Biography of Thomas Lodge 1509-1584

Paternal Family Tree: Lyttelton

Around 1509 Thomas Lodge was born to William Littleton aka Lodge at Cound, Shropshire.

Before 1548 Thomas Lodge (age 39) and Mawdleyn Vaughan were married.

In 1548 [his wife] Mawdleyn Vaughan died.

After 1548 Thomas Lodge (age 39) and Margaret Parker of Wrottisley in Staffordshire were married.

In Apr 1552 [his wife] Margaret Parker of Wrottisley in Staffordshire died. She was buried at St Michael's Church Cornhill.

After Apr 1552 Thomas Lodge (age 43) and Anne Luddington (age 29) were married.

On or before 08 Jul 1554 [his son] William Lodge was born to Thomas Lodge (age 45) and [his wife] Anne Luddington (age 31).

On 27 Jul 1556 William Laxton (age 56) died. He was buried at Church of St Mary Aldermary. Thomas Lodge (age 47) and his brother-in-law John Machel (age 54) were principal mourners at his funeral. Both were overseer's of Laxton's will.

Before 12 Aug 1558 John Machel (age 56) and [his sister-in-law] Jane Luddington (age 54) were married.

In Aug 1560 Thomas Lodge (age 51) was elected Sheriff of London.

On 29 Oct 1560 Thomas Lodge (age 51) commenced his term as Lord Mayor of London.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 29 Oct 1562. The xxix day of October the nuw mare (age 53) [went by] water unto Westmynster, and all the althermen and the craftes of London in barges deckyd with stremars, [and there] was a goodly fuste [feast] decked with stremars and banars, with drumes, trumpetes, and gones to Westmynster playce [palace], [where] he toke ys oythe, and so home to Beynard castylle [Map], [and] with all the artheralthmen; and in Powlles chyrcheyerd [Map] ther mett (him) all the bachelars in cremesun damaske hodes, with drumes and flutes and trumpettes blohyng, and a lx powre men in bluw gownes and red capes [caps], and with targettes and jaffelyns [and] grett standardes, and iiij grett banars of armes and ... and after a goodly pagantt with goodly musyke plahyng; and to Yeld-halle [Map] to dener, for ther dynyd mony of the consell and all the juges and mony nobull men and women; and after dener the mare and all the althermen yede to Powlles with all musyke.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 01 Apr 1563. The furst day of Aprell ther was a man dwellyng at the Bryghowse, on Chalenger a baker of the Bryg-howse; he was send for to the yeld-hall a-for my lord mayre (age 54) and the althermen, and he was juged to go be-twyne ij of the off-ffesars of the hospetall to the bryg-howse, and a-for him was cared a fyne pelere by on of the hospetalle.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 12 Apr 1563. The xij day of Aprell, was Ester monday, dyd pryche at sant Mare spyttyll master Horne (age 53) the byshope of Wynchastur, and ther was my lord mare (age 54) and the althermen in skarlett, and certen juges and serjantes of the law, and mony worshephulle men and women, and the masturs of the hospetall with ther gren stayffes in ther handes, [and the] chylderyne of the hospetall boyth boysse and wenchys in bluw [coats and] red capes [caps] to the nombur of a (blank), and ther was geydered at the sermon for the Frenche men [refugees] in-to England women and chylderyn the sum of xlv li.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 13 Apr 1563. The xiij day of Aprell dyd pryche at sant Mare spyttyll tuwysday in Ester weeke master Colle parsun of Hehenger in Essex and (dean elect) of Norwyche, and my lord mare (age 54) and ij juges and the althermen and byshopes, with all the masturs of the hospetall and the chylderyn.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 18 Apr 1563. The sam day at after-none was cristenyd my lord mayre's (age 54) son; the godfathers wher, on [one] the yerle of Penbroke (age 62), and (unfinished)

Henry Machyn's Diary. 24 Apr 1563. The xxiiij day of Aprell was a proclamasyon by my [lord mayor (age 54)] that no mylle-man shuld bryng nodur melle nor whet [from] May-day unto Myghellmas next, a-pon pene of (blank), tyll they had spentt the whett and rye that the cete [had made] provessyon for.

Henry Machyn's Diary. Jul 1563. The .. day of July was on (blank) Penred [that had a] chyld to lerne, and for a sm[all fault did] bett [beat] hym so [severely] with a leden gyrdyll with bu[ckles, that he left] no skyne [on his] body and .... almost pu .... ys master was sett on the pelere and wypyd with [... that his] blude ran downe, and with that my lord mare (age 54) [passed] thrughe Chepe-syd the boye was sett on the pelere, [and his c]oatt was taken of ys body that my lord and all the [people] myght see how that he was beyten, the petest [piteous] [sight to] se at any tyme.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 04 Aug 1563. The iiij day of August was a-nodur proclamassyon [from] my lord mare (age 54) that ther ys on [one] man hyred [to kill] doges as many as he cane fynd in the stretts, and has a fee for loke every day and nyght.

On 28 Apr 1565 [his sister-in-law] Jane Luddington (age 61) died.

On 14 Oct 1577 [his son] William Lodge (age 23) and [his daughter-in-law] Mary Blagrave were married.

In 1579 [his wife] Anne Luddington (age 56) died. She was buried at the Church of St Mary Aldermary.

On 28 Feb 1584 Thomas Lodge (age 75) died. He was buried at the Church of St Mary Aldermary.

Ancestors of Thomas Lodge 1509-1584

Great x 3 Grandfather: Guy de Westcote

Great x 2 Grandfather: Thomas Westcote aka Lyttelton

Great x 1 Grandfather: Judge Thomas aka Lyttleton

Great x 4 Grandfather: Thomas Lyttelton III

Great x 3 Grandfather: Thomas Lyttelton IV

Great x 2 Grandmother: Elizabeth Lyttelton

GrandFather: William Lyttelton

Great x 4 Grandfather: Roger Burley

Great x 3 Grandfather: John Burley

Great x 2 Grandfather: William Burley

Great x 1 Grandmother: Joan Burley

Father: William Littleton aka Lodge

Thomas Lodge