Earl Arlington

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Evelyn's Diary. 02 Nov 1661. Came Sir Henry Bennett (age 43), since Lord Arlington, to visit me, and to acquaint me that his Majesty (age 31) would do me the honor to come and see my garden; but, it being then late, it was deferred.

On 22 Apr 1672 Henry Bennet 1st Earl Arlington (age 54) was created 1st Earl Arlington, 1st Viscount Thetford and 1st Baron Arlington of Arlington in Middlesex with a similar remainder, and in default of heirs of his body, to his brother Sir John Bennet (age 55) and the heirs male of his body. Elisabeth Nassau Beverweert Countess Arlington (age 38) by marriage Countess Arlington. See Viscountcies of England Created with a Special Remainder.

Evelyn's Diary. 10 Sep 1677. His lady (age 43) (being one of the Brederode's daughters, grandchild to a natural son of Henry Frederick, Prince of Orange) [Note. Evelyn confused here. Elisabeth Nassau Beverweert Countess Arlington (age 43) was the daughter of Louis Nassau Beverweert who was the illegitimate son of Prince Maurice I of Orange. Frederick Henry Orange Nassau II Prince Orange was the younger brother of Prince Maurice I of Orange.] is a good-natured and obliging woman. They love fine things, and to live easily, pompously, and hospitably; but, with so vast expense, as plunges my Lord (age 59) into debts exceedingly. My Lord (age 59) himself is given into no expensive vice but building, and to have all things rich, polite, and princely. He never plays, but reads much, having the Latin, French, and Spanish tongues in perfection. He has traveled much, and is the best bred and courtly person his Majesty (age 47) has about him, so as the public Ministers more frequent him than any of the rest of the nobility. While he was Secretary of State and Prime Minister, he had gotten vastly, but spent it as hastily, even before he had established a fund to maintain his greatness; and now beginning to decline in favor (the Duke being no great friend of his), he knows not how to retrench. He was son of a Doctor of Laws, whom I have seen, and, being sent from Westminster School [Map] to Oxford, with intention to be a divine, and parson of Arlington, a village near Brentford, when Master of Arts the Rebellion falling out, he followed the King's (age 47) Army, and receiving an HONORABLE WOUND IN THE FACE, grew into favor, and was advanced from a mean fortune, at his Majesty's (age 47) Restoration, to be an Earl and Knight of the Garter, Lord Chamberlain of the Household, and first favorite for a long time, during which the King (age 47) married his natural son, the Duke of Grafton (age 13), to his only daughter (age 9) and heiress, as before mentioned, worthy for her beauty and virtue of the greatest prince in Christendom. My Lord is, besides this, a prudent and understanding person in business, and speaks well; unfortunate yet in those he has advanced, most of them proving ungrateful. The many obligations and civilities I have received from this noble gentleman, extracts from me this character, and I am sorry he is in no better circumstances.

On 04 Dec 1918 Augustus Charles Lennox Fitzroy 7th Duke Grafton (age 97) died in Wakefield Lodge, Pottersbury. His son Alfred Fitzroy 8th Duke Grafton (age 68) succeeded 8th Duke Grafton, 8th Earl Euston, 8th Viscount Ipswich, 8th Baron Sudbury, 9th Earl Arlington, 9th Viscount Thetford, 9th Baron Arlington of Arlington in Middlesex and 9th Baron Arlington of Arlington in Middlesex. Susanna Mary Mctaggart Stewart Duchess Grafton by marriage Duchess Grafton.

On 10 Jan 1930 Alfred Fitzroy 8th Duke Grafton (age 79) died. His grandson John Charles William Fitzroy 9th Duke Grafton (age 15) succeeded 9th Duke Grafton, 9th Earl Euston, 9th Viscount Ipswich, 9th Baron Sudbury, 10th Earl Arlington, 10th Viscount Thetford, 10th Baron Arlington of Arlington in Middlesex and 10th Baron Arlington of Arlington in Middlesex. Rita Emily Carr-Ellison Duchess Grafton (age 18) by marriage Duchess Grafton.

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