Biography of Richard James Wyatt 1795-1850

Richard James Wyatt 1795-1850 is in Sculptors.

On 03 May 1795 Richard James Wyatt was born to Edward Wyatt (age 38) and Anne Maddox in Oxford Street, London. He was baptised on 06 Jun 1795.

In 1818 Richard James Wyatt (age 22) exhibited at the Royal Academy a piece entitled the Judgment of Paris, and in 1819 a monument to Lady Anne Hudson. He served his apprenticeship under John Charles Felix Rossi (age 55).

In 1821 Richard James Wyatt (age 25) left England, and, after studying for a few months in Paris under Bosio, proceeded to Rome, and entered the studio of Antonio Canova (age 63), where he had John Gibson (1790–1866) as a fellow pupil.

On 27 Jan 1831 Ellen Turner (deceased) was buried at St Oswald's Church, Winwick. The service was performed by Reverend Thomas Hinde. Monument to sculpted by Richard James Wyatt (age 35).

In 1833 [his father] Edward Wyatt (age 76) died.

On 29 May 1850 Richard James Wyatt (age 55) died in Rome, unmarried.