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Conisbrough is in South Yorkshire.

Domesday Conisbrough. Conisbrough. Land of William Warenne 1st Earl of Surrey.

Households: 21 villagers. 11 smallholders. 1 priest. Ploughland: 59 ploughlands. 5 lord's plough teams. 11 men's plough teams.

Other resources: Woodland 1 * 1 leagues. 2 mills, value 1 pound 12 shillings. 1 church.

Valuation: Annual value to lord: 30 pounds in 1086; 18 pounds in 1066.

Owners: Tenant-in-chief in 1086: William of Warenne. Lord in 1086: William of Warenne. Lord in 1066: Earl Harold.

Phillimore reference: Yorkshire 12W1.

In 1607 Thomas Bosville was born at Conisbrough.

Europe, British Isles, England, South Yorkshire, Conisbrough War Memorial

On 27 Mar 1921, Easter Day, Conisbrough War Memorial was unveiled by General Sir Alington-Copley (age 65) … the unveiling was witnessed by over three thousand people…work by Messrs Tyas and Guest…includes the figure in Portland stone standing on a plinth of Bradford stone. On four sides are inscribed the names of 168 Conisboro’ men…the cost of the memorial is £540 and this amount has almost been raised. Source. Penistone, Stocksbridge and Hoyland Express.