Biography of Richard Archer 1387-1471

In or before 1387 [his father] Thomas Archer (age 46) and [his mother] Agnes Cokesey were married.

Around 1387 Richard Archer was born to Thomas Archer (age 46) and Agnes Cokesey.

Before 1415 Thomas Lucy of Charlecote, Warwickshire and [his future wife] Alice Hugford were married.

In 1415 Richard Archer (age 28) and Alice Hugford were married. She was the heiress of her brother William Hugford.

Around 1420 Richard Archer (age 33) received a personal summons for military service, 1419/20, being "one that did bear ancient arms from his ancestors".

In 1420 [his wife] Alice Hugford died.

In or after 1420 Richard Archer (age 33) and Margaret m Archer were married.

In 1425 [his father] Thomas Archer (age 84) died. His son Richard Archer (age 38) inherited Umberslade Hall, Tanworth in Arden.

French Coronation of Henry VI

On 16 Dec 1431 Henry VI (age 10) was crowned II King France: Lancaster at Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral [Map] by Cardinal Henry Beaufort (age 56). A somewhat futile exercise; the last gasps of the Hundred Years War. The ceremony had been arranged by John Lancaster 1st Duke Bedford (age 42). His wife Anne Valois Duchess of Bedford (age 27) attended.

Walter Hungerford 1st Baron Hungerford (age 53) was appointed Carver.

Thomas Harrington (age 31), Richard Archer (age 44), Hugh Courtenay 12th Earl Devon and his son Thomas (age 17) attended.

In 1440 Richard Archer (age 53) was appointed High Sheriff of Shropshire.

In 1441 Richard Archer (age 54) was appointed High Sheriff of Staffordshire.

In 1447 [his son] John Archer of Umberslade and [his daughter-in-law] Christian Blacklow were married.

In 1463 [his son] John Archer of Umberslade died. He died in battle "fighting for the Earl of Warwick against King Edward IV" but it isn't known at which battle? And the Earl of Warwick didn't start fighting against Edward IV until 1469?

Before 1471 Richard Archer (age 84) and Joan Ley were married.

In 1471 Richard Archer (age 84) died. His will was proved 21 Jun 1471. John Archer of Umberslade (age 22) inherited Umberslade Hall, Tanworth in Arden as well as property in Shropshire, Staffordshire and Bedfordshire.

[his son] John Archer of Umberslade was born to Richard Archer and Alice Hugford.

Thomas Newport of Ercall and Margaret m Archer were married.