Biography of Richard Gresham 1485-1549

Paternal Family Tree: Gresham

Richard Gresham and Audrey Lynne were married.

Richard Gresham was appointed Lord Mayor of London.

Around 1485 Richard Gresham was born to John Gresham at Holt, Norfolk.

In 1507 Richard Gresham (age 22) admitted as Worshipful Company of Mercers.

Around 1518 [his son] John Gresham was born to Richard Gresham (age 33) and Audrey Lynne.

Around 1519 [his son] Thomas Gresham was born to Richard Gresham (age 34) and Audrey Lynne.

Before 1522 [his daughter] Elizabeth Gresham was born to Richard Gresham (age 36) and Audrey Lynne.

In 1522 [his daughter] Christian Gresham was born to Richard Gresham (age 37) and Audrey Lynne.

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1536. 18 Oct 1537. This yeare, on Sainct Edwardes dalea, at the election of the maire, the Kinges letter was sent to electe and chose Mr. Richard Gressame (age 52)b, mercer, for maire for the yeare following, which was donne at the Kinges commandment; howbeit the Commens grudged, because he had bene alderman but one yeare; for that tyme they would have had Mr. Holes (age 66)c, which had beene put of three yeares by the Kinges letter.

Note a. October 18th.

Note b. Father of Sir Thomas Greaham (age 18).

Note c. Afterwards Sir William Holies, chosen Lord Major in 1539.

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1538. Apr 1538. Also this yeare, in Lent, the Maire (age 53)f caused divers worshipfull Gathering for the poore men to gather money for the poore people everie Soundaie at the sermon at Poules Crosse [Map], tow parsons standing at everie dore to gather the devotions of the people, which said money was distributed weeklie to them that had most neede thereof in the cittie of London, and a registre kept of the same, and so to contynewe.

Note f. Sir Richard Gresham (age 53), who in so doing acted in accordance with the new statute 37 Hen. VIII. cap. 25, made for the relief of the indigent poor. By the same statute no alms were suffered to be given to beggars, on pain of forfeiting ten times the value. Curiously the act referred to wasn't legislated until 1545?

Execution of Friar John Forest

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1538. 22 May 1538. Also the 22th daie of Maie, being Wednesdaie this same yeare, the said Friar Forrest was drawen from Newgate to the place of execution in Smythfielde, where was a noble sermon made by the Bishopp of Worcestre (age 51), afore writton, to have drawen the said Friar Forrest from his opinions; but he, obstinatlie standing still and stiffe in his opininons, and beinge asked by the said bishopp in what state he would die, he openlie declaring their with a lowde voyce to the Bishopp as followeth: That if an angell should come downe from heaven and shew him any other thing then that he had beleeved all his liffe tyme past he would not beleeve him, and that if his bodie should be cutt joynt after joynt or membre after membre, brent, hanged, or what paine soever might de donne to his bodie, he wold neaver turne from his old sect of this Bishopp of Rome; and also seaven yeare agone hea durst not have made such a sermon for his lief. And then after this, being a false traitor to his Praynce, an hereticke, and a seditious person to the Kinges leighe people, was had to the place of executionb and their hanged about the middle in chains of iron on a paire of gallowes alive, a great fire made under him and about him, and so was burned for his said heresie and treason.

Also their was brent with him an idollc that was brought out of Gidarne was North Wales, which idoll was of woode like a man of armes in his armes in his harneies having a litle speare in his hande and a caskett of iron about his necke hanging with a ribond, the which people of North Walles honored as a sainct. The name of the idoll was called in Walch Darvell Gadarn.d Present at this execution were the Duke of Norfolke (age 65), the Duke of Suffolke (age 54), the Erle of Sussex (age 31), the Earle of Hartford (age 38) being Vicount Beawchampe, the Bishoppe of London, with other of the Kinges Counsell, the Major (age 53)e of London, with the most part of the aldermen and shrives, and, as I thinke, tenne thousand persons and more; also the place of execution where the gallowes and fire was made was railed round about; and their was a skaffold made to sett the pulpitt on where the preacher stoode, and an other against itt where the friar stoode all the sermon tyme, and a long skaffold next to Sainct Bartholomewes spittell gate, where the Lordes of the Privie Counsell sate with the major and aldermen and other gentlemen and commons of the cittie.

Note a. Bishop Latimer (age 51).

Note b. Compare this with the account of the burning of Friar Forest in Harleian MS. 530, f. 120.

Note c. The Welshmen had a prophesy that this image should set a whole forest a fire, which prophesie now toke effect, for it set this Frier Forest on fyre, and consumed him to nothing. Hall, p 826.

Note d. Usually written Darvell or David Gatheren.

Note e. Sir Richard Gresham (age 53).

In 1539 Richard Gresham (age 54) was elected MP City of London.

On 01 Oct 1540, after its dissolution, Fountains Abbey [Map] was sold to Richard Gresham (age 55) who sold the some of the stone to offset the cost of purchase.

In 1544 [his son] Thomas Gresham (age 25) and [his daughter-in-law] Anne Ferneley were married.

In 1545 Richard Gresham (age 60) was elected MP City of London.

In 1549 [his son-in-law] John Thynne (age 34) and [his daughter] Christian Gresham (age 27) were married.

On 21 Feb 1549 Richard Gresham (age 64) died.

Royal Descendants of Richard Gresham 1485-1549

Diana Spencer Princess Wales x 3

Ancestors of Richard Gresham 1485-1549

GrandFather: James Gresham

Father: John Gresham

Richard Gresham