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Tamworth, Staffordshire is in Staffordshire.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 913. This year, about Martinmas, King Edward (age 39) had the northern fortress built at Hertford [Map], betwixt the Memer, and the Benwic, and the Lea. After this, in the summer, betwixt gang-days and midsummer, went King Edward with some of his force into Essex, to Maldon [Map]; and encamped there the while that men built and fortified the town of Witham [Map]. And many of the people submitted to him, who were before under the power of the Danes. And some of his force, meanwhile, built the fortress at Hertford [Map] on the south side of the Lea. This year by the permission of God went Ethelfleda (age 43), lady of Mercia, with all the Mercians to Tamworth [Map]; and built the fort there in the fore-part of the summer; and before Lammas that at Stafford [Map]: in the next year that at Eddesbury [Map], in the beginning of the summer; and the same year, late in the autumn, that at Warwick [Map]. Then in the following year was built, after mid-winter, that at Chirbury and that at Warburton; and the same year before mid-winter that at Runkorn [Map].

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 917. This year, betwixt gang-days and midsummer, went King Edward (age 43) with his army to Stamford [Map], and ordered the town to be fortified on the south side of the river. And all the people that belonged to the northern town submitted to him, and sought him for their lord. It was whilst he was tarrying there, that Ethelfleda (age 47) his sister died at Tamworth [Map], twelve nights before midsummer. Then rode he to the borough of Tamworth; and all the population in Mercia turned to him, who before were subject to Ethelfleda (age 47). And the kings in North-Wales, Howel, and Cledauc, and Jothwel, and all the people of North-Wales, sought him for their lord. Then went he thence to Nottingham, Nottinghamshire [Map], and secured that borough, and ordered it to be repaired, and manned both with English and with Danes. And all the population turned to him, that was settled in Mercia, both Danish and English.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 918. This year, before midsummer, went King Edward to Maldon [Map]; and repaired and fortified the town, ere he departed thence. And the same year went Earl Thurkytel over sea to Frankland with the men who would adhere to him, under the protection and assistance of King Edward (age 44). This year Ethelfleda (age 48) got into her power, with God's assistance, in the early part of the year, without loss, the town of Leicester, Leicestershire [Map]; and the greater part of the army that belonged thereto submitted to her. And the Yorkists had also promised and confirmed, some by agreement and some with oaths, that they would be in her interest. But very soon after they had done this, she departed, twelve nights before midsummer, at Tamworth [Map], the eighth year that she was holding the government of the Mercians with right dominion; and her body lieth at Glocester, in the east porch of St. Peter's church [Map]. This year also was the daughter of Ethered, lord of the Mercians, deprived of all authority over the Mercians, and led into Wessex, three weeks before midwinter. Her name was Healfwina.

On 12 Jun 918 Æthelflæd Lady of the Mercians (age 48) died at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map]. She was buried at St Oswald's Priory [Map].

Death of King Edward Exile

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 17 Jul 924. This year died King Edward (age 50) at Farndon in Mercia; and Elward (age 22) his son died very soon after this, in Oxford, Oxfordshire [Map]. Their bodies lie at Winchester. And Athelstan (age 30) was chosen king in Mercia, and consecrated at Kingston [Map]. He gave his sister to Otho (age 11), son of the king of the Old-Saxons (age 48). St. Dunstan (age 15) was now born; and Wulfhelm took to the archbishopric in Canterbury. This year King Athelstan and Sihtric king of the Northumbrians came together at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map], the sixth day before the calends of February, and Athelstan (age 30) gave away his sister to him.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 943. This year Anlaf stormed Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map]; and much slaughter was made on either hand; but the Danes had the victory, and led away with them much plunder. There was Wulfrun (age 8) taken, in the spoiling of the town. This year King Edmund (age 22) beset King Anlaf and Archbishop Wulfstan in Leicester; and he might have conquered them, were it not that they burst out of the town in the night. After this Anlaf obtained the friendship of King Edmund (age 22), and King Edmund (age 22) then received King Anlaf in baptism; and he made him royal presents. And the same year, after some interval, he received King Reynold at episcopal hands. This year also died King Anlaf.

Around 1395 Thomas Ferrers was born to William Ferrers 5th Baron Ferrers of Groby (age 22) and Philippa Clifford (age 23) at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

On 06 Jan 1459 Thomas Ferrers (age 64) died at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

In 1471 John Ferrers was born to John Ferrers (age 19) and Maud Stanley (age 7) at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

In 1472 Anne Hastings (age 49) died at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

Around 1487 Mary Ferrers was born to John Ferrers (age 16) and Dorothy Harpur (age 17) at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

In 1500 Alderman Henry Hudson was born at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

Around 1505 Margaret or Margot Pigot was born to Thomas Pigot (age 27) at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

In 1515 John Ferrers (age 44) died at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

In 1599 Anne Bradbourne (age 36) died at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

On 26 Jul 1629 John Ferrers was born to Humphrey Ferrers and Anne Pakington (age 30) at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

In 1633 Humphrey Ferrers died at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

Before 01 Jan 1664 William Boothby 3rd Baronet was born to William Boothby 1st Baronet (age 26) and Hill Brooke (age 28). On 01 Jan 1664 he was baptised in Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

On 14 Aug 1680 John Ferrers (age 51) died at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

Before 25 Oct 1685 Thomas Archer (age 66) died. On 25 Oct 1685 Thomas Archer (age 66) was buried at Tamworth, Staffordshire [Map].

Europe, British Isles, North-Central England, Staffordshire, Harlaston Tamworth

In 1356 Isobel Vernon died at Harlaston Tamworth, Staffordshire.

In Sep 1376 Richard Vernon (age 30) died at Harlaston Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Europe, British Isles, North-Central England, Staffordshire, Quarry Hill Tamworth [Map]