Viscount Castleton

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1st: Nicholas Saundeson 1st Viscount Castleton. Died 1631. Son.

2nd: Nicholas Saundeson 2nd Viscount Castleton. Died 1640. Son.

3rd: Nicholas Saundeson 3rd Viscount Castleton. Died 1641. Brother.

4th: Peregrine Saundeson 4th Viscount Castleton. Died 1650. Brother.

5th: George Saunderson 5th Viscount Castleton. Died 1714. Son.

6th: James Saunderson 1st Earl Castleton. Died 1723. Extinct.

In 1627 Nicholas Saundeson 1st Viscount Castleton (age 65) was created 1st Viscount Castleton.

In 1631 Nicholas Saundeson 1st Viscount Castleton (age 69) died. His son Nicholas Saundeson 2nd Viscount Castleton succeeded 2nd Viscount Castleton.

On 13 Nov 1640 Nicholas Saundeson 2nd Viscount Castleton died. His son Nicholas Saundeson 3rd Viscount Castleton (age 14) succeeded 3rd Viscount Castleton.

In 1641 Nicholas Saundeson 3rd Viscount Castleton (age 15) died. His brother Peregrine Saundeson 4th Viscount Castleton (age 13) succeeded 4th Viscount Castleton.

In 1650 Peregrine Saundeson 4th Viscount Castleton (age 22) died. His brother George Saunderson 5th Viscount Castleton (age 18) succeeded 5th Viscount Castleton.

After 1674 George Saunderson 5th Viscount Castleton (age 42) and Sarah Evelyn Viscountess Fanshawe and Castleton (age 32) were married. His second wife, her third husband. She by marriage Viscountess Castleton.

On 27 May 1714 George Saunderson 5th Viscount Castleton (age 82) died at Sandbeck Park Maltby. His son James Saunderson 1st Earl Castleton (age 47) succeeded 6th Viscount Castleton.

On 23 May 1723 James Saunderson 1st Earl Castleton (age 56) died unmarried. Earl Castleton and Viscount Castleton extinct. His estates were inherited by his cousin Thomas Lumley-Saunderson 3rd Earl Scarborough (age 32) who added Saunderson to his surname.