Biography of Miles Partridge -1552

1547 Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

1551 Arrest of the Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

1552 Trial and Execution of Edward Seymour Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

Miles Partridge was born to John Partridge and Agnes Bennett.

Before 1510 [his father] John Partridge (age 40) and [his mother] Agnes Bennett were married.

In 1510 [his father] John Partridge (age 40) died.

In 1546 Miles Partridge was appointed High Sheriff of Gloucestershire.

Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

On 10 Sep 1547 an English army commanded by Edward Seymour 1st Duke of Somerset (age 47) defeated a Scottish army commanded by James Hamilton 2nd Earl Arran (age 31) and Archibald Douglas 6th Earl Angus (age 58) at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh at Musselburgh.

The English army included John Dudley 1st Duke Northumberland (age 43), Francis Talbot 5th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 47), Miles Partridge and Thomas Wentworth 2nd Baron Wentworth (age 22). John Thynne (age 32) and Edmund Brydges 2nd Baron Chandos (age 25) were knighted.

William Cecil 1st Baron Burghley (age 26) accompanied Edward Seymour 1st Duke of Somerset (age 47).

John Forbes 6th Lord Forbes (age 82), Christopher Coningsby (age 31) and Edward Clere were killed.

John Thynne (age 32) was knighted after the battle.

The Scottish army included John Gordon 11th Earl Sutherland (age 22) who commanded the Rearguard and Gilbert Kennedy 3rd Earl Cassilis (age 32). John Stewart, Robert Douglas (age 41), John Livingston, Thomas Hamilton of Priestfield and Hugh Montgomerie were killed. John Hay 4th Lord Hay was captured but soon released.

Malcolm Fleming 3rd Lord Fleming (age 53) was killed. His son James Fleming 4th Lord Fleming (age 13) succeeded 4th Lord Fleming. Barbara Hamilton Lady Fleming by marriage Lord Fleming.

Robert Graham Master of Montrose was killed.

On 28 Sep 1547 Miles Partridge was knighted at Roxburgh.

Annales of England by John Stow. 16 Oct 1551. The 16, of October, Edward Seimer Duke of Somerset (age 51), the Lord Gray of Wilton (age 42), Sir Ralph Vane, Sir Thomas Palmer, Sir Myles Partridge, Sir Michael Stanhope (age 44), Sir Thomas Arundell (age 49) knightes, and divers other Gentlemen, were brought to the Tower of London [Map]. The next morrowe, the Dutchesse of Somerset (age 54) was also brought to the Tower [Map].

The liberties of the Stilpard [Map] were ceased into the kings hands for divers causes forfeited, contrarie to the enter-course.

Arrest of the Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

Henry Machyn's Diary. 16 Oct 1551. The xvj day of October was had to the Towre the duches of Somersett (age 54) and Sir Raff a Vane and Sir John Thyn (age 36), [as also] Sir Thomas Holcroft (age 46), Sir Michael Stanhope (age 44), Mr. Hammond, Mr. John Seimour (age 24), Mr. Walley, Mr. Nudigate, Mr. Banister, Mr. Brayne, Mr. Crane and his wife, Sir Myles Parterege, and Sir Thomas Arundell (age 49) and Lady (age 36).

Trial and Execution of Edward Seymour Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1551. 05 Feb 1552. The 5 of February, Sir Myles Patriche, knight, was arraigned at Westminster and condempned for fellonie, and had judgment to be hanged.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 26 Feb 1552. The xxvjth day of Feybruarii, the wyche was [the morrow aft]er saynt Mathuwe day, was heddyd on the Tower [hill sir] Myghell Stanhope (age 45) knyght, and ser Thomas Arundell (age 50); [and in]-contenent was hangyd the seylff sam tyme sir Raff [a Vane] knyght, and ser Mylles Parterege knyght, of the galowse besyd the .... and after ther bodys wher putt in to dyvers nuw coffens [to be be-] red and heds in to the Towre in cases and ther bered .. cent.

Note. Execution of sir Thomas Arundell. One of the "metrical visions" of George Cavendish, the gentleman usher of Cardinal Wolsey, furnishes some biographical particulars of sir Thomas Arundell: viz. that he was educated with Cardinal Wolsey, and was chancellor to queen Katharine Howard. He is also made to confess that "I was cheaf councellor in the first overthrowe of the duke of Somerset, which few men did know." (See Singer's edition of Cavendish's Life of Wolsey, 1825, vol. ii. p. 125.) A letter of the earl of Northumberland in 1527, directed "To his beloved cosyn Thomas Arundel, one of the gentleman of my lord legates prevy chambre," and at its foot "To my bedfellow Arundel," with which term he also commences, is printed from the duke of Northumberland's archives, ibid. p. 246. With regard to his fate there is a curious passage in a very rare book, bishop Ponet's "Short Treatise of Politic Power," which Strype has quoted in his Memorials, vol. ii. 306: but with an interpolation which, as it is made silently, is perfectly inexcusable. Writing of the earl of Warwick, Ponet states,—"at th'erles sute Arundel hathe his head with the axe divided from the shoulders."

But Strype, imagining that the earl of Arundel (who was also involved in trouble at this period, having been fined 12,000l. in Jan. 1549–50,) was the suffering party named by the bishop, altered this passage thus:——"at the earl's suit, Arundel escaped, otherwise had his head with the axe been divided from his shoulders."

See the "Life of Henry Earl of Arundel, K.G." edited by J. G. Nichols, 1834, p. 7; or the Gentleman's Magazine for July 1833, p. 16, and for Feb. 1848.

Note. Sir Michael Stanhope also makes a poetical lament in Cavendish's Metrical Visions. He states that he had been dubbed knight by king Edward, and had been of his privy chamber. He was half-brother of the duchess of Somerset (as sir Thomas Arundell was half-brother of the countess of Arundel), and was great-grandfather of the first earl of Chesterfield. See a curious letter regarding his widow's funeral written by their son sir Thomas Stanhope in 1588, in the Archæologia, vol. xxxi. p. 212.

Annales of England by John Stow. 26 Feb 1552. The 26 of February, Sir Ralph a Vane and Sir Miles Partridge were hanged on the tower hill [Map], Sir Michael Stanhope (age 45) with Sir Thomas Arundel (age 50) were beheaded there: all which foure persons tooke on their death that thep never offended against the kings maiestie, nor against any of his counfell.

Chronicle of Greyfriars. 26 Feb 1552. Item the xxvj. day of the same monyth, the which was fryday, was hanged at Towre hylle sir Myllys Partryge knyght, the wych playd wyth kynge Henry the viiite at dysse for the grett belfery that stode in Powlles church-yerdea; and sir Raffe Vane, theys too ware hanged. Also sir Myhyll Stonnappe (age 45) and sir Thomas Arndelle (age 50), theys too ware beheddyd at that same tyme. And theis iiij. knyghttes confessyd that they ware never gyltd for soche thynges as was layd unto their charge, and dyde in that same oppinion.

The daye before endyd the parlament.

Note a. "Neere unto this schoole (St. Paul's) on the north side thereof, was (of old time) a great and high Clochier or Bell-house, foure-square, builded of stone, and in the same a most strong frame of timber, with foure bells, the greatest that I have heard; these were called Jesus' bells, and belonged to Jesus' Chappell, but I know not by whose gifte. The same had a great spire of timber covered with lead, with the image of Saint Paul on the top, but was pulled down by sir Miles Partridge knight, in the reigne of Henry the Eighth. The common speech was, that hee did set one hundred pounds upon a cast at dice against it, and so wonne the said clochier and bells of the king, and then causing the bells to be broken as they hung, the rest was pulled downe." Stowe's Survay.

On 26 Feb 1552 Miles Partridge and Ralph Fane were hanged. Thomas Arundell of Wardour Castle (age 50) and Michael Stanhope (age 45) were beheaded at Tower Hill [Map] for plotting to assassinate John Dudley 1st Duke Northumberland (age 48).

Thomas Arundell of Wardour Castle (age 50) was buried at St Peter ad Vincula Church, Tower of London [Map].

Henry Machyn's Diary. 05 Feb 1552. The v day of Feybruarii was reynyd sir Mylles Parterege knyght of tresun, and qwytt of yt, and cast of felony to be hangyd, the vjth yer of king Edward vjth.