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Bread Street is in Bread Street Ward.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 24 Aug 1553. Item, the next day a goodly masse songe [at] sant Necolas Wyllyms, in Laten, in Bredstrett.

Note. By "sant Necolas Willyns" or Wyllyms, (the MS. is uncertain) must be meant, it is presumed, the church of Saint Nicholas Olave's [Map], on Bread-street-hill, destroyed at the great fire of 1666.

On 09 Dec 1608 John Milton was born to John Milton (age 46) and Sara Jeffrey (age 36) in Bread Street.

Pepy's Diary. 13 Jun 1663. Up and betimes to Thames Street among the tarr men, to look the price of tarr and so by water to Whitehall thinking to speak with Sir G. Carteret (age 53), but he lying in the city all night, and meeting with Mr. Cutler the merchant, I with him in his coach into the city to Sir G. Carteret (age 53), but missing him there, he and I walked to find him at Sir Tho. Allen's in Bread Street, where not finding him he and I walked towards our office, he discoursing well of the business of the Navy, and particularly of the victualling, in which he was once I perceive concerned, and he and I parted and I to the office and there had a difference with Sir W. Batten (age 62) about Mr. Bowyer's tarr, which I am resolved to cross, though he sent me last night, as a bribe, a barrel of sturgeon, which, it may be, I shall send back, for I will not have the King (age 33) abused so abominably in the price of what we buy, by Sir W. Batten's (age 62) corruption and underhand dealing.

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On 01 Jul 1480 Bishop Thomas Langton was presented to All Hallows Church, Bread Street.

In 1532 Thomas Pargiter (age 40) died. He was buried at All Hallows Church, Bread Street.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 29 Mar 1559. The xxix day of Marche dyd pryche at sant Mare Spyttyll master Horne (age 49), parsun sum-tyme at Allalows in Bredstrett.

Alhallowes Steeple Smitten by tempest Salters Hall. In the yeare 1559 the fift of September, about mid day, fell a great tempest of lightning, with a terrible clap of thunder, which stroke the sayd spire about nine or ten foote beneath the top: out of the which place fell a stone that slew a dog, and ouerthrew a man that was playing with the dogge. The same spire being but little damnified thereby, was shortly after taken downe, for sparing the charges of reparation. On the same side is Salters Hall, with sixe almes houses in number, builded for poore decayed brethren of that company: This Hall was burned in the yeare 1539 and againe reedified.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 05 Sep 1559. The sam day at non was shytt a thornderyng [such a thundering] [as] was never hard a-for the tyme, for with a clap at Alalowes in Bred strett yt kyld a water span[iel] at the chyrche syde, and fellyd a man on of the bedman [beadman] of the Salters, ys nam ys Hare (blank), and sexten of the sam chyrche, and more-over yt crakyd the stepull a-boyfe the batelment all of stone, that sum of (it) fluw owtt in pesses, that mony pepull resortyd theder to se that marvels thrugh-owt London. I pray God help! Thys was done be(tween) xij [12] and on [one] the v day of September. At myd-day at non at Tottenam-he -crosse was ij ....

Note. P. 209. Thundering. See this storm described also by Hayward, p. 29; also by Stowe, both in his Chronicle and in his Survay, when describing the church of Allhallows, the spire of which, he adds, though "but little damnified thereby, was shortly after taken downe, for sparing the charges of reparation."

Henry Machyn's Diary. 02 Apr 1562. The ij day of Aprell was bered in the parryche of Allhallows in Bredstrett master Robart Melys (deceased), latt master of the Marchand [taylors,] and he gayff in gownes and cottes to the number of iijxx [coats of] rattes coller of vijs. the yerd to the pore men, and the chylderyn of the hospetall ij and ij together, and [masters] of the hospetall with ther gren stayffes in ther [hands; and master] Nowelle (age 45) the dene of Powlles dyd pryche; and after to dener at ys sune howse.

Note. P. 279. Funeral of Robert Mellish. Died March, 1562. Epitaph in Stowe.

Pepy's Diary. 22 Apr 1660 (Easter Sunday). Several Londoners, strangers, friends of the Captains, dined here, who, among other things told us, how the King's Arms are every day set up in houses and churches, particularly in Allhallows Church in Thames-street, John Simpson's church, which being privately done was, a great eye-sore to his people when they came to church and saw it. Also they told us for certain, that the King's statue is making by the Mercers' Company (who are bound to do it) to set up in the Exchange. After sermon in the afternoon I fell to writing letters against to-morrow to send to London. After supper to bed.

Bredstreete Church Suspended. In the 23. of Henry the eight, the seuenteenth of August, two preists of this church fell at variance, that the one drew bloud of the other, wherefore the same church was suspended, and no seruice sung or sayd therein for the space of one month after, the priestes were committed to prison, and the fifteenth of October being inioyned penance, went before a generall procession, bare headed, bare footed, and bare legged, before the children, with beades and bookes in their hands, from Paules through Cheape, Cornehill &c. More to be noted of this church, which had sometime a fayre spired steeple of stone.

Parish Church of Alhallowes Bredstreete. On the East side of this streete, at the corner of Watheling streete, is the proper church of Alhallowes in Bredstreete, wherein are the Monuments of James Thame Goldsmith, Iohn Walpole Goldsmith, 1349. Thomas Beamount Alderman, one of the Shiriffes, 1442. Robert Basset, Salter, Mayor 1476. Sir Richard Chaury, Salter, Mayor 1509. Sir Thomas Pargitar, Salter, Mayor 1530. Henry Sucley, Merchant Taylor, one of the Shiriffes 1541. Richard Reade Alderman, that serued and was taken prisoner in Scotland, 1542. Robert House one of the Shiriffes, 1589. William Albany, Richard May, and Roger Abdy, Merchant Taylors.

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In 1388 Richard Fitzalan 9th Earl of Surrey 11th Earl of Arundel (age 42) was appointed Governor of Brest. He was buried at Church of Augustin Friars Bread Street.

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On 27 Jul 1556 William Laxton (age 56) died. He was buried at Church of St Mary Aldermary. Thomas Lodge (age 47) and his brother-in-law John Machel (age 54) were principal mourners at his funeral. Both were overseer's of Laxton's will.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 09 Aug 1556. [The ixth day of August was buried sir William Laxton (deceased), late lord mayor, in the church of saint Mary Aldermary; with] a goodly hers with v prynsepalles, [and the majesty] and the valans gyltyd, and viij dosen of penselles [and] xiij dosen of skochyons and a half of bokeram; and a standard and iiij penons, and ij baners of [images]; and the howsse, chyrche, and the stret hangyd with blake [and] armes; and a cott armur and helmett, target, and sward, mantylles and crest a teyger-hed with a colynbyn and the slype. [There were two] grett and goodly whyt branchys, and xxxiiij stayffes torchys, and xxxiiij mantyll frysse gownes to powre men, and a c blacke gownes; morners master Loges altherman cheyff mornar and master Machyl secund morner and master Wanton iij morner, and dyver odur, the lord mare and master Whytt and dyvers odur, and alle the thodur althermen in vyolett; and then cam the women morners, lades and mony althermens wyffes and gentyll-women; and after durge to the plasse to drynke and the compene of the Grocers, and after prestes and clarkes, to the place to drynke, and the harolds, and the Waxchandlers and the Penters, to drynke, with mony odur. And the morow iij masses song, ij pryke songe and (the) iij(d) requiem; at masse dyd pryche doctur Harpsfelle archeydekyn; and after to dener, for ther was a grett dener as I have sene at any berehyng, for ther dynyd mony worshepfull men and women.

Before 10 Sep 1576 Joan Kirkeby died. She was buried at Church of St Mary Aldermary.

In 1579 Anne Luddington (age 56) died. She was buried at the Church of St Mary Aldermary.

On 28 Feb 1584 Thomas Lodge (age 75) died. He was buried at the Church of St Mary Aldermary.

On 14 Aug 1610 Anthony Abdy (age 30) and Abigail Campbell (age 26) were married at the Church of St Mary Aldermary.

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Henry Machyn's Diary. 08 Dec 1559. The viij day of Desember, was the day of the Conseption of owre Lade, was a grett fyre at the Gorge in Bredstret; yt begane at vj of the cloke at nyght, and dyd grett h[arm] to dyvers howses.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 13 Dec 1559. The sam day cam serten fellous unto the Gorge in Bredstret, wher the fyre was, and gatt in-to the howse, and brake up a chest of a clothear, and toke owtt xl lb. and after cryd fyre, fyre, so that ther cam ij C. pepull; and so they toke one.