Biography of Major-General Vere Bonamy Fane 1863-1924

Paternal Family Tree: Fane

On 16 Jun 1863 Major-General Vere Bonamy Fane was born to Captain Henry John Fane (age 27).

The London Gazette 25413. 12 Nov 1884. The Manchester Regiment, Lieutenant Vere Bonamy Fane (age 21), from the 3rd Battalion, to be Lieutenant, vice W. B. Graham, promoted. Dated 12th November, 1884.

The London Gazette 26001. BENGAL STAFF CORPS. To be Lieutenants.

30 Mar 1888. Lieutenant Vere Bonamy Fane (age 24), from the Manchester Regiment. Dated 30th March, 1888, but to rank from 12th November, 1884.

On 28 Nov 1891 Major-General Vere Bonamy Fane (age 28) and Kathleen Emily Barrett were married.

On 10 Sep 1892 [his son] Vere William Garton Fane was born to Major-General Vere Bonamy Fane (age 29) and [his wife] Kathleen Emily Barrett.

The London Gazette 27000. Dated 12th November, 1895.

Benjamin William Marlow.

Charles Edward Hendley.

Claude Herbert, D.S.O.

Charles Bailey.

Joseph Robert HilL

Vere Bonamy Fane (age 32).

Harold Nash Hilliar.l.

Henry Edward Pritchard.

Arthur Henry Battye.

William Hugh Welsh Mercer.

On 01 Apr 1900 Major-General Vere Bonamy Fane (age 36) was appointed deputy assistant adjutant-general in Derajat, attached to the Punjab Command.

In Aug 1900 Major-General Vere Bonamy Fane (age 37) was appointed to serve on the staff of the Indian Cavalry Brigade that formed part of the China Field Force during the Boxer Rebellion.

The London Gazette 27357. 26 Oct 1900. Captain V. B. Fane (age 37), Indian Staff Corps, to be Provost-Marshal graded Rate XIII, Scale B, Article 115, Royal Warrant 26th October, 1900, whilst so employed.

Before Oct 1902 Major-General Vere Bonamy Fane (age 39) had returned to England.

The London Gazette 27568. War Office. 26th. June, 1903.

The KING (age 61) has been graciously pleased to give..orders for the..following promotion in the Most Honourable Order of the Bath in recognition of the services of the undermentioned Officer during the occupation of China by International,Troops:-

To be an Ordinary Member of the Military Division of the Second-Class, or Knights Commanders, of the said Most Honourable Order viz:

Colonel (local..Major-General) O'Moore Greagh V.C.. C.B., Indian Army, Commanding the Forces in China.

The King has also been graciously pleased to give orders for the following appointments to the Distinguished Service Order and, promotions in,the Army, in recognition of the services of the undermentioned Officers during the occupation of China by International Troops.

The promotions, to, bear, date, of 1st January, 1903.

To be Companions of the Distinguished Service Order, viz:-

Lieutenant-Colonel and Brevet Colonel Aubrey de Vere Alexander, Indian Army. (For operations in China, 1900.)

Lieutenant Alexander Rowand, Royal Indian Marine. (For operations in China, 1900.)

Lieutenant Percy Byrig Hall, Indian Army. (For capture of a band of Brigauds on 17th December, 1901, in the district, of Chuu-liang-Gheng.)


To be Lieutenant-Colonels:-

Major (local Lieutenant-Colonel) C. A. R. Browne, • Royal Engineers,.Director of Railways, Force in China.

Major C. M. Ducat, Indian Army, Military Attache, Peking;

Major A. R. Dick; Indian Army

Major A. W. S. Wingate, Indian Army, Deputy-Assistant Quartermaster-General (for Intelligence), Force in China.

Major V. B. Fane (age 40), Indian Army.

To be Major:-

Captain G. G. Woods, Royal Artillery.

On 24 Sep 1906 [his son] Vere William Garton Fane (age 14) died of appendicitis at Royal Naval College, Osborne.

The London Gazette 29652. Oct 1914.


The Tochi Valley and Derajat.

11. During October and November, 1914, various reports were received that attempts were being made to stir up fanaticism along the frontier.

The end of November, 1914, certain influential mullahs in independent territory led a Khostwal lashkar of some 2,000 men to the neighbourhood of Miranshah in the Tochi Valley.

On November 29th a portion of the North Waziristan Militia, under Major G. B. Scott, attacked the enemy and, in a skilfully fought action, inflicted a severe defeat on the tribesmen, who fled in a demoralised condition.

Meanwhile, on the news of the gathering being received, I had arranged for the despatch of suitable reinforcements to Bannu and Thai, and had directed the General Officer Commanding, Derajat Brigade, to reinforce Tank at his discretion.

Major-General H. O'Donnell, C.B., D.S.O., Commanding the Bannu Brigade, whose services I have already brought to notice, had proceeded up the Tochi Valley with the Moveable Column, and had reached Miranshah on December 3rd. At the request of the Chief Commissioner, North-West Frontier Province, the column did nob proceed beyond Miranshah.

The prompt and vigorous action of the North Waziristan Militia checked what might have been a serious rising.

Further reports of hostile gatherings, which threatened the Tochi posts, necessitated the retention of additional troops on this border during December and part of January, but a march carried out by the 4th Brigade along the Bannu border, south-west of Bannu, at the end of December, 1914, had a quieting effect.

On January 7th, 1915, operations were carried out by the Bannu Moveable Column and a portion of the North Waziristan Militia with a view to defeating a large Khostwal lashkar that had crossed into British territory and attacked Spina Khaisora post.

Of the British forces, only the North Waziristan Militia were actually engaged with the enemy, but the operations were successful, the enemy losing some 50-60 men killed and being driven in confusion over the frontier. In his report on.the above action Major-General O'Donnell states that great credit is due to the North Waziristan Militia for the dash and spirit they displayed in the action against great odds and after a long march. For his most conspicuous bravery in this action, in attempting at the cost of his life to rescue one of his men, Captain E. Jotham, 51st Sikhs (Frontier Force), was awarded the Victoria Cross. Although some further gatherings were reported, I was able, on January 11th, to order the withdrawal of most of the extra troops that had been sent to this portion, of the frontier, leaving sufficient to ensure its safeguarding.

Early in March, 1915, reports of hostile gatherings intended to attack the Tochi posts, and the alleged presence of a Mahsud lashkar, again compelled me to order troops to concentrate, on the Derajat, Baniiu and Kohat borders.

On March 26th, 1915, the Baiinu Moveable Column, together with a portion of the North Waziristan Militia, the-whole under the command of Brigadier-General V. B. Fane (age 51), C.B., whose services I have already brought to notice, moved out from Miranshah and attacked a large Khostwal lashkar, estimated at 7,000 to 8,000 men, which was threatening that place.

The attack was entirely successful. The enemy's losses were estimated at 200 killed and 300 wounded, and they retreated rapidly across the frontier.

Our success was largely due to the skilful manner in which a column under Major G. B. Scott, Commandant, North Waziristan Militia, by means of a night march gained a position in rear of the enemy in time to combine with the frontal attack.

Brigadier-General Fane (age 51) brings to notice the name of Mr. J. A. O. Fitzpatrick, I.C.S., Political Agent, Tochi, who assisted him with sound advice and good information

The London Gazette 29514. 18 Sep 1915. No. 12563-1, dated Simla, the 18th September, 1915.

From-The Chief of the General Staff,

To-The Secretary to the Government of India, Army Department.

I am directed to forward for the information of the Government of India short accounts of the action at Spina Khaisora in the Tochi Valley, 7th January, 1915, and of the action at Miramshah in the Tochi Valley on the 26th March, 1915.

In the action at Spina Khaisora, Major-General H. O'Donnell, C.B., D.S.O., was in command of the troops, and in the action at Miramshah, Brigadier-General V. B. Fane, C.B. (age 52), was in command.

2. His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief considers that Major-General O'Donnell and Brigadier-General Fane (age 52) carried out the respective operations in an able manner.

3. His Excellency recommends that these accounts be published in the Gazette of India.

The London Gazette 29343. India Office, October, 1915.

The King has been graciously pleased to make the following appointment to the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire in recognition of the meritorious service of the undermentioned Officer in command of the Bannu Brigade on the North-West Frontier, of India on the occasion of an attack by the tribesmen of Miranshah on 25th-26th March, 1915: -

To be an Additional Companion of the said Most Eminent Order.

Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Vere Bonamy Fane (age 52), C.B

Edinburgh Gazette 13250. India Office, 24 April 1918.

The King has been graciously pleased to make the following promotion in and appointments to the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire in recognition of meriticious services in Mesopotamia, under the command of the late Lieut.-General Sir Stanley Maude. The promotion and appointments to date from the 1st January 1918:-

To be an additional Knight Commander of the said Most Eminent Order:

Major-General Vene Bonamy Fane (age 54), C.B., C.I.E.

The London Gazette 30871. India Office, 5th July, 1918.

The King has approved the appointment of Major-Genl. Sir V. B. Fane (age 55), K.C.I.E., C.B., Indian Army, as Colonel of the 21st Punjabis.


St. James's Palace, S.W. 1,

1st January, 1921.

The King has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following promotion in and appointments to the Most Honourable Order of the Bath -

To be an Ordinary Member of the Military Division of the Second Class, or Knight Commander, of the said Most Honourable Order:-

Major-General Sir Vere Bonamy Fane (age 57), K.C.I.E., C.B.

The London Gazette 32950. The following officers have relinquished appointments, as stated, in India:-


Dist. Comdr.

Burma Dist.-Maj.-Gen. Sir Vere B. Fane (age 60), K.C.B., K.G.I.E. (since deceased), I.A. 2nd Apr. 1924.

On 23 May 1924 Major-General Vere Bonamy Fane (age 60) died.

After 23 May 1924. Memorial to Major-General Vere Bonamy Fane (deceased) at St Nicholas' Church, Fulbeck.

The London Gazette 27313. 15. In so large a force, and under circumstances which have not called for prolonged active operations in the field, it is difficult to discriminate; but although I am. convinced that generally speaking all have done their best, still there are many officers whom I would particularly wish to bring to notice

Cavalry Brigade.


Major F. W. P. Angelp, Deputy-Assistant Adjutant-General.

Captain V. B. Fane, Deputy-Assistant Quartermaster-General.

Captain F. W. Hawks, Commissariat Department.

Lieutenant A. S. H. Teed, Assistant Brigade Commissariat and Transport Officer.

Royal Horse Artillery.

Major C. F. Blane, B Battery.

16th Bengal Lancers.

Colonel A. de V. Alexander.

Ressaidar and Wordie-Major Chanda Singh.

3rd Bombay Cavalry.

Major (temporary Lieutenant - Colonel) A. Phayre.

Risaldar Eudrat Khan.

Boyal Engineers.

Lieutenant E. Tylden-Patterson, Commanding

Detachment of Mounted Sappers.

The London Gazette 31987. Manch. R.-Maj.-Gen. Sir Vere Bonamy Fane, K.C.I.E., C.B., Ind. Army, to be Col., in succession to the late Maj.-Gen. W. O. Barnard. 16th Jan. 1920.

The London Gazette 28487. MEMORANDA.

The undermentioned Colonels are placed on the Half-pay List:-

George W. H. Pain, C.B., on completion of his period of service in command of a district. Dated 21st April, 1911.

Frederick W. N. McCracken, C.B., D.S.O., on vacating his Staff appointment in India. Dated 17th March, 1911.

The undermentioned officers of the Indian Army to be Colonels. Dated 1st January, 1911: -

Brevet Colonels: -

Charles F. G. Young.

Francis B. W. Richardson

Henry T. King.

Charles I. Fry.

David G. L. Shaw.

Willoughby Thuillier.

Harry B. Borradaile, D.S.O.

Arthur E. Aitken.

Mansel T. Shewen.

Charles E. Johnson.

Clarence H. Macdonald.

Knightley P. Burne.

Henry T. Kenny.

Robert M. Rainey-Robinson.

Augustus A. J. Johnstone.

Percy Holland.

William O. M. Mosse.

Francis W. J. Caulfeild.

Michael J. Tighe, D.S.O.

Walter S. Delamain, D.S.O.

Charles H. U. Price, D.S.O.

James M. Stewart, Aide-de-Camp to the King.

Charles M. Ducat.

Claud W. Jacob.

Alfred L. Phillips.

Vere B. Fane.

Robert H. Twigg.

Alexander L. Lindesay.

Leslie W. Shakespear.

Gilbert W. Palin.

George R. Crawford.

William C. Barratt, D.S.O.

George B. Hodson, D.S.O.

Alfred H. Bingley, C.I.E.

Algernon G. Peyton.

William G. Walker, V.C.

Offley B. S. F. Shore, D.S.O.

Kenneth J. Buchanan, C.B.

Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander A. E. Campbell.

Brevet-Lieutenant-Coloiiel William G. L. Beynon, D.S.O.

Lieutenant-Colonel Harry T. Brooking.

Lieutenant-Colonel George de S. De Lisle.

The London Gazette 29771. MEMORANDA.

Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) V. B. Fane, C.B., C.I.E, Ind. Army, to be temp. Maj.-Gen. 3rd Sept. 1916.

Lt.-Col. H.H. Adolphus C. A. A., R. G. P. L. L., Duke of Teck, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., C.M.G., Personal A.D.C. to The King, is placed on the h.p. List on account of ill-health. 24th July 1916.

The London Gazette 28350. INDIAN ARMY.

Majors to be Lieutenant-Colonels.

Dated 11th December, 1909.

Brevet Colonel Vere Bonamy Fane, Commandant, 21st Punjabis.

Dated 31st December, 1909.

Frederick Hopewell Peterson, D.S.O., Commandant, 32nd Sikh Pioneers.

Dated 4th January, 1910.

Alexander Cadell, Commandant, 38th Dogras.

Dated 6th January, 1909.

Harry Davis Watson, C.I.E., Commandant, 2nd Battalion, 9th Gurkha Rifles

The London Gazette 28234. MEMORANDA.

The undermentioned Officers to be Brevet Colonels:-

Major and Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Vere B. Fane, Indian Army. Dated 1st January, 1909.

Lieutenant-Colonel William P. Davison, Princess Victoria's (Royal Irish Fusiliers). Dated 19th March, 1909.

Lieutenant-Colonel Ernest H. J. Reay, The Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire Regiment). Dated 19th March, 1909.

The London Gazette 29023. MEMORANDA.

The undermentioned Officers are granted the temporary rank of Brigadier-General whilst holding the temporary appointments in India stated against their names: -

Colonel Sydney F. Crocker, Indian Army, Commanding Risalpur Cavalry Brigade. Dated 15th September, 1914.

Colonel Vere B. Fane, C.B., Indian Army, Commanding Jhelum Brigade. Dated 14th October, 1914.

Colonel Nigel G. Woodyatt, Indian Army, Additional Deputy Adjutant-General, Army Headquarters. Dated 29th October, 1914.

Colonel Thomas H. Hardy, Indian Army, Commanding 2nd Quetta Infantry Brigade. Dated 1st November, 1,914.

Colonel William G. L. Beynon, D.S.O. Indian Army, Commanding - Nowshera Brigade. Dated 2nd November, 1914

Edinburgh Gazette 12630. To be Ordinary.Members of the Military Division of the Third Class, or Companions, of the said Most Honourable Order:

Major-General Percival Spearman Wilkinson. Surgeon-General Harold Hathaway, Deputy Director of Medical Services, India.

Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Wellesley Lynedoch Henry Paget, M.V.O., Commanding Royal Artillery, 6th Division, Irish Command.

Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Arthur Binny Scott, D.S.O., Commanding Royal Artillery, India.

Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Frederic Manley Glubb, D.S.O., Chief Engineer, Southern Command.

Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Henry Sinclair Home, Inspector of Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery.

Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Charles James Briggs, Brigade Commander, 1st Cavalry Brigade, Aldershot Command.

Colonel Tom Evelyn O'Leary, General Staff Officer, 1st Grade, India.

Brevet Colonel George Handcock Thesiger, C.M.G., Rifle Brigade.

Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Sidney Selden Long, Director of Supplies and Quartering, War Office.

Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) William Arthur Watson, C.I.E., Indian Army, Commandant, Cavalry School, Saugor.

Colonel Walter Sinclair Delamain, D.S.O., Indian Army, Assistant Adjutant-General, Army Headquarters, India.

Colonel Vere Bonamy Fane, Indian Army, Commandant, 21st Punjabis.

Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Offley Bohun Stovin Fairless Shore, D.S.O., Indian Army, Director of Staff Duties and Military Training, Army Headquarters, India.

Colonel Harry Triscott Brooking, Indian Army, General Staff Officer, 1st Grade.

Brevet Major Hugh Montague Trenchard, D.S.O., Royal Scots Fusiliers, Assistant Commandant, Central Flying School, Royal Flying Corps.

Major John Duncan Bertie Fulton, Royal Artillery, Chief Inspector, Inspection Department, Royal Flying Corps

Royal Ancestors of Major-General Vere Bonamy Fane 1863-1924

Kings Wessex: Great x 25 Grand Son of King Edmund "Ironside" I of England

Kings Gwynedd: Great x 22 Grand Son of Owain "Great" King Gwynedd

Kings Seisyllwg: Great x 28 Grand Son of Hywel "Dda aka Good" King Seisyllwg King Deheubarth

Kings Powys: Great x 23 Grand Son of Maredudd ap Bleddyn King Powys

Kings England: Great x 15 Grand Son of King Edward III of England

Kings Scotland: Great x 20 Grand Son of William "Lion" I King Scotland

Kings Franks: Great x 21 Grand Son of Louis VII King Franks

Kings France: Great x 17 Grand Son of Philip "The Fair" IV King France

Ancestors of Major-General Vere Bonamy Fane 1863-1924

Great x 4 Grandfather: Henry Fane of Brympton 9 x Great Grand Son of King Edward III of England

Great x 3 Grandfather: Thomas Fane 8th Earl of Westmoreland 10 x Great Grand Son of King Edward III of England

Great x 4 Grandmother: Anne Scrope 9 x Great Grand Daughter of King Edward III of England

Great x 2 Grandfather: Henry Fane of Fulbeck 11 x Great Grand Son of King Edward III of England

Great x 4 Grandfather: William Swymmer

Great x 3 Grandmother: Elizabeth Swymmer Countess Westmoreland

Great x 1 Grandfather: General Henry Fane 12 x Great Grand Son of King Edward III of England

Great x 3 Grandfather: Edward Buckley Batson

Great x 2 Grandmother: Anne Buckley Batson

GrandFather: Henry Fane 13 x Great Grand Son of King Edward III of England

Great x 2 Grandfather: Captain Hamilton Gorges

Great x 1 Grandmother: Isabella Gorges

Father: Captain Henry John Fane 14 x Great Grand Son of King Edward III of England

GrandMother: Christine Isabelle Roche aka O'Shea

Major-General Vere Bonamy Fane 15 x Great Grand Son of King Edward III of England