Biography of Robert Crowley Clergyman 1517-1588

Around 1517 Robert Crowley Clergyman was born.

On 28 or 29 Sep 1551 Robert Crowley Clergyman (age 34) was ordained by Bishop Nicholas Ridley (age 51).

Henry Machyn's Diary. 15 Oct 1559. The xv day of October did pryche at Paul's crosse [Map] Crolley (age 42) sum-tyme a prynter.

Note. P. 215. Did preach Crolley sometime a printer. Strype has noted the first ordination of Robert Crowley as a deacon, by bishop Ridley, Sept. 29, 1551. In the bishop's register he is styled "stationer, of the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn." Of the productions of his press Strype has given some particulars in Memorials, book 1, chap. 32; and of his Thirty-one Epigrams, published in 1551, fifteen are reprinted in Strype's Appendix O O. See also Ames's Typographical Antiquities, by Dibdin, vol. iv. pp. 325–335. In 1566 he was presented to the vicarage of St. Giles's without Cripplegate, where he died June 18, 1588. See further in Newcourt's Rep. Londin. i. 181, or Wood's Athenæ Oxon.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 31 Mar 1560. The xxxj day of Marche dyd pryche at Polles crosse [Map] Crolley (age 43), the wyche was Passyon sonday, sum tyme a [exile, and a learned writer, afterwards minister of St. Giles, Cripplegate [Map].]

Henry Machyn's Diary. 12 Oct 1561. The xij day of October dyd pryche at Powlles crosse [Map] (master) Crolley (age 44), sum-tyme a boke-prynter dwelling in Holborne, in the byshope of Ely('s) renttes.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 16 Nov 1562. The monday the xvj day of November was mar[ed at Bow] parryche master Allen the shreyff('s) dowthur unto master Star[ke] marchand and skynner, and ther was mony worshep[ful] men and women, and dyd pryche master Crolley (age 45), and after a gre[at dinner.]

Henry Machyn's Diary. 16 Jul 1563. The xvj day of July was bered in the parryche of saynt Step[hen's by] London stone master Berre sqwyre and draper and marchand of the stapull, [with a] harold of armes, and he had a cott armur and a penon .... of skochyons of armes, and ys plase was hangyd with blake .... the cherche hangyd with blake and armes, and [there were] all the craft in ther leverey; ser Wylliam Ch[ester] (age 54) cheyff mornar, and master Argall next, and master John Bere, [and then the] corse with a pall of blake velvett and mony .... mad the sermon, and all dune to the plase [to dinner, for there was a] grett dener.... bered in lytyl Allalows .... master Crolley (age 46) mad the [sermon] ....

On 18 Jun 1588 Robert Crowley Clergyman (age 71) died.