Biography of Thomas Papillon Merchant 1623-1702

On 06 Sep 1623 Thomas Papillon Merchant was born to David Papillon and Anne Marie Calandrini at Roehampton, Surrey.

On 30 Oct 1651 Thomas Papillon Merchant (age 28) and Jane Broadnax were married at Canterbury Cathedral [Map].

On 27 Jul 1658 [his daughter] Elizabeth Papillon was born to Thomas Papillon Merchant (age 34) and [his wife] Jane Broadnax.

Pepy's Diary. 24 Aug 1668. So to dinner, and then to the office again, where all the afternoon till night, we met to discourse upon the alterations which are propounded to be made in the draft of the victualler's contract which we did lately make, and then we being up comes Mr. Child (age 37), Papillion (age 44) and Littleton, his partners, to discourse upon the matter with me, which I did, and spent all the evening with them at the office, and so, they being gone, I to supper and talk with my wife, and so to bed.

Pepy's Diary. 23 Apr 1669. Going to rise, without saying anything, my wife stopped me; and, after a little angry talk, did tell me how she spent all day yesterday with M. Batelier and her sweetheart, and seeing a play at the New Nursery, which is set up at the house in Lincoln's Inn Fields, which was formerly the King's house [Map]. So that I was mightily pleased again, and rose a with great content; and so by water to White Hall, and there to the Council-Chamber, and heard two or three causes: among others, that of the complaint of Sir Philip Howard (age 38) and Watson, the inventors, as they pretend, of the business of varnishing and lackerworke, against the Company of Painters, who take upon them to do the same thing; where I saw a great instance of the weakness of a young Counsel not used to such an audience, against the Solicitor-General and two more able Counsel used to it. Though he had the right of, his side, and did prevail for what he pretended to against the rest, yet it was with much disadvantage and hazard. Here, also I heard Mr. Papillion (age 45) make his defence to the King (age 38), against some complaints of the Farmers of Excise; but it was so weak, and done only by his own seeking, that it was to his injury more than profit, and made his case the worse, being ill managed, and in a cause against the King (age 38).

In 1689 Thomas Papillon Merchant (age 65) was appointed Commissioner for Victualling the Navy which post he held until 1699.

In 1698 [his wife] Jane Broadnax died.

On 05 May 1702 Thomas Papillon Merchant (age 78) died.