Viscount Beauchamp

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1537 Birth and Christening Edward VI

1552 Trial and Execution of Edward Seymour Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

Viscount Beauchamp (1st Creation)

On 05 Jun 1536 Edward Seymour (age 36) was created 1st Viscount Beauchamp. See Letter 1074 and Letter 1075.

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1536. 15 Oct 1537. This yeare, the 25thd daie of October, being Moundaie, the Prince was christened in the Kinges chappell at Hampton Court, the Archbishopp of Canterberie (age 48) and the Duke of Norfoike (age 64) godfathers at the font, and my Ladie Maries grace (age 21), the Kinges daughter by Queene Katherin, godmotherb, and the Duke of Suffolke, godfather at the confirmation, the Princes name being Edwarde, proclaymed after his christning by the King of Haroldesa, "Edward, sonne and heire to the King of Englande, Duke of Cornewall, and Earle of Chester." The goodlie solempnitie of the lordes and ladies done at the christning was a goodlie sight to behoulde, everie one after their office and degree; the Ladie Elizabeth (age 4), the Kinges daughter, bearing the chrisome on her breast, the Viscoumpt Beauchampe (age 37), brother to the Queeneb, bearing her in his armes, the Earle of Essex (age 52) bearing the salte, the Ladie Marques of Exceter (age 34) bearing the Prince to the church and home againe, the Duke of Norfolke (age 64) staying his head, as she bare him, and the Duke of Suffolke (age 53) at his feete.

Note d. Evidently a clerical error for the 15th, which was Monday, whereas the 25th would haye been Thursday.

Note e. It is cnrions to note the incongruity of the sponsors: these were Archbishop Cranmer (age 48), the head of the Protestant Reformers, the Duke of Norfolk (age 64), leader of the lay Catholics, and the Princess Mary (age 21), a bigoted Catholic, who had been bastardised by her father.

Note a. Thomas Hawley, Clarencieux King-at-Arms.

Note b. Edward Seymour (age 37), elder brother of Queen Jane, and so brother-in-law of Henry VIII was created Viscount Beauchomp, of Hache, co. Somerset, 5th June, 1536. He was lineally descended from Sir Roger Seymour (temp. Edward III.) who married Cicely, sister and eldest coheir of John de Beauchamp, last Baron Beauchamp.

On 22 Jan 1552 Edward Seymour 1st Duke of Somerset (age 52) was beheaded at Tower Hill [Map]. He was buried at St Peter ad Vincula Church, Tower of London [Map]. Duke Somerset, Earl Hertford, Viscount Beauchamp forfeit. His great-grandson William Seymour 2nd Duke of Somerset was restored to the titles in 1660.

Viscount Beauchamp (2nd Creation)

In Aug 1750 Francis Seymour-Conway 1st Marquess Hertford (age 32) was created 1st Earl Hertford, 1st Viscount Beauchamp. Isabella Fitzroy Countess Hertford (age 23) by marriage Countess Hertford.

On 14 Jun 1794 Francis Seymour-Conway 1st Marquess Hertford (age 75) died. His son Francis Ingram Seymour-Conway 2nd Marquess Hertford (age 51) succeeded 2nd Marquess Hertford, 2nd Earl Hertford, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth, 2nd Viscount Beauchamp, 3rd Baron Conway of Ragley in Warwickshire, 3rd Baron Conway of Killultagh in Antrim. Isabella Anne Ingram Marchioness Hertford (age 35) by marriage Marchioness Hertford. The estate was worth £70000 a year, and included Ragley Hall Alcester, Sudbourne Hall, Sudbourne and estates in Ireland.

On 25 Jan 1884 Francis George Hugh Seymour-Conway 5th Marquess Hertford (age 71) died. His son Hugh de Grey Seymour-Conway 6th Marquess Hertford (age 40) succeeded 6th Marquess Hertford, 6th Earl Hertford, 6th Earl of Yarmouth, 6th Viscount Beauchamp, 7th Baron Conway of Ragley in Warwickshire, 7th Baron Conway of Killultagh in Antrim. Mary Hood Marchioness Hertford (age 37) by marriage Marchioness Hertford.

On 22 Dec 1997 Hugh Seymour 8th Marquess Hertford (age 67) died. His son Henry Seymour 9th Marquess of Hertford (age 39) succeeded 9th Marquess Hertford, 9th Earl Hertford, 9th Earl of Yarmouth, 9th Viscount Beauchamp.