River Severn

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River Severn is in Severn Estuary.

Gildas. 3. The island of Britain, situated on almost the utmost border of the earth, towards the south and west, and poised in the Divine balance, as is said, which supports the whole world, stretches out from the southwest towards the North Pole, and is eight hundred miles long and two hundred broad, except where the headlands of sundry promontories stretch farther into the sea. It is surrounded by the ocean, which forms winding bays, and is strongly defended by this ample and, if I may so call it, impassable barrier, save on the south side, where the narrow sea affords a passage to Belgic Gaul. It is enriched by the mouths of two noble rivers, the Thames and the Severn, as it were two arms, by which foreign luxuries were of old imported, and by other streams of less importance. It is famous for eightand-twenty cities, and is embellished by certain castles, with walls, towers, well-barred gates, and houses with threatening battlements built on high, and provided with all requisite instruments of defence. Its plains are spacious, its hills are pleasantly situated, adapted for superior tillage, and its mountains are admirably calculated for the alternate pasturage of cattle, where flowers of various colours, trodden by the feet of man, give it the appearance of a lovely picture. It is decked, like a man's chosen bride, with divers jewels, with lucid fountains, and abundant brooks wandering over the snowwhite sands; with transparent rivers, flowing in gentle murmurs, and offering a pledge of sweet slumber to those who recline upon their banks, whilst it is irrigated by abundant lakes, which pour forth cool torrents of refreshing water.

Plynlimon [Map] is the source of both the River Severn and River Wye.

River Stour Worcestershire

River Vyrnwy

The River Vyrnwy rises on the hills around Lake Vyrnwy [Map] from where it flows past Meifod, Montgomeryshire [Map], Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain [Map] after which it crosses from Wales into England, and flows to Melverley, Shropshire [Map] and Crew Green Bridge, Shropshire [Map] where it joins the River Severn.

River Banwy aka Einion

The River Banwy aka Einion rises in the hills to the west of Llangadfan, Montgomeryshire [Map] through after which it flows through Llanfair Caereinion, Montgomeryshire [Map] before joining the River Vyrnwy.