On this Day in History ... 01 February

01 Feb is in February.

1327 Coronation of Edward III

1328 Death of Charles IV of France Sucession of Philip VI

1514 Creation and Re-creation of Peerages

1554 Wyatt's Rebellion

1587 Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

1649 Execution of Three Lords

1908 Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Act 1907

1908 Assassination of King Carlos I of Portugal and his heir Prince Luís Filipe

On 01 Feb 1168 Henry "Lion" Welf XII Duke Saxony III Duke Bavaria (age 39) and Matilda Plantagenet Duchess Saxony (age 12) were married. She by marriage Duchess Bavaria, Duchess Saxony. The difference in their ages was 27 years. She the daughter of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England (age 34) and Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen Consort Franks and England (age 46). He the son of Henry "Proud" Welf X Duke Bavaria and Gertrude Süpplingenburg Duchess Bavaria.

On 01 Feb 1248 Henry Reginar II Duke Brabant (age 41) died. His son Henry Reginar III Duke Brabant (age 18) succeeded III Duke Brabant. Adelaide Burgundy Duchess Brabant (age 15) by marriage Duchess Brabant.

On 01 Feb 1261 Walter Stapleton Bishop was born.

Coronation of Edward III

Froissart. 01 Feb 1327. AFTER that the most part of the company of Hainault were departed and sir John Hainault (age 39) lord of Beaumont tarried, the queen (age 32) gave leave to her people to depart, saving a certain noble knights, the which she kept still about her and her son to counsel them, and commanded all then that departed to be at London the next Christmas, for as then she was determined to keep open court, and all they promised her so to do. And when Christmas was come, she held a great court. And thither came dukes,' earls, barons, knights, and all the nobles of the realm, with prelates and burgesses of good towns; and at this assembly it was advised that the realm could not long endure without a head and a chief lord. Then they put in writing all the deeds of the king (age 42) who was in prison, and all that he had done by evil counsel, and all his usages and evil behavings, and how evil he had governed his realm, the which was read openly in plain audience, to the intent that the noble sages of the realm might take thereof good advice, and to fall at accord how the realm should be governed from thenceforth. And when all the cases and deeds that the king had done and consented to, and all his behaving and usages were read and well understanded, the barons and knights and all the counsels of the realm drew them apart to counsel; and the most part of them accorded, and namely the great lords and nobles with the burgesses of the good towns, according as they had heard say and knew themselves the most part of his deeds. Wherefore they concluded that such a man (age 42) was not worthy to be a king, nor to bear a crown royal, nor to have the name of a king. But they all accorded that Edward (age 14) his eldest son, who was there present and was rightful heir, should be crowned king instead of his father, so that he would take good counsel, sage and true, about him, so than it was before, and that the old king his father (age 42) should be well and honestly kept as long as he lived, according to his estate. And thus as it was agreed by all the nobles, so it was accomplished; and then was crowned with a crown royal at the palace of Westminster [Map] beside London the young king Edward the third (age 14), who in his, days after was right fortunate and happy in arms. This coronation was in the year of our Lord MCCCXXVI., on Christmasday [Note. Other sources day 01 Feb 1327], and as then the young king was about the age of sixteen; and they held the feast till the Conversion of Saint Paul following, and in the meantime greatly was feasted sir John of Hainault (age 39) and all the princes and nobles of his country, and was given to him and to his company many rich jewels. And so he and his company in great feast and solace both with lords and ladies tarried till the Twelfth day. And then sir John of Hainault (age 39) heard tidings how that the king of Bohemia (age 30) and the earl of Hainault (age 41) his brother and other great plenty of lords of France had ordained to be at Conde [Map] at a great feast and tourney that was there cried. Then would sir John of Hainault no longer abide for no prayer, so great desire he had to be at the said tourney, and to see the earl his brother and other lords of his country, and specially the right noble king in largess the gentle Charles king of Bohemia. When the young king Edward (age 14) and the queen (age 32) his mother and the barons saw that he would no longer tarry, and that their request could not avail, they gave him leave sore against their wills, and the king (age 14) by the counsel of the queen (age 32) his mother did give him four hundred marks sterlings of rent heritable to hold of him in fee, to be paid every year in the town of Bruges, and also did give to Philip of Chateaux, his chief esquire and his sovereign counsellor, a hundred mark of rent yearly, to be paid at the said place, and also delivered him much money to pay therewith the costs of him and of his company, till he come into his own country, and caused him to be conducted with many noble knights to Dover [Map], and there delivered hint all his passage free. And to the ladies that were come into England with the queen (age 32), and namely to the countess of Garennes, who was sister to the earl of Bar, and to divers other ladies and damosels, there were given many fair and rich jewels at their departing. And when sir John of Hainault was departed from the young king Edward, and all his company, and were come to Dover [Map], they entered incontinent into their ships to pass the sea, to the intent to come betimes to the said tourney; and there went with him fifteen young lusty knights of England, to go to this tourney with him and to acquaint them with the strange lords and knights that should be there, and they had great honour of all the company that tourneyed at that time at Conde [Map].

Death of Charles IV of France Sucession of Philip VI

Froissart. 1328. King Charles of France (age 33), son to the fair king Philip, was three times married, and yet died without issue male. The first of his wives was one of the most fairest ladies in all the world, and she was daughter to the earl of Artois. Howbeit she kept but evil the sacrament of matrimony, but brake her wedlock; wherefore she was kept a long space in prison in the castle Gaillard [Map], before that her husband was made king. And when the realm of France was fallen to him, he was crowned by the assent of the twelve douze-peers1 of France, and then because they would not that the realm of France should be long without an heir male, they advised by their counsel that the king should be remarried again; and so he was, to the daughter of the emperor Henry of Luxembourg, sister to the gentle king of Bohemia (age 31); whereby the first marriage of the king was fordone, between him and his wife that was in prison, by the licence and declaration of the pope that was then. And by his second wife, who was right humble, and a noble wise lady, the king had a son, who died in his young age, and the queen also at Issoudun [Map] in Berry. And they both died suspiciously, wherefore divers persons were put to blame after privily. And after this, the same king Charles was married again the third time to the daughter (age 18) of his uncle, the lord Louis earl of Evreux, and she was sister to the king of Navarre (age 21), and was named queen Joan. And so in time and space this lady was with child, and in the mean-time the king Charles her husband fell sick and lay down on his death-bed. And when he saw there was no way with him but death, he devised that if it fortuned the queen to be delivered of a son, then he would that the lord Philip of Valois should be his governour, and regent of all his realm, till his son come to such age as he might be crowned king; and if it fortuned the queen to have a daughter, then he would that all the twelve peers of France should take advice and counsel for the further ordering of the realm, and that they should give the realm and regaly to him that had most right thereto. And so within a while after the king Charles died, about Easter in the year of our Lord Mcccxxviii., and within a short space after the queen was delivered of a daughter.

Note 1. Froissart says simply 'les douze pers.'

Then all the peers of France assembled a council together at Paris, as shortly as they might conveniently, and there they gave the realm by common accord to sir Philip of Valois (age 34), and put clean out the queen Isabel (age 33) of England and king Edward (age 15) her son. For she was sister-german to king Charles last dead, but the opinion of the nobles of France was, and said and maintained that the realm of France was of so great nobless, that it ought not by succession to fall into a woman's hand. And so thus they crowned king of France Philip Valois at Rheims [Map] on Trinity Sunday next after.

On 01 Feb 1328 Charles IV King France I King Navarre (age 33) died. On 01 Apr 1328 His first cousin King Philip "Fortunate" VI of France (age 34) succeeded VI King France: Capet Valois. The succession somewhat complicated by Charles' wife Blanche of Burgundy Queen Consort France being pregnant. The child Blanche Capet was born two months later on 01 Apr 1328. A girl child therefore excluded from the succession confirming Philip's as King. Charles the last of the House of Capet. Philip the first of the House of Valois. His niece Joan Capet II Queen Navarre (age 16) succeeded II Queen Navarre. Her husband Philip "Noble" III King Navarre (age 21) by marriage III King Navarre.

On 01 Feb 1335 John Clinton 2nd Baron Clinton (age 35) died. His son John Clinton 3rd Baron Clinton (age 8) succeeded 3rd Baron Clinton.

Archaeologia Volume 35 1853 XXXIII. From the 30th of January to the 2nd of February, the Comte de Tancarville continues again a visitor at the Castle; and on the 1st of February, the Earl of Richmond, John (age 17), son of Edward III., dined with the Queen (age 63), his grandmother.

On 31 Jan 1408 or 01 Feb 1408 John de Lisle 5th Baron Lisle (age 41) died. His son John de Lisle 6th Baron Lisle (age 22) succeeded 6th Baron Lisle 1C 1299.

On 01 Feb 1435 Amadeus "Happy" Savoy IX Duke Savoy was born to Louis Savoy I Count Savoy (age 21) and Anne Cyprus Countess Savoy (age 16) at Thonon-les-Bains, Haute-Savoie.

Creation and Re-creation of Peerages

On 01 Feb 1514 King Henry VIII of England and Ireland (age 22) created and re-created two peerages ....

Charles Somerset 1st Earl of Worcester (age 54) was created 1st Earl Worcester 5C 1514.

Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk (age 71) was restored 2nd Duke Norfolk 3C 1483 probably for having secured victory at the Battle of Flodden after which his arms were augmented with an inescutcheon bearing the lion of Scotland pierced through the mouth with an arrow. Some documentation describes this as a creation rather than restoration although he is always referred to as 2nd. Agnes Tilney Duchess Norfolk (age 37) by marriage Duchess NorfolkNOTEXT


Annales of England by John Stow. The first daie of February the earle of Hertford (age 47) lord protector in the tower of London [Map], endued King Edward (age 9) with the order of knighthod: and then immediatly the king standing up, under the cloth of estate, Henry Hoblethorne lord Major of London was called, who kneeling downe, the king toke the sword of the lord protector and made him knight, which was the first that ever he made. Then the lords called the judges and communed with them, and then every one of them came before the king, who put forth his hand,and every of them kissed it: then master William Porteman one of the judges of the kings bench was called forth, whom the king made knight, and then the king moving his cap departed to his privie chamber againe.


Wyatt's Rebellion

Henry Machyn's Diary. 01 Feb 1554. The sam day at after-non was a proclamasyon in Chepesyde, Ledyn-hall, and at sant Magnus corner, with harold of armes and on of the quen['s] trumpeters blohyng, and my lord mare, and my lord admerall (age 44) Haward, and the ij shreyffs, that ser Thomas Wyatt (age 33) was proclamyd traytur and rebellyous, and all ys fellowes, agaynst the Quen('s) mageste and her consell, and that he wold have the Quen in costody, and the Towre of London in kepyng; and thay convayd unto evere gatt gonnes and the bryge; and so evere gatt with men in harnes nyght and days. And a-bowt iij of the cloke at after-non the Quen('s) (age 37) grace cam rydyng from Westmynster unto yeld-hall with mony lordes, knyghts and lades, and bysshopes and haroldes of armes, and trompeturs blohynge and all the gard in harnes. [Then she declared, in an oration to the mayor and the city, and to her council, her mind concerning her marriage, that she never intended to marry out of her realm but by her council's consent and advice; and that she would never marry but all her true] sogettes [subjects] shall be content, [or else she would live] as her grace has don hederto. [But that her gr]ace wyll call a parlement [as] shortely as [may be, and] as thay shall fynd, and that [the earl of] Penbroke (age 53) shall be cheyffe capten and generall agaynst ser Thomas Wyatt (age 33) and ys felous in the [field,] that my lord admerall (age 44) for to be sosyatt with the [lord mayor] to kepe the cete from all commars therto. [After this] the Quen('s) grace came from yeld-hall [Map] and rod to the iij cranes [Map] in the vyntre, and toke her barge [to] Westmynster to her own place the sam day.NOTEXT

Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

On 01 Feb 1587 Queen Elizabeth I (age 53) signed the Death Warrant of Mary Queen of Scot's (age 44) (her first cousin once-removed). Elizabeth gave orders of Mary's jailor Amyas Paulett to complete the task. He refused.

Before 01 Feb 1634 John Fleming 3rd Earl Wigtown and Jean Drummond Countess Wigtown were married. She the daughter of John Drummond 2nd Earl Perth (age 46) and Jean Ker Countess Perth. He the son of John Fleming 2nd Earl Wigtown (age 45) and Margaret Livingston Countess Wigtown. They were third cousins.

Execution of Three Lords

Evelyn's Diary. 01 Feb 1649. Now were Duke Hamilton (age 42), the Earl of Norwich (age 63), Lord Capell (age 40), etc., at their trial before the rebels' New Court of Injustice.


On 01 Feb 1678 William Bentinck 1st Earl of Portland (age 28) and Anne Villiers Countess Portland (age 27) were married. She by marriage Countess of Portland.

On 01 Feb 1690 George Livingston 3rd Earl Linlithgow (age 73) died.

On 01 Feb 1708 Henry Brydges 2nd Duke Chandos was born to James Brydges 1st Duke Chandos (age 35) and Mary Lake (age 39).


On 01 Feb 1714 Ralph Verney 2nd Earl Verney was born to Ralph Verney 1st Earl Verney (age 30).


On 01 Feb 1736 James Stanley 10th Earl of Derby (age 71) died. His sixth cousin Edward Stanley 11th Earl of Derby (age 46) succeeded 11th Earl Derby 3C 1485. A rare succession; they shared a great great great great grand-parent. His first cousin once removed James Murray 2nd Duke Atholl (age 45) succeeded 7th Baron Strange Knockin 4C 1628.


On 01 Feb 1760 William Hesse-Kassel (age 77) died. His son Frederick Hesse-Kassel (age 39) succeeded II Landgrave Hesse Kassel. Mary Hanover (age 36) by marriage Landgravine Hesse Kassel.

On 01 Feb 1785 John George Monson 4th Baron Monson was born to John Monson 3rd Baron Monson (age 31) and Elizabeth Capell (age 29)


On 01 Feb 1808 James Peachey 1st Baron Selsey (age 84) died. His son John Peachey 2nd Baron Selsey (age 58) succeeded 2nd Baron Selsey of Selsey in Sussex.

On 01 Feb 1818 John Fitzpatrick 2nd Earl Upper Ossory (age 72) died.

On 01 Feb 1829 Augustus Henry Vernon 6th Baron Vernon was born to George Venables-Vernon aka Warren 5th Baron Vernon (age 25) and Isabella Caroline Ellison (age 23).

PAINTINGS/COLLIER/George_Venables_Vernon.jpg PAINTINGS/LUCAS/Isabella_Ellison.jpg

On 01 Feb 1829 Prebendary Joseph Parsons (age 67) died. Peterborough Cathedral [Map].

Prebendary Joseph Parsons: Around 1762 he was born. On 27 Sep 1815 Prebendary Joseph Parsons (age 53) was appointed Prebendary of Peterborough Cathedral.

On 01 Feb 1863 Maria Thérese Lister died from childbirth a day after giving birth to her second son Lewis Vernon-Harcourt 1st Viscount Harcourt.

Times Newspaper Court Circulars. 03 Feb 1866. Her Majesty (age 46) drove out yesterday morning and afternoon. Mr. Engleheart arrived at Osborne on Thursday, and had the honour of dining with Her Majesty (age 46) and the Royal family yesterday. The Queen (age 46) held a Council today, which was attended by Earl Russell (age 73), Earl de Grey and Ripon (age 38), and Mr. Guschen.

Mr. Helps was Clerk of the Council.

Earl Cowley (age 61), Viscount Sydney (age 60), and Sir Charles Young (age 70), Garter King of Arms, arrived from London this morning. Lord Cowley (age 61) was introduced by Lord Sydney (age 60), Lord Chamberlain (Sir Charles Young (age 70) attending with the insignia of the Order of the Garter), and Her Majesty (age 46) invested Lord Cowley (age 61) with the Riband and Badge of the Garter.

Earl Russell (age 73) and Earl de Grey (age 38) had audiences of Her Majesty (age 46).

Note. On 03 Feb 1866 Henry Richard Charles Wellesley 1st Earl Cowley (age 61) was appointed 747th Knight of the Garter by Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (age 46).

On 01 Feb 1886 Admiral Plantagenet Cary 11th Viscount Falkland (age 79) died without issue. His nephew Byron Cary 12th Viscount Falkland (age 40) succeeded 12th Viscount Falkland.

On 15 Oct 1886 Captain Philip Hamond (age 72) died.

On 01 Feb 1914 his son Charles Annesley Hamond (age 29) died.

On 05 Feb 1917 Thomas Astley Horace Hamond (age 71) died.

Memorials in All Saints Church, West Acre [Map].

Captain Philip Hamond: Around 1814 he was born to Philip Hamond of High House in West Acre in Norfolk (age 32) and Anne Packe (age 37).

Charles Annesley Hamond: On 08 Nov 1856 he was born to Captain Philip Hamond (age 42).

Thomas Astley Horace Hamond: On 17 Aug 1845 he was born to Anthony Hamond (age 41) and Mary Anne Musters (age 39).

Assassination of King Carlos I of Portugal and his heir Prince Luís Filipe

On 01 Feb 1908 King Carlos I of Portugal and his heir Prince Luís Filipe were assassinated by two members of a revolutionary society called the Carbonária. Prince Luís Filipe's younger brother succeeded as King Portugal; he was wounded in the attack. He reigned for two and a half years being deposed on 05 Oct 1910.

Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Act 1907

On 01 Feb 1908 Henry FitzWalter Plumptre 20th Baron FitzWalter (age 47) and Emily Harriett Jemima Baird (age 46) were married at St George's Church, Hanover Square. She being the older sister of his previous wife Maude Dora Gertrude Baird; an example of Married to Two Siblings. Marriage to your later wife's sister had recently become legal - see Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Act 1907.

On 01 Feb 1931 Denison Faber 1st Baron Wittenham (age 78) died. He was buried at Brompton Cemetery. Baron Wittenham of Wallingford in Berkshire extinct.