Biography of Robert Broke -1558

Robert Broke was born to Thomas Broke of Claverley in Shropshire and Margaret Grosvenor.

Before 1531 Nicholas Hurleston and [his future wife] Anne Waring were married.

After 1531 Robert Broke and Anne Waring were married.

In 1544 Robert Broke and Dorothy Gatacre were married.

Wriothesley's Chronicle 02 Apr 1554. 02 Apr 1544. Munday the 2 of Aprill, 1554, the Parlement began at Westminster, which should haue bene kept at Oxforde, the Queens Majestie (age 28) ridinge in her Parlement robes from her pallace of Whitehall to St. Peters churche with all her Lordes spirituall and temporall in their robes, and there heard masse of the Holie Ghoete and a sermon. And that aftemoone the Common Howse did chuse Mr. Robert Brooke, esquier, and sergiant at lawe and Recorder of London, for their speaker in this Parlement.

In 1545 Robert Broke was elected MP City of London which seat he held until 1554.

In 1554 Robert Broke was appointed Speaker of the House of Commons.

On 08 Oct 1554 Robert Broke was appointed Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 27 Jan 1555. The xxvij day of January ther was a goodly prossessyon cam from Westmynster unto Tempull bar with crosses and a C. chylderyn in surples and a C. clarkes and prestes in copes syngyng, the wyche the copes wher very ryche of tyssuw and cloth of gold; [and after] that master dene Weston carehyng the blessyd sacrement, and a canepe borne over yt, and a-bowt yt a xx torchys bornyng, and after yt a ij C. men and women.

Note. P. 81. Knightes mayde by kinge Phillip in his chambre upon Sunday the of January, in An°. 1554. (MS. Harl. 6064, f. 80b.)

Sir John Lyon (age 41), lorde maior of London.

Sir Robert Broke, lord chief justice of the comon place.

Sir Edward Saunders, judge.

Sir John Whiddon, judge.

Sir William Staimford [judge of the common pleas.]

Sir Clement Hygham [afterwards chief baron of the exchequer.]

The droughtes that is to be payde by them that be mayde knightes by the kinges Matie in his chambre under the degre of a baron: (Ibid. f. 79.)

Imprimis, to the office of armes for the enteringe of their armes in record xxs.

Item, to the gentlemen ushers of the chambre . . xxs.

Item, to the yeoman ushers . . . . xs.

Item, to the gromes of the chambre . . . vs.

Item, to the pages of the chambre . . . vs.

Notwithstandinge these recordes afore rehersed, their was taken by them of the chambre of divers knightes that were made by kinge Phillip the xxvijth of Januarie in A°. 1554, these summes followinge, the which was never had before:

Item, to the gentlemen of the privy chambre . . xiijs. iiijd.

Item, to the gentleman ushers of the chambre . . xxs.

Item, to the yeoman ushers of the chambre . . xs.

Item, to the gromes of the chambre . . . xs.

Item, to the pages . . . . xs.

On 27 Jan 1555 Robert Broke was knighted by Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain (age 27).

Henry Machyn's Diary. 26 Feb 1557. The xxvj day of Feybruary was rayned at Westmynster halle my lord Sturton (age 37), and for the juges and dyvers of the consell, as lord justes Broke, and the lord stuard, and my lord tresorer (age 74), and dyvers odur lordes and knyghtes; and longe yt wher or he wold answer, and so at last my lord justes stod up and declaryd to my lord and he wold nott answer to the artyculles that was led [laid] to hym, that he shuld be prast [pressed] to deth by the law of the rayme [realm]; and after he dyd answer, and so he was cast by ys owne wordes to be hangyd, and ys iiij men, and so to be cared to the Towre [Map] a-gayne tyll thay have a furder commondement from the consell.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 20 Apr 1557. The xx day of Aprell dyd pryche docthur Yonge at santt Mare spyttylle; and ther was my lord mare (age 57) and xxv althermen, none lackyng butt master Wodderoff, the wyche makyth the full nom bur of xxvj; and my lord Broke the cheff justes, and my lord justes Browne (age 48), and my ser John Baker, and ser Roger Chamley, and mony nobull gentyllmen, with the holl cete [whole city] boythe old and yonge, boythe men and women.

On 05 or 06 Sep 1558 Robert Broke died at Patshull Hall, Staffordshire. He was buried at All Saints Church, Claverley.

Around 1572 [his former wife] Dorothy Gatacre died.

Ancestors of Robert Broke -1558

Father: Thomas Broke of Claverley in Shropshire

Robert Broke

GrandFather: Humphrey Grosvenor of Farmcote in Shropshire

Mother: Margaret Grosvenor