daughter] Elizabeth Child was born to Josiah Child (age 24).

Third Protectorate Parliament

In 1659 Josiah Child (age 27) was elected MP Petersfield during the Third Protectorate Parliament.

Cavalier Parliament

On 08 May 1661 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30) summoned his second Parliament.

John Bennet 1st Baron Ossulston (age 44) was elected MP Wallingford.

James Thynne (age 56) was elected MP Wiltshire.

Adam Browne 2nd Baronet (age 35) was elected MP Surrey.

Henry Cavendish 2nd Duke Newcastle upon Tyne (age 30) was elected MP Northumberland.

William Compton (age 36) was elected MP Cambridge.

Thomas Coventry 1st Earl Coventry (age 32) was elected MP Camelford.

Charles Berkeley 2nd Viscount Fitzhardinge (age 61) was elected MP Bath and Heytesbury.

Edward Hungerford (age 28) was elected MP Chippenham.

Robert Pierrepont (age 24) was elected MP Nottingham.

John Melbury Sampford Strangeways (age 75) was elected MP Weymouth.

Giles Strangeways (age 45) was elected MP Dorset.

John Strangeways (age 24) was elected MP Bridport.

William Wyndham 1st Baronet (age 29) was elected MP Taunton.

James Herbert (age 38) was elected MP Queenborough.

William Alington 1st and 3rd Baron Alington (age 21) was elected MP Cambridge.

William Bowes of Streatlam (age 4) was elected MP Durham.

Robert Brooke (age 24) was elected MP Aldeburgh.

Josiah Child (age 30) was elected MP Dartmouth.

Gervase Clifton 1st Baronet (age 73) was elected MP Nottinghamshire.

Thomas Crew 2nd Baron Crew (age 37) was elected MP Brackley.

Richard Jennings (age 42) was elected MP St Albans.

Robert Kemp 2nd Baronet (age 33) was elected MP Norfolk.

Edward Phelips (age 48) was elected MP Somerset.

Robert Robartes (age 27) was elected MP Bossiney.

Hender Robartes (age 25) was elected MP Bodmin.

Clement Fisher 2nd Baronet (age 48) was elected MP Coventry.

William Portman 6th Baronet (age 17) was elected MP Taunton.

John Robinson 1st Baronet (age 46) was elected MP Rye.

On 04 May 1664 James Brydges 8th Baron Chandos (age 21) and [his future sister-in-law] Elizabeth Barnard Baroness Chandos (age 22) were married. She by marriage Lady Brydges of Wilton in Herefordshire.

Around 1666 [his daughter] Rebecca Child Marchioness Worcester was born to Josiah Child (age 34).

In 1667 Francis Willoughby (age 31) and [his future wife] Emma Barnard (age 21) were married.

Pepy's Diary. 24 Aug 1668. So to dinner, and then to the office again, where all the afternoon till night, we met to discourse upon the alterations which are propounded to be made in the draft of the victualler's contract which we did lately make, and then we being up comes Mr. Child (age 37), Papillion (age 44) and Littleton, his partners, to discourse upon the matter with me, which I did, and spent all the evening with them at the office, and so, they being gone, I to supper and talk with my wife, and so to bed.

Pepy's Diary. 26 Aug 1668. Thence to White Hall, and it is strange to say with what speed the people employed do pull down Paul's steeple, and with what ease: it is said that it, and the choir are to be taken down this year, and another church begun in the room thereof, the next. At White Hall we met at the Treasury chamber, and there before the Lords did debate our draft of the victualling contract with the several bidders for it, which were Sir D. Gauden, Mr. Child (age 37) and his fellows, and Mr. Dorrington and his, a poor variety in a business of this icon. There till after candle-lighting, and so home by coach with Sir D. Gauden, who, by the way, tells me how the City do go on in several things towards the building of the public places, which I am glad to hear; and gives hope that in a few years it will be a glorious place; but we met with several stops and new troubles in the way in the streets, so as makes it bad to travel in the dark now through the City. So I to Mr. Batelier's by appointment, where I find my wife, and Deb., and Mercer; Mrs. Pierce and her husband, son, and daughter; and Knepp and Harris (age 34), and W. Batelier, and his sister Mary, and cozen Gumbleton, a good-humoured, fat young gentleman, son to the jeweller, that dances well; and here danced all night long, with a noble supper; and about two in the morning the table spread again for a noble breakfast beyond all moderation, that put me out of countenance, so much and so good. Mrs. Pierce and her people went home betimes, she being big with child; but Knepp and the rest staid till almost three in the morning, and then broke up.

Pepy's Diary. 25 Sep 1668. Up, and Sir D. Gauden with me betimes to confer again about this business, and he gone I all the morning finishing our answer, which I did by noon, and so to dinner, and W. Batelier with me, who is lately come from Impington, beyond which I perceive he went not, whatever his pretence at first was; and so he tells me how well and merry all are there, and how nobly used by my cozen. He gone, after dinner I to work again, and Gibson having wrote our answer fair and got Brouncker (age 48) and the rest to sign it, I by coach to White Hall to the Committee of the Council, which met late, and Brouncker (age 48) and J. Minnes (age 69) with me, and there the Duke of York (age 34) present (but not W. Coventry (age 40), who I perceive do wholly avoid to have to do publickly in this business, being shy of appearing in any Navy business, which I telling him the other day that I thought the King (age 38) might suffer by it, he told me that the occasion is now so small that it cannot be fatal to the service, and for the present it is better for him not to appear, saying that it may fare the worse for his appearing in it as things are now governed), where our answer was read and debated, and some hot words between the Duke of York (age 34) and Sir T. Clifford, the first for and the latter against Gawden, but the whole put off to to-morrow's Council, for till the King (age 38) goes out of town the next week the Council sits every day. So with the Duke of York (age 34) and some others to his closet, and Alderman Backewell (age 50) about a Committee of Tangier, and there did agree upon a price for pieces of eight at 4s. 6d. Present the Duke of York (age 34), Arlington (age 50), Berkeley, Sir J. Minnes (age 69), and myself. They gone, the Duke of York (age 34) did tell me how hot Clifford is for Child (age 37), and for removing of old Officers, he saying plainly to-night, that though Prince was a man that had done the best service that he believed any man, or any ten men, could have done, yet that it was for the King's interest not to let it lie too long in one hand, lest nobody should be able to serve him but one. But the Duke of York (age 34) did openly tell him that he was not for removing of old servants that have done well, neither in this place, nor in any other place, which is very nobly said. It being 7 or 8 at night, I home with Backewell by coach, and so walked to D. Gawden's, but he not at home, and so back to my chamber, the boy to read to me, and so to supper and to bed.

In 1673 Josiah Child (age 41) purchased Wanstead Manor from the executors of Robert Brooke.

On 08 Aug 1676 Josiah Child (age 45) and Emma Barnard (age 30) were married.

On 07 Apr 1677 [his step-son] Francis Willoughby 1st Baronet (age 9) was created 1st Baronet Willoughby of Wollaton. The date here somewhat curious since he was only nine years old. Possibly created on behalf of his late father.

On or before 05 Feb 1680 [his son] Richard Child aka Tylney 1st Earl Tylney was born to Josiah Child (age 48) and [his wife] Emma Barnard (age 34). He was baptised on 05 Feb 1680 at the Church of St Mary the Virgin Wanstead.

Before 1682 [his son-in-law] John Howland (age 33) and [his daughter] Elizabeth Child (age 25) were married.

On 06 Jun 1682 [his son-in-law] Charles Somerset Marquess Worcester (age 21) and [his daughter] Rebecca Child Marchioness Worcester (age 16) were married. He the son of Henry Somerset 1st Duke Beaufort (age 53) and Mary Capell Duchess Beaufort (age 51).

Evelyn's Diary. 16 Mar 1683. I went to see Sir Josiah Child's (age 52) prodigious cost in planting walnut trees about his seat, and making fish ponds, many miles in circuit, in Epping Forest, in a barren spot, as oftentimes these suddenly monied men for the most part seat themselves. He from a merchant's apprentice, and management of the East India Company's stock, being arrived to an estate (it is said) of £200,000; and lately married his [his daughter] daughter (age 17) to the [his son-in-law] eldest son (age 22) of the Duke of Beaufort, late Marquis of Worcester, with £50,000 portional present, and various expectations.

Evelyn's Diary. 16 Mar 1683. I dined at Mr. Houblon's (age 53), a rich and gentle French merchant, who was building a house in the Forest, near Sir J. Child's (age 52), in a place where the late Earl of Norwich dwelt some time, and which came from his lady, the widow of Mr. Baker. It will be a pretty villa, about five miles from Whitechapel.

In 1685 [his step-son] Francis Willoughby 1st Baronet (age 17) took hjis step-father Josiah Child (age 53) to court accusing him of squandering his money.

In 1688 [his step-son] Francis Willoughby 1st Baronet (age 20) died unmarried. His brother [his step-son] Thomas Willoughby 1st Baron Middleton (age 15) succeeded 2nd Baronet Willoughby of Wollaton.

Before 1691. John Riley (age 44). Portrait of Josiah Child (age 59).

On 09 Apr 1691 [his step-son] Thomas Willoughby 1st Baron Middleton (age 19) and Elizabeth Rothwell Baroness Willoughby and Middleton were married. She by marriage Baroness Willoughby Broke.

On 22 Jun 1699 Josiah Child (age 68) died.

On 16 Oct 1725 [his former wife] Emma Barnard (age 79) died.

Royal Descendants of Josiah Child 1631-1699

Diana Spencer Princess Wales x 2