Biography of Nicholas Narboone Officer of Arms

1561 Creation of Garter Knights

1563 Creation of Garter Knights

In 1557 Nicholas Narboone Officer of Arms was appointed Richmond Herald of Arms in Ordinary.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 09 Dec 1558. The ix day of Desember was creatyd at Somersett plasse [Map], wher the quen('s) (age 25) grace lys, master Rychmond Norroy, and Rysbanke creatyd Bluw-mantyll.

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Henry Machyn's Diary. 04 Jan 1559. The iiij day of Feybruary was cared in a charett with vj banerrolles, and a-for a grett baner of armes, and iiij baners of santtes, alle in owlle [oil], and thos iiij borne by iiij haroldes of armes in ther cott armurs, with a vijxx horsse, toward Bassyng to be bered ther; and ther was a goodly herse of wax; my lade marques of Wynchester was the lade; and at evere towne had money and torchys, master Garter, master Somersett, master Rychmond, master Lanckoster, and Bluwmantyll, and viij dosen penselles and viij dosen of skochyons.... of armes and iij dosen of skochyons.

Note. P. 188. Funeral of the marchioness of Winchester. "Lady Elsabeth late wyff to the right noble and puissant prynce William marques of Wynchester erl of Wylshire knight of the garter and lord treasorer of England, dyed on Crystmas day the xxv. of December 1558, and was beryed at Basyng on Sonday the 5. of February next foloinge." (MS. Harl. 897, f. 80.) She was the daughter of sir William Capel.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 09 Sep 1559. The ix day (of September) a-fore none thay cam to the chyrche from the byshope palles, the haroldes a-for them, master Garter (age 49), master Clarenshux (age 49), master Norrey (age 49), master Somersett, master Chaster (age 61), master Rechmond, master Yorke, master Wyndsor (age 49), master Lanckostur, and Ruge-crosse, Ruge-dragon, Bluw-mantyll, Perkullys, and ther thay had serves; my lord of Canturbere the meny[ster ?], the bysshope Harford, Skore (age 49), dyd pryche, and the bysshope Barlow (age 61), thes iij had blake gownes and grett hodes lynyd with sylke, and drestes' capes [caps]; and after all done to (the bishop's) plasse to dener, for ther was offesers of the quen('s) howsse, of evere offes [office] sum, for ther was grett chere.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 15 Feb 1560. The xv day of Feybruary was cared from Flett-strett unto sant Alphes at Crepull-gatt to be bered master Francis Wyllyams, the brodur sune [Note. Not clear why he is referred to as 'brodur sune] to my lord of Tame... cheyffe ere to my lord of Tame, with .... armes and a cott armur and a harold master Rychmond, and mony morners in blake, and a xij gentyllmen .... and a xx clarkes syngyng, and master Veron dyd pryche a sermon.

Note. P. 225. Funeral of John Williams esquire. Two members of this family were buried within a few days. The second (imperfect) paragraph relates to "John Williams esquyer, son and heyr to Renold Williams of Burfyld in Barkshire, maryd Cysely doter to Henry Poole of Wylshire, and dyed sans issu in Darby howsse near Powles the 16 of February 1559, and buryed at the parish churche of E(l)syng Spyttall." (MS. Harl. 879, f. 14.)

Henry Machyn's Diary. 12 Mar 1560. The xij day of Marche was bered at Dyttun [Map] my lade Barkeley (deceased), the wyff of ser Mores Barthelay (age 54) knyght, with a penon of armes and a iiij dosen of skochyons, and a harold of armes, master Rychemond.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 21 Apr 1560. The sam day at after-non was grett justes at the curtt, and at the tylt, and ther rod the trumpeters blohyng (in) skraff(s) [scarfs] of whyt and blake sarsanett, and master Clarenshus (age 50), Norrey (age 50), Somersett, and Lankaster, and Rychemond, and Yorke, and Ruge dragon, and evere of them havyng a skarff a-bowt ther ne[cks, of] whyt and blake sarsenett, and ther rane of the (unfinished)

1561 Creation of Garter Knights

Henry Machyn's Diary. 23 Apr 1561. [The xxiij of April, saint George's day, was kept] holy at the quen['s court , . ] her halle in copes to the nombur of XXX, with [O God^ the father of Hewyn, have merce on .. • . and the owtter cowrt to the gatt, and rond abowt st [rewed with rushes;] and after cam master Garter (age 51), and master Norres (age 51), and master dene of the ch[apel, in copes] of cremesun saten, with a crosse of sant Gorge red, and [eleven knights] of the garter in ther robes, and after the Quen('s) (age 27) grace in [her robes, and] all the garde in ther ryche cottes; and so bake to the [Chapel,] after serves done, bake thruge the hall to her graces chambur, and that done her grace and the lord(s) wh[ent to dinner,] and her grace wher goodly servyd; and after the lordes [sitting on one] syd, and servyd in gold and sylver 5 and after dener [there were] knyghtes of the Garter electyd ij, my lord of Shrewsbere (age 33) [and my] lord of Hunsdon (age 35); and ther wher all the haroldes in ther cote armurs afor the quen('s) grace, master Clarenshux (age 51), Lanckostur, Rychemond, Wyndsor, Yorke, Chastur, Blumantyl, Ruge-dragon.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 27 Jan 1562. The xxvij day of January was bered master Charlys Wrys[seley] (age 52) alyas Wyndsore, with all the haroldes of armes, master Garter (age 52), master Clarenshux (age 52), master Chaster alleas Norrey, master Somersett, [master York,] master Rychmond, master Lankester, Rugecrosse, Ruge-dragon, [Portcullis,] and Blumantylle, with vj skochyons of armes, in sant P[ulcher's] parryche, bered in the body of the chyrche; and they [ie the heralds] payd the ch[arges].

Note. P. 275. Funeral of Charles Wryothesley, Windsor herald. He died "at Camden's howsse, in the parish of St. Pulcres in London." (MS. Harl. 897, f. 27b.) "Item. On Sounday the 25th of January, An°. 1561, departed out of this world about sixe of the cloacke, Charles Wryotheley al's Windsour herauld, who was buryed at Saint Sepulcres churche w'hout Newgate, on Tuesday in the morning, at the which buriall the sayd corsse was covered with a pall of blacke velvett, and on the same was laid a rich coate of armes, and of each corner of the sayd corpes went a pursivant of armes in a mourning gowne and hood, and in their coates of armes. And after the corsse went Somersett herauld in his gowne and hood, and after him Mr. Garter and Mr. Clarencieux, and after them the rest of the office of armes not in blacke." From the Papers of Sir Edward Walker, Garter, "Heralds, vol. I. p. 120, Coll. Arm." See also the MS. I. 13, f. 34.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 31 Aug 1562. The xxxj day of August was bered in Essex the good erle of Oxford (deceased), with iij haroldes of armes, master Garter (age 52), master Lancostur, master Rychmond, with a standard and a grett baner of armes, and viij baner-rolles, [helmet,] crest, targett, and sword, and cott armur, and a herse with velvett [and a] palle of velvett, and a x dosen of skochyons, [and with] mony mornars in blake, and grett mone mad for hym.

Note. P. 290. Funeral of the earl of Oxford. "This John Vere, erl of Oxford, dysseased at his castell of Hemyngham [Map] in Essex on Monday the 3. of August, in the 4. yere of the quene our soveraigne lady Elizabeth, &c. 1562, and was beryed on tewsday the 25. of August next enshewing, at the parishe churche of Hemyngham. He married firstDoraty, doughter of Raff erle of Westmerland, and had issue Kateren wyff to Edward lord Wyndesor; secondly, Margery doughter of Golding, syster to sir Thomas Goldinge, and had issue Edward erl of Oxford, and Mary." (MS. Harl. 897, f. 81.)

Henry Machyn's Diary. 18 Nov 1562. The xviij day of November was bered at Hakenay master Dedycott sqwyre and draper of London, and ther he gayff to (blank) pore men xxiiij gownes of rattes coler of vijs. the yerd, and had a penon of armes and cott armur, and master Rychemond was the harold; and he gayff mony blake gownes a xx ... and ij dosen of skochyons of armes, and ther was a xx [of the] clarkes of London syngyng, and ther dyd pryche master (blank); and ther was the masters of the hospetall with gren stayffes; master Avenon and master Mynors cheyff mornars; and after to ys plase to dener.... Dormer] sqwyre, [the son] of ser Myghell Dormer, late mare [of London].

Note. P. 296. Funeral of Arthur Dericote esquire. Citizen and draper: see his poetical epitaph in Robinson's History of Hackney, vol. ii. p. 27, accompanied by some account of his funeral, derived from the present Diary. See also the MS. Lansdowne 874, f. 123b.

1563 Creation of Garter Knights

Henry Machyn's Diary. 22 Apr 1563. The xxij day of Aprell, was sant Gorge's evyn, at v of the cloke the knyghtes of the Garter cam downe from the quen('s) chambur thrugh the halle to here chapell, and yt was strod with gren ryssys, [and all] the haroldes in ther cott armurs, master Perkullys, master Ruges-dragon, master Lanckaster, master Rychmond, and master Somersett, and master Norray (age 65) and master Clarenshux (age 53), master Garter (age 53), and master dene, my lord of Hunsdon (age 37), my lord Montyguw (age 34), my lord Robartt (age 30), my lord of Lughborow (age 42), the yerle of Shrowsbere (age 35), my lord admeralle (age 51), my lord chamburlayn, the yerle of Ruttland (age 36), the yerle of Darbe (age 53), the marques of Northamtun (age 51), the duke of Northfoke (age 27), (the) yerle of Arundell (age 50), and the yerle of Penbroke (age 62), and so evere man to ys own plase in the chapell of ther owne sett.... cam a prosessyon up thrugh the halle to .... furst the serjant of the vestre with a sylver rod, [then the] chylderyn in ther surples, and then the qwyre sy[nging the English] prosessyon in copes of cloth of gold to the nombur of .... haroldes of armes and sergantes of armes, furst Ruges[croix and] Ruge-dragon, and then cam master Lonkastur and master Rychmond and master [Somerset;] furst my lord of Hunsdon, my lord Montyguw, my lord Robartt, my lord of Lowthborow, my lord admeralle, my lord chamburlayn, the yerle of Rutland, the yerle of [Shrewsbury,] the yerle of Darbe, the yerle of Penbroke, the marques of [Northampton,] the yerle of Arundell, the duke of Northfoke; and then [master Garter,] master Norres (age 65), the dene of the chapell, they iij in cremesun saten v[elvet;] and next the byshope of Wynchestur and ser Wylliam Peter in [robes of] cremesun velvett with red crosses on ther robes, and ser .... and the yerle of Northumberland bare the sword, and the(n) the [Queen] in her robe, and master Knolles bare the quen('s) trayn, and after ....