Marquess Grey

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In 1740 Henry Grey 1st Duke Kent (age 69) was created 1st Marquess Grey. Sophia Bentinck Duchess Kent (age 38) by marriage Marchioness Grey.

On 05 Jun 1740 Henry Grey 1st Duke Kent (age 69) died without surviving male issue. Duke Kent, Marquess Kent, Earl Kent and Viscount Gooderich extinct. His granddaughter Jemima Campbell 2nd Marchioness Grey (age 16) succeeded 2nd Marchioness Grey.

On 10 Jan 1797 Jemima Campbell 2nd Marchioness Grey (age 73) died. Marquess Grey extinct. Her daughter Amabel Yorke Countess Grey (age 45) succeeded 5th Baroness Lucas of Crudwell.