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Augustinian is in Religious Buildings by Order.

Walsingham Priory [Map] was an Augustinian Canons Regular Monastery founded in 1101.

In 1104 Little Dunmow Priory [Map] was founded as an Augustinian Church by Juga de Baynard, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and consecrated by Maurice, bishop of London. Juga was the widow of Ralph Baynard, baron of Little Dunmow, sheriff of Essex and builder of Baynard's Castle [Map].

Around 1121 Richard de Belmeis, Bishop of London, founded the Augustinian St Osyth's Priory [Map].

Blythburgh Priory [Map] was an Augustinian Priory founded around 1125. It was among the first Augustinian houses in England and began as a cell of St Osyth's Priory [Map] in Essex.

Around 1150 Tiptree Priory [Map] was an Augustinian Priory founded by the local Tregoz family. The priory church was dedicated to Saints Mary and Nicholas. The Priory was suppressed in 1525 when it was granted to Cardinal Thomas Wolsey who granted it to Cardinal's College, Oxford (Christ Church College, Oxford University) and then to his college at Ipswich.

1151. Adeliza (age 48), queen of Henry I and subsequently wife of William d'Albigny (age 48) and countess of Arundel, sometime before 1151 gave a small parcel of land on the east bank of the River Arun for the support of two or three chaplains who were to live under monastic rules, to celebrate daily in the chapel of St. Bartholomew-which was to be built there; and were further to keep in repair the causeway and wooden bridge across the river, for which purpose the earl of Arundel granted them leave to take wood in his forest- the stone for the causeway being obtained close at hand; and to maintain a hospital or hostelry for poor travellers. The land on which the hospital, or Augustinian priory, was built, was called Pynham, but the priory was more usually known as 'the Causeway' (de Calceto, la Chaucée).

Around 1174 St Thomas' Priory, Stafford [Map] was a Augustinian Priory founded by Gerard fitz-Brian, a local landowner and burgess, and settled by canons from Darley Abbey [Map].

Stonely Priory [Map] was an Augustinian Priory, established before 1274. It was dissolved in 1536.

Burscough Priory [Map] was an Augustinian Priory founded by Robert Fitz-Henry, Lord of Lathom, in 1190 and dissolved around 1536.

Chacombe Priory [Map] was an Augustinian Prioriry founded before 1189 by Hugh of Chalcombe. Hugh gave the priory endowments including a yardland at South Newington.[3] In about 1225 the priory's property included eight tenements in Banbury, seven of which it retained until the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the 1530s.

Chacombe Priory, Banbury [Map] was an Augustinian Priory founded around 1170.

Wroxton Abbey [Map] was an Augustinian Priory.