Lewes Priory Pontefract Priory St Andrew's Priory, Northampton

Cluniac is in Religious Buildings by Order.

Lewes Priory [Map] was the first Cluniac house in England, established around 1081.

Pontefract Priory [Map] was a Cluniac monastery founded about 1090 by Robert Lacy 2nd Baron Pontefract (age 15). It was dedicated to St. John the Evangelist. The Priory was a dependency of the Abbey of la Charité-sur-Loire, which supplied the first monks.

St Andrew's Priory, Northampton [Map] was a Cluniac Priory founded around 1093 by Simon Senlis 1st Earl of Northampton, Earl of Huntingdon and his wife Maud Queen Consort Scotland. A sister house Delapré Abbey was founded for nuns at the same time.