Biography of Minshall

Roger Whitley's Diary. 03 Jan 1690. Friday, went to Parliment; dined with G.Mainwaring (age 47) & Kirby at the Bell; went with G.Mainwaring (age 47) to his wine coopers in Roode Lane; had some sherry & other wine; then called on Mr Meade; stayd awhile; went then to the Sunne in Milk Streete; there was 2 Mainwarings, Hannibal Baskerville, Baroby, Herle, Minshall & another Manchester man; parted past 9.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 05 Jan 1690. Sonday, was not at church; dined at home with Mainwaring, his brother, my brother & Minshall; in the evening my sonne (age 39) & his wife came to see us; past 6, I went to Woods; went with him to Nag's Head; there was also Mainwaring & Cooper; we parted before 9; came home.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 23 Jan 1690. Thursday, went to Parliment; dined (or supt) past 5, at the Castle in Holborne with 2 Mainwarings then came Minshall, my sonne (age 39), Dashwood, Thomas, Lewes, Monteage &c; parted past 9.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 31 Jan 1690. Friday, I dined at Ship in Gratious Streete with Biddolph, 2 Mainwarings, 2 sons, daughters, Morgan, Minshall &c; went about 6 to a Quakers Taverne in Cornehill; there was Dashwood, Lewes, Thomas, Smith, Morgan, Mainwaring, my sonne (age 39) &c; parted past 9.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 02 Feb 1690. Sonday, was not at church, dined at home with Minshall, brother, Arderne, Roger &c; stayd at home all day; G.Mainwaring (age 47) came at night, supt, parted past 9.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 08 Feb 1690. Satorday, set out at 8, called at the Ale House on the hill neare the windmill; dined at Creek; lay at the Star in Coventry; there we met Major Daniell, D. Minshall & Mr Lawton from Ireland; supt together.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 26 Mar 1690. Wednesday, William Minshall & his nephew Wright cald past 2; dranck a glasse of wine, stayd an houer; then came the Parson of Sutton & one Woodcock with him to procure something from me towards the Parsons maintenance, having but 11 li a yeare; they went in ½ houer; Pratchet came to take his leave, having left his master; Sir John Crew & Sir William Aston sent to see us; in the evening the Deane sent his servant with a letter: of complement wishing me a good journey.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 12 Apr 1690. Satorday, Huson went to Chester; Houseman to Namptwich to meete the Judges & conduct them to Peele; Hussey & the coachman came from Peover; Morgan from Chester; he went to meete the Judge; about 4 came Gerard to see me; & the Sheriffe of Flint to speake with the Judge; about 8 came Judge Trenchard, Hopkins; William Minshall, &c. stayd all night.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 13 Apr 1690. Sonday, we were not at church; Scranmore, Sir John Morgan the Sheriffe, Streete, Cumberbach, Crew, Dick Minshall. cosen Whitley, severall others dined with us; the Deane came about 5; supt, went about 11; but I left them at 10.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 15 Apr 1690. Tuesday, I went to Chester, lighted at Wrights, met Lee there; went with him to Angells; then to the Judges, dined with them & Duckenfeild, Williams, Crew, Captain of the Guard, Lee, Hopkins, Oliver, &c. past 3 they went to the Court; I called on Ned Burrows, then on Mrs Mainwaring; thither came Mrs Kenrick, Mrs Hunt & another woman; also D. Minshall; he & I went to Jacksons; there was Wright, Farington, Kynaston, Lawton, Lee, & some other officers that came with recruites, &c. I left them past 6; called at Ephraim Bennets; there were severall soldyers & horses apointed to quarter there; but they, having no accommodacion, were persuaded to remove; Sir John Crew alighted there, stayd awhile with Bolland, &c. we went away past 7; Sir John in my coach; we parted on Gibbet Heath; I came home about 9.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 19 Apr 1690. Satorday, I went to Chester, alighted at Wrights; saw him & Lee of Darnehall; Robinson came to me about some money he pretends due to him & another about money owing Mr Lewes Williams; Lee & I went to Angells, then to the Judges; dined with them at Scranmore's; with Crew, Sir Jos: Allen, Hopkins, Streete, &c. went with Streete (past 3) to Mrs Mainwarings; then to Jacksons; there was Kinaston, Johnson, Pemberton, Minshall; Colonel Langston came late; I left them neare 7; was awhile (about 5) with Sir William Aston & Mr Booth in the dining roome; where they were about the militia businesse; Morgan Whitley went home with me in my coach; Alban Gray spoke with me at Jackson's; but stayd not.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 27 Apr 1690. Sonday, I took phisicke; Morgan came in the evening; afterwards D. Minshall; stayd all night; I left them past 10. Huson retorned from Wales.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 28 Apr 1690. Monday, Huson went to Alrey & Wrexam; Minshall & Morgan dined; about 5 came Nat. Booth; went (with them) to Chester, past 6; Grice came about a tenement at Shorley, retorned againe presently.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 03 May 1690. Satorday, I went to Chester, visited Scranmore & Anderson & Angell; dined with G.Mainwaring (age 47) there was Crew, Sir William Russell, Palmer, 2 other Captaines Morgan, Bedisford & Minshall, &c. after dinner came Scranmore, then Angell; I left them past 4; visited Booth; went to Jacksons, discoursed Hunt awhile in the streete; Hall Bingley, Salisbury, came after me to Jacksons, dranck a glasse of wine, left us; then came Minshall, Richard Wright, Farington, Lloyd, Hardware, &c. I left them before 7, Morgan went home with me. I found Sir Michael Bidolph (age 36) at Peele.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 04 May 1690. Sonday, was not at church; William Minshall came about one, stayd till neare 6.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 05 May 1690. Monday, Grice came about the lease in Shorley, retorned past 11. Lightfoote (& Lawrison) came about a lease at Lach; dined, & went about 2; Dick Minshall came about 5; Judge Burton's man with his Master's debenter; & Jackson about 7; they all stayd all night.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 06 May 1690. Tuesday, Huson went to Chester with Burton's man; Bidolph, Morgan, Minshall, Jackson, his wife, &c. dined with us; about 4 came Crew, & Sherrard, then Angell; Crew & Sherrard went before 7; the rest stayd all night.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 08 May 1690. Thursday, Jackson & his wife went home; I went with Bidolph & Minshall about 3 to Tarvyn; there was Crew, Lee, Gleg, Aldersey, &c. about the militia; we parted about 5: 9. Friday, Scranmore & G.Mainwaring (age 47) came to dine with us (daughter Mainwaring went to Utkinton, & Charlotte & sisters to Mrs Williams funerall at Chester) Jackson, yong Henthorne, G.Mainwaring's (age 47) cosen,&c. dined with us; Salisbury came with a periwig to Bidolph they all went about 6; Henthorne about 4; Minshall & Morgan stayd all night.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 10 May 1690. Satorday, dined at home; with Bidolph, Minshall & Morgan went to Chester about 2; visited the Bishop; went to Quire service; Fog & another Gentleman came to the Bishop whilest we were with him; we left him about 5; went to Jacksons; there was Taylor, Wright, his sonne (age 39), Bell. Shales, Murray, Parry, G.Mainwaring (age 47),&c. Bidolph & I left them past 7; came home.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 15 May 1690. Thursday, Peter Bostock came about work; Kat: Calvert came to see us; Bidolph & I went towards Chester, about 10 Hoole & his daughter came to see us; we alighted at Wrights, went to G.Mainwaring's (age 47): dined there with Scranmore, Streete, 2 Lees, Minshall, Frith, Shales, &c. Crew came past 3, left us past 4; I left them past 5, visited Hunt, there was Sherrard; I went thence to the Sunne; there was Deane, Murray, 2 Anderson's, G.Mainwaring (age 47), Lee, Minshall, Johnson, Bidolph,&c. Bidolph & I went thence past 7; called at the Golden Lyon on Sir William Aston; he was at supper with Hunt, Brook, & 3 or 4 more; we left them presently. went home.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 16 May 1690. Friday, Bidolph & I dined at home; after dinner came Kelsall the minister, another Kelsall & Whitley; they stayd above an houer; Bidolph went to meete Minshall at Trafford, brought him with him at night; Sefton came about carrying coales; stayd an houer.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 17 May 1690. Satorday, Bidolph & Minshall dined with us & Jackson; they went to fish in the afternoone; Jackson went back at 7.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 18 May 1690. Sonday, I was not at church; Bidolph & Minshall dined with us; Hardwar & his wife came with daughters & Bidolph from church; went away before supper.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 19 May 1690. Monday, Jackson sent word that Scranmore woud dine with us; which he did & brought Shales, Newport & Jackson with him; Mr Gleg also came from Dodington; also Angell dined with us; they all went away in the evening; & Minshall also.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 01 Jun 1690. Sonday, I was not at church; about 5, Scranmore, Count Nossaw & severall of the Dutch officers came to Peele with Morgan & Minshall; they went about 7; the 2 last stayd all night.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 02 Jun 1690. Monday, Fletcher, Holland, Foster, Barker, Jordan;,&c. came to work; Philips of Barrow dined; Bidolph & Minshall went to shoote in the forest; Scranmore, & Solmes men went after them; Sir John Mainwaring retorned from London in the evening; Hussy came from Peover; Hardware & his wife to visit us & Traverse supt with us;,&c.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 03 Jun 1690. Tuesday, Mainwaring Bidolph & Minshall went to Chester about 11; Coxon & Johnson came to me from Shotwick; 2 Barrowmen about carrying of coales; Huson went to Chester in the afternoone; Bidolph & Mainwaring retorned past 9; Huson about one.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 05 Aug 1690. Tuesday, about 7 there came a messenger with a letter from Atwood, that he & Lord Brandon would dine with us; Mainwaring went about 7 to Dedington; Angell came about 11; stayd till 5; but we being expectacion of Lord Brandon stayd dinner; Angell eate something in one of the chambers & retorned; neare 4 came Hardwar & Henry, drank a bottle of wine in the Hall; went about 5; Delves came from Shotwick; retorned about 5; James brought me a letter, (that Jackson sent me) from Mr Minshall; we expected Brandon & Atwood till 8 at night before we dined; but neither came nor sent.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 20 Sep 1690. Satorday, Bid0lph went towards Elmehurst past 8; Huson & Tomkinson went thither about 7; MainwarinG. & I before 10; we lighted at Wrights, went to Jacksons; was trimmed by Warminham, dined with the Bishop:(I, Mainwaring,:Mainwaring, his Chaplaine & secretary) went past 3 to the almeshouses, then to Anderson; then to the Sunne; there was 2 Mainswarings, Deane, Johnson, Murray, Mercer, Kinaston, Wright, Vicars, Morgan, Parry,&c: parted about 7, Mainwaring & Morgan with me; went home; William Minshall came & stayd.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 21 Sep 1690. Sonday, Tomkinson went to Staffordshire; Minshall dined, went after dinner to Chester; Mainwaring, Morgan & I to church.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 27 Sep 1690. Satorday, Mainwaring went early towards London; Huson retorned from Alrey; Lee & Morgan went to Chester; I & my sonne (age 39) after them past 10; we alighted at the Talbot; met Streete & others at the doore; he went with me to Danold the barber, who trimmed me; G.Mainwaring (age 47) came to us; I went & dined with him; my sonne (age 39) & Streete & his wife, sister & daughter dined with us; neare 3 I went to Angells, did not stay, went with G.Mainwaring (age 47) & Streete to meete the Judges; which we did at the Bridge; went after them to the Castle; there was the Sheriffe, Governor, Cotton, Crew, &c. I made the Governor a visit, there was Lord Chomly, Egerton, Warburton, Bell, &c. we drank a glasse of wine (standing) I & the 2 Aldermen left them; they went with me to Jackson's; there was Minshall, Baroby, Nat. Booth, Hannibal Baskerville, my sonne (age 39), Morgan,&c. Ned Morgan came thither as we were parting, my sonne (age 39) & I went before 6, came home past 7.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 16 Nov 1690. Sonday, dined at home, Minshall with us; Bellot came about 2; about 5, he, M: & I went to Bosoms Inne; thither came G.Mainwaring (age 47) Streete, Comberbach, Parry, Whitakers; the Chester witnesses were examined; we parted about 10.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 22 Nov 1690. Satorday, dined at Bacchus with 2 Mainwarings, Bellot, Borage, &c. went to Williams at Grays Inne; then to Temple Taverne; there was 2 Mainwarings, Bidolph, Streete, Whitaker, Cumberbach, Parry, Minshall,&c. parted about 10.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 07 Dec 1690. Sonday, dined at home, William Mainwaring & Jackson with us; went in the evening to Wood, there was Gilmore, Coling, Maxwell & another; went thence to the Crowne; there was G.Mainwaring (age 47), Streete, Comberbach, another (stranger), Whitaker, Mainwaring, Minshall, &c. parted past 9.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 10 Dec 1690. Wednesday, dined at home, Jack Whitley & his wife with us; Morgan, Jackson, Minshall, &c. went to Wood, about 6; then to Mainwarings Coffe house, then to the Crowne; there was 2 Mainwarings, Bellot, Parry, Morgan, Ben: Gerard; parted at nine; brought Bellot home. Leigh came in the morning to take my answer to C[ouns]ell.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 14 Dec 1690. Sonday, dined at home with Bellot, Minshall, Jackson & Kent; after dinner came William Mainwaring; he & Jackson stayd not long; then came Coling & Gilmore; they, Bellot & Mainwaring went about 6; I went to Wood; there was Dr Ashenhurst; I stayd ½ houer, went home before 8.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 19 Dec 1690. Friday, Pigeon came to me; then Lord Portland's secretary about Roger's money; then came Foche, then Tovey; after dinner came Minshall, did eate some cold meate, &c. stayd not; then came brother Peter & Morgan stayd but a while;,&c. Jackson & Fletcher went out of toune.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 24 Dec 1690. Wednesday, dined at home; Minshall came about 4, stayd till past 7.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 26 Dec 1690. Friday, Kent came to me about Rogers businesse; Mrs Wood, cosen Kate & Minshall dined with us; Wood stayd till 10 at night; Bidolph sent his coachman with poultry from Luton.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 29 Dec 1690. Monday, dined at home; Mrs Wood, & Minshall with us; past 3, I went with Minshall to a Master's of Chancery, to give in my answer to Shepheards bill then to Humfreys, then to Tovey; then home; 30. Tuesday, (Fowler came to me about 10: then I interl); I went to Mosier; dined at Pontacks with Mainwaring, Bellot, Lewes, my sonne (age 39) & Borage; he left us about 4; the rest went to the Sonne; Hannibal Baskerville & his sonne (age 39) in law came to us; also Morgan & Hilman & a Cuttler; we parted neare 9; brought Bellot home, stayd with him till 11.