Europe, British Isles, England, East Yorkshire, Beverley Minster [Map]

Beverley Minster is in Beverley [Map].

Interior of Beverley Minster [Map].

Beverley Minster [Map] West Facade.

Battle of Dun Nechtain

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 685. This year King Everth (age 40) commanded Cuthbert (age 51) to be consecrated a bishop; and Archbishop Theodore (age 83), on the first day of Easter, consecrated him at York Bishop of Hexham; for Trumbert had been deprived of that see. The same year Everth (age 40) was slain by the north sea, and a large army with him, on the thirteenth day before the calends of June. He continued king fifteen winters; and his brother Elfrith succeeded him in the government. Everth (age 40) was the son of Oswy. Oswy of Ethelferth, Ethelferth of Ethelric, Ethelric of Ida, Ida of Eoppa. About this time Ceadwall (age 26) began to struggle for a kingdom. Ceadwall (age 26) was the son of Kenbert, Kenbert of Chad (age 95), Chad of Cutha, Cutha of Ceawlin, Ceawlin of Cynric, Cynric of Cerdic. Mull, who was afterwards consigned to the flames in Kent, was the brother of Ceadwall (age 26). The same year died Lothhere, King of Kent; and John was consecrated Bishop of Hexham, where he remained till Wilferth was restored, when John was translated to York on the death of Bishop Bosa. Wilferth his priest was afterwards consecrated Bishop of York, and John retired to his monastery [Map]21 in the woods of Delta. This year there was in Britain a bloody rain, and milk and butter were turned to blood.

Note 21. Beverley-minster, in Yorkshire [Map].

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 721. This year Bishop Daniel went to Rome; and the same year Ina (age 51) slew Cynewulf, the etheling. This year also died the holy Bishop John; who was bishop thirty-three years, and eight months, and thirteen days. His body now resteth at Beverley [Map].

Bede. He then laid his hand on my head, with the words of blessing, and returned to prayer; when he came again to see me, in a short time, he found me sitting and able to talk; and, being moved by Divine inspiration, as it soon appeared, began to ask me, whether I knew for certain that I had been baptized? I answered that I knew beyond all doubt that I had been washed in the font of salvation, for the remission of sins, and I named the priest by whom I knew that I had been baptized. He replied, 'If you were baptized by that priest, your baptism is not perfect; for I know him, and that when he was ordained priest, he could in no wise, by reason of the dulness of his understanding, learn the ministry of catechizing and baptizing; for which reason I enjoined upon him altogether to desist from presuming to exercise that ministry, which he could not duly perform.' This said, he set himself to catechize me that same hour; and it came to pass that when he breathed on my face,790 straightway I felt better. He called the surgeon and ordered him to set and bind up my skull where it was fractured; and presently having received his blessing, I was so much better that I mounted on horseback the next day, and travelled with him to another place; and being soon after perfectly recovered, I was washed in the water of life.

He continued in his bishopric thirty-three years, and then ascending to the heavenly kingdom, was buried in St. Peter's Chapel [Map], in his own monastery, which is called, "In the wood of the Deiri," in the year of our Lord 721. For having, by his great age, become unable to govern his bishopric, he ordained Wilfrid, his priest, bishop of the church of York, and retired to the aforesaid monastery, and there ended his days in godly conversation.

Around Aug 1328 Eleanor Fitzalan Baroness Percy (age 44) died. Monument in Beverley Minster [Map].

Eleanor Fitzalan Baroness Percy: Around 1284 she was born to Richard Fitzalan 8th Earl of Arundel and Alice Saluzzo Countess Arundel. In 1293 Henry Percy 9th and 1st Baron Percy and she were married. She the daughter of Richard Fitzalan 8th Earl of Arundel and Alice Saluzzo Countess Arundel. They were third cousin once removed. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King John "Lackland" of England.

Paston Letters Volume 5 782. SIR JOHN PASTON (age 29) TO JOHN PASTON3

To hys well belovyd John Paston, Esquier, at Norwyche, or to Mestresse Margret, his Modre.

28 Sep 1471

I COMANDE me to yow, letyng yow weet that, &c.4

I wolde ffayne have the mesur wher my ffadre lythe at Bromholm; bothe the thyknesse and compase off the peler at hys hed, and ffrom that the space to the alter, and the thyknesse off that alter, and imagery off tymbre werk; and what hyght the arche is to the grounde off the ilde, and how hye the grounde off the qwyr is hyer than the grownde off the ilde.

Item, I praye yowe late the me sur by pekthred be taken or elt mesured by yerde, how moche is ffrom the northe gate, ther the brygge was, at Gressham to the sowthewall, and in lyke fforme ffrom the este syde to the west, also the hyght off the estewall, and the hyght of the sowthest towr ffrom the grownde, iff ye maye easely. Also what bred de every towr is within the wall, and whych towr is moor then other within.

Alsso how manye ffote, or what brede eche towr takythe within iche corner off the quadrate1 ovyrthwert the dorys, and how many taylors yards is from the moote syde, wher the brygg was, to the hyghe weye, or to the heddge all a longe the entre, and what brede the entre is be twyen the dykys. I praye yow, iff ye have a leyser in any wyse, se thys doone yowrselffe iff ye maye; or ellys iff Pampyng do it, or who that ye thynke can doo it, I wolle spende xxd. or as ye seme to have the sertayn off every thyng her in. And as for my Hiders tombe, I charge yow se it yowr selffe, and when I speke with yow I woll tell yow the cawses why that I desyr thys to be doon.

As ffor tydyngs, the Kyng, and the yen, and moche other pepell, ar ryden and goon to Canterbery, nevyr so moche peple seyn in Pylgrymage hertofor at ones, as men seye.

Alsso it is seyde that the Erle of Penbroke (age 39)2 is taken on to Brettayn; and men saye that the Kynge schall have delyvere off hym hastely, and som seye that the Kynge off France woll hym saffe, and schall sett hym at lyberte ageyn.

Item, Thomas Fauconbrydge (deceased) hys hed was yesterdaye sett uppon London Brydge, lokyng into Kent warde; and men seye that hys brother was sor hurte, and scope to seyntwarye [sanctuary] to Beverle [Map].

Sir Thomas FulfForthe escaped owt of Westminster with an C. sperys, as men seye, and is in to Devenshyr; and ther he hathe strekyn off Sir John Crokkers hed, and kylt an other knyght off the Corteneys, as men seye. I wolde ye hadd yowr verry pardon at onys; wherfor I praye yow ffayle not to be at London within iiij. daye afftr Seynt Feythe;1 ye schall do goode in many thynges, and I praye yow sende me worde heroff by the next mas senger; and if it come to Mestresse Elysabeth H yggens, at the Blak Swan, sche schall conveye it to me, fFor I woll not fFayle to be ther at London ageyn within thys vj. dayes.

Mestresse Elysabeth hathe a son, and was delyveryd within ij. dayes afFtr Seynt Bertelmew;2 and hyr dowtr A. H. was the next daye afftr delyveryd off an other sone, as sche seythe, xj. weks er hyr tyme; it was crystened John, and is ded. God save all! No mor tyll I speke with yow.

Wretyn at London on Mychellmesse Evyn.

J. P., K.

Item, I praye yow late some wytty felaw, or ellys yowrselff, goo to the townes ther as thes ij. women dwelle, and inquire whether they be maryed syns and ageyn or not, ffor I holde the hoorys weddyd; and iff they be, than the appelys wer abbatyd ther by. I remembr not ther names; ye knowe them better then I. Alsso in the Schreffvys bookys ther maye ye ffynde off them

Note 3. [From Fenn, ii. 80.] The evidences of date in this letter are the same as in the last.

Note 4. Here follows an account that the Duchess of Suffolk and Duke of Norfolk intend again commencing appeals against Sir John Paston and his brother, etc., concerning Caister, etc.-F.

Note 2. Jasper Tudor.

Note 1. A drawing is here given in the original letter, apparently designed as a plan of the quadrangle of Gresham, of which the subjoined is a facsimile.

Note 1. 5 th of October.

Note 2. 24 th of August.

After 28 Apr 1489 Henry Percy 4th Earl of Northumberland (age 40) was buried at Beverley Minster [Map].

On 08 Oct 1655 Michael Wharton (age 78) died. Monument in Beverley Minster [Map]. Attributed to Thomas Stanton.

Michael Wharton: In 1577 he was born.

On 18 Oct 1656 John Wharton (age 8) died. Memorial in Beverley Minster [Map].

John Wharton: Around 1648 he was born to Michael Wharton and Susan Paulett.

On 25 Mar 1675 Michael Wharton (age 27) died. He was reputed to be the richest man in England worth £15000 a year. Monument in Beverley Minster [Map]. Sculpted by Peter Scheemakers.

Michael Wharton: Around 1648 he was born to Michael Wharton and Susan Paulett. On 30 Jun 1666 Michael Wharton was knighted. In 1688 Michael Wharton and Lord Danby secured Kingston upon Hull for the Prince of Orange during the Glorious Revolution. In Mar 1689 he was appointed Lord of the Admiralty.

On 07 Nov 1682 Susan Paulett died. Monument in Beverley Minster [Map]. Sculpted by William Stanton (age 43).

Susan Paulett: she was born to John Paulett 1st Baron Paulett and Elizabeth Ken Baroness Poulett. Before 1648 Michael Wharton and she were married.

On 11 Feb 1790 Ferdinand Stanhope (age 72) died. He was buried at Beverley Minster [Map].

On 03 May 1848 Charlotte Robinson (age 82) died. She was buried at Beverley Minster [Map].

On 09 May 1852 William Henry Pennyman (age 88) died. He was buried at Beverley Minster [Map]. Baronet Pennyman of Ormesby in Yorkshire extinct.

Mary Phillips was buried at Beverley Minster [Map].