Biography of Randle Batho

In 1689 Randle Batho was appointed High Sheriff of Chester.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 22 Feb 1690. Satorday, I went to Chester (sister Sidney with me, I left her there) I light at Wrights; went to Hunts, found Sir William Aston, & Sir John Crew there; we went together to Angells; I went to the Penthouse, there was the Mayor, Sir Thomas Grosvenor, severall Aldermen, Sheriffe Wynne, &c. I called on Aston & Crew, at Angells; went in my coach to Wrights, dined there with G.Mainwaring (age 47), Governor, Warburton, & a High Constable of Werrall; Alderman Wright, Streete, & Lloyd came, but did not dine with us; Jackson brought us wine, Mr Griffith, & then Sheriffe Randle Batho came, just as we were parting; I went away (alone) before 5, came home about 7.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 13 Mar 1690. Thursday, about 9 I met G.Mainwaring (age 47), Johnson, Murray, Gates at Gerards; there came severall people (Griffith, the Carpenters & severall others) offering to vote for me & G.Mainwaring (age 47) if we would get them made free & those that wanted money desired to borrow it & would pay it againe or work it out; but G.Mainwaring (age 47) & I refused to meddle in the matter; soe I left them, went to Dr Fog, & with him, to the Quire, then to the Mayor in the Penthouse; the elder Sheriffe, Shakerly, Leeming, Ince, Wilcocks, Wilson, Allen, 2 Bennetts, Williamson & Mr Thomas was present; they made about 37 freemen that morninG. Alderman Edwards, Wynne, & Hand were present; they objected against: severall that were made free; one being very old & in a capacity of being made free for 40 yeares together; Edwards asked him how he came to desire his freedome now; he sayd he wanted money before but now a frind lent it him; many old & severall under age were made free; I and Alderman Mainwaring would not be prsent at making any free nor give any countenance to it; we onely came to move the Mayor & the Sheriffes that a pole might be in the Norgate streete, a spatious place, and not on the Roadee; & gave many reasons for it; they sayed: they would consider it; we left them there; went to the Talbot, dined there with Bidolph, Streete, Mainwaring, Morgan, Wright, &c. after dinner came Croughton, Sheriffe Randle Batho, Edwards, Hand, Farington, Pugh, Kinaston, Wright, Salisbury, &c. ( Mrs Harleston & Mrs Wright came to speake with me in another roome; also Mr Glasier & another, in another roome, they stayd not long) we all parted about 5; Bidolph & my sonne (age 39) went home with me in my coach.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 17 Mar 1690. Monday, went to the Penthouse about 8; then with the Mayor, Sheriffes, Grosvenor, Leeming, G.Mainwaring (age 47) & some Aldermen & many freemen to the Towne Hall; the Sheriffe opened the writ; some few poled there; G;Mainwaring & I protested against: the new freemen; we disowned the practice & if any should give us theire votes we disowned them; Sheriffe Randle Batho also protested against them; I & Mr Booth objected against Hugh Grosvenor's pole as not being a freeman; onely made Alderman by the new Charter; the Sheriffe would take his pole & very insolently told us we disputed the pole; bid us be silent or goe out of Court; then he ajourned the Court to RoodeDee; there we poled in cold & wett till 6 at night; he had a minde to shut up the pole; we opposed it; having severall in the crowde that called out to be poled; the noise & confusion was great; the Sheriffe then ajourned the Court till 9 on Tuesday; Sheriffe Randle Batho declared he ajorned the pole till then; Grosvenor & Leeming went first; G.Mainwaring (age 47) & I after them (all carryed in chaires) went to the Sunne taverne, where we supt; many frinds with us; parted about 10.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 18 Mar 1690. Tuesday, I went to G.Mainwaring's (age 47); then to Booths, here Sheriffe Randle Batho & many frinds were; then went together to Roode Dee; after us came the other Sheriffe, Grosvenor, Leeming, Lord Cholmely &c; the Court was opened by Proclamation in the usual manner; my sonne (age 39) & neare 30 (old interl) freemen demanded the pole; Sheriffe Partington denyed it (Sheriffe Randle Batho for it) protested against shutting up the books & declaring till all were poled; Grosvenor & Leeming brought Pemberton (the madman, & one more with an intent to pole & endeavord to bring others but could not & seeing our Party considerable & more coming on (18 of which demanded the pole under their hands) but Sheriffe Partington would not yield to it; shut up the books; declared the pole in favour of Grosvenor & Leeming; Sheriffe Randle Batho declared for me & G.Mainwaring (age 47) orderd Parry (onder Towne Clarke) to publish it; Partington commanded Constables to put him downe & carry him to prison (but they did not), then Randle Batho got up himselfe & desired Mainwaring to publish me, & G.Mainwaring (age 47) duly chose & that he would retorne us; then Partington & ye other Party left the Court (I think without ajournment:) went to the Penthouse; Randle Batho & we stayd; the books were cast up, & closed; Proclamation made; we were carryed up in chaires (with great nombers of people) dined at the Sunne, Randle Batho, severall Aldermen, &c. with us; they sealed our Indentures; went to the Penthouse to annexe them to the writ; Partington refused it; soe did the Seale Keeper; we sent it away to the Clark of the Crowne by Morgan Whitley; we dined there about 2, parted about 5; went with Streete to Shire Hall; poled, went to the Sunne (many frinds there) parted at 9.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 20 Mar 1690. Thursday, went to (lady Calverly's; took leave of Cotton; then to interl) the Harpe & Crowne; there was Streete, Lloyd, Bellot, Mainwaring, G.Mainwaring (age 47); & severall people gave informacion of bribes, threats, irregularityes in the election; went thence about one; took leave at Angells; dined at Ephraim Bennets (in Forest Streete) Sheriffe Randle Batho, Deane, Johnson, Robinson, Pemberton, Bidolph G.Mainwaring (age 47) & severall with us; some also came after dinner; I left them ½ past 5; came home, Bidolph & sister Anne with me; my daughters & cosen Mainwarings in the other coach; Mainwaring & Swetnam came late.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 28 Mar 1690. Friday, Mr Hocknell came about 11; Mr Thomas soone after; both dined with us; about one I went to Chester; light at the Talbot; saw Alderman Wright, Bonnell & another with him; went to Angells, Mrs Mainwarings, Mr Booths, Jackson's & then to Charles Griffiths; there came to me Farington, Comberbach, Parry, Randle Batho, Johnson, Deane, Traves, Murray, Hall, Croughton, Streete, Lloyd, &c. I brought a bottle of sack, & sherry from home, had 2 bottles of claret from Jacksons; we parted past 6; came home about 8.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 24 Sep 1690. Wednesday, Mainwaring & I went to Chester (Robinson with us, & soe home) we alighted at Jacksons; went to G.Mainwaring's (age 47) Farington with us; then G.Mainwaring (age 47) & I went to the Penthouse; Mainwaring came after us; there we found the Mayor, Ince, Anderson, Edwards, Randle Batho, & the officers; I discoursed them about the Election of a new Mayor; & how inconvenient it would be to choose me, &c. then I went with Streete (who came to the Penthouse) to Angells; then to the Sunne; there we dined with 2 Mainwarings, 2 Andersons, Farington, Baroby, Comberbach, Kinaston, Deane, Murray, Randle Batho, &c. after dinner came Hannibal Baskerville, Crosse, &c. then Streete & I went to the almeshouses, Mercer with us; Cotton, Rummer Tavern & Thomas had 3 quarts of ale; then went to Jacksons; there was 2 Mainwarings, Baroby, Hannibal Baskerville, Herle, Cockaine, &c. we parted past 7, came home before 9.