Biography of Robert Taylor 1714-1788

 Peterborough Cathedral St Laurence's Church, Ludlow St Martin in the Fields

Robert Taylor 1714-1788 is in SculptorsArchitects, Sculptors.

In 1714 Robert Taylor was born at Woodford.

On 19 Aug 1721 Thomas Deacon (age 70) died. He was buried at Peterborough Cathedral [Map]. Powdered Wig. Hand On Skull. Elbow Reclining Figure. Heeled Shoes. Sculpted by Robert Taylor (age 7).

Thomas Deacon: Around 1651 he was born. B 1653 he and Mary Havey were married. Before 1718 he was appointed High Sheriff of Northamptonshire.

Around 1734 Robert Taylor (age 20) was a pupil of Henry Cheere 1st Baronet (age 31).

After 28 Apr 1760. Monument to Theophilus Salwey (deceased) at St Laurence's Church, Ludlow [Map]. Designed by Robert Taylor (age 46), a prominent London architect of the time, in the Roccoco style, with much imagery reflective of the 'Age of Enlightenment'. The Salwey window, in memory of Theophilus Salwey and his sisters, Agnes, Mary and Katherine, shows an angel descending upon St Agnes along-side the martyrdom of St Stephen. The Salway arms can also be seen at the top of the window.

Theophilus Salwey: Around 1699 he was born to Edward Salwey of Stratford, Essex and Hannah Revell. Before 28 Apr 1760 he and Mary Dennet were married. There was no issue from the marriage. On 28 Apr 1760 he died.

In 1783 Robert Taylor (age 69) was appointed Sheriff of London.

On 27 Sep 1788 Robert Taylor (age 74) died at his home 34 Spring Gardens. He was buried at St Martin in the Fields [Map].