River Debden

 River Debden River Fynn Woodbridge River Lark

River Debden is in East Anglia Rivers.

River Fynn

The River Fynn rises near Witnesham, Suffolk [Map] from where it flows past Tuddenham, Suffolk [Map], Playford, Suffolk [Map], Little Bealings, Suffolk [Map] after which it is joined by the Woodbridge River Lark. Thereafter it flows past Martlesham, Suffolk [Map] before forming Martlesham Creek, Suffolk [Map] which flows into the River Debden.

Woodbridge River Lark

The Woodbridge River Lark rises around Otley, Suffolk [Map] from where it flows past Clopton, Suffolk [Map], Grundisburgh, Suffolk [Map], and Great Bealings, Suffolk [Map] before joining the River Fynn before Martlesham, Suffolk [Map].