On this Day in History ... 01 July

01 Jul is in July.

1364 Death of John II King France

1450 Jack Cade's Rebellion

1522 Sacking of Morlaix

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1535 Execution of Bishop Fisher and Thomas More

1665 Great Plague of London

1690 Battle of the Boyne

1906 Salisbury Railway Disaster

1916 Battle of the Somme

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 690. This year Archbishop Theodore (age 88), who had been bishop twenty-two winters, departed this life22, and was buried within the city of Canterbury [Map]. Bertwald, who before this was abbot of Reculver [Map], on the calends of July succeeded him in the see; which was ere this filled by Romish bishops, but henceforth with English. Then were there two kings in Kent, Wihtred (age 20) and Webherd.

Note 22. He was a native of Tarsus in Cilicia, the birth-place of St. Paul.

Bede. Bertwald  succeeded Theodore in the archbishopric, being abbot of the monastery called Racuulfe [Map], which stands at the northern mouth of the river Genlade. He was a man learned in the Scriptures, and perfectly instructed in ecclesiastical and monastic teaching, yet in no wise to be compared to his predecessor. He was chosen bishop in the year of our Lord 692, on the first day of July, when Wictred (age 23) and Suaebhard were kings in Kent; but he was ordained the next year, on Sunday the 29th of June, by Godwin, metropolitan bishop of Gaul, and was enthroned on Sunday the 31st of August. Among the many bishops whom he ordained was Tobias, a man instructed in the Latin, Greek, and Saxon tongues, and otherwise of manifold learning, whom he consecrated in the stead of Gedmund, bishop of the Church of Rochester, who had died.

Before 01 Jul 1175 Reginald de Dunstanville Fitzroy 1st Earl Cornwall (age 65) and Mabel Fitzrichard were married. He the son of King Henry I "Beauclerc" England and Sybilla Corbet.

On 01 Jul 1175 Reginald de Dunstanville Fitzroy 1st Earl Cornwall (age 65) died at Chertsey, Surrey. He was buried at Reading Abbey [Map]. Earl Cornwall 3C 1141 extinct. His son appears to have predeceaseed him by months.

On 01 Jul 1276 Hugh Lusignan XIII Count Lusignan VIII Count La Marche IV Count Angoulême (age 17) and Beatrice Burgundy Countess Lusignan, La Marche and Angoulême (age 16) were married. She by marriage Countess Lusignan, Countess La Marche, Countess Angoulême. She the daughter of Hugh IV Duke Burgundy. He the son of Hugh Lusignan XII Count Lusignan VII Count La Marche III Count Angoulême and Jeanne Fougères Countess Lusignan Countess La Marche and Angoulême. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King William "Conqueror" I of England.

On 01 Jul 1322 John Somery 4th Baron Dudley (age 43) died.

On 01 Jul 1347 Reginald III Duke Guelders (age 14) and Marie of Brabant Duchess of Guelders (age 22) were married. She the daughter of John Brabant III Duke Brabant (age 47) and Marie Évreux Duchess of Brabant. He the son of Reginald "Black" II Duke Guelders and Eleanor of Woodstock Plantagenet (age 29). They were second cousins. He a grandson of King Edward II of England. She a great granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Death of John II King France

On 01 Jul 1364 King John "The Good" II of France was informed that his son had escaped from his captivity. John announced he would return to England as a matter of honour. He left around Dec 1363 arriving in London to parades and feasts.

On 08 Apr 1364 King John "The Good" II of France (age 44) died at Savoy Palace [Map]. His son King Charles V of France (age 25) succeeded V King France: Capet Valois.

Before 01 Jul 1428 Thomas Hoo 1st Baron Hoo and Hastings (age 32) and Elizabeth Wychingham were married.

1450 Jack Cade's Rebellion

Chronicle of Gregory 1450. 01 Jul 1450. Ande aftyr that, uppon the fyrste day of Juylle, the same captayne come agayne, as the Kenttysche men sayde, but hyt was a-nothyr that namyd hymselfe the captayne, and he come to the Blacke Hethe [Map]. And uppon the morowe he come whythe a grette hoste yn to Sowtheworke [Map], and at the Whythe Herte he toke his loggynge.

Sacking of Morlaix

On 01 Jul 1522 Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk (age 79) was present at Morlaix during the Sacking of Morlaix. Giles Hussey (age 27) was knighted by Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk (age 79).NOTEXT

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1528. 01 Jul 1528. R. O. 4450. Sir William Sandys (age 58) to Wolsey.

Does not presume to visit the King or Wolsey, as he has had the sweat in his house. Desires to have some of the offices of the late Sir William Compton (deceased). He was steward to Cicester, Malmesbury, and many other religious places. Desires Wolsey would write letters to them, willing them to give the said stewardships to Sandys. At the Vyne, 1 July.

P.S.—Begs some of the offices for his poor brother, who has much chargeable business. Sends a schedule of the vacant places.

On 01 Jul 1534 Frederick II King Denmark was born to Christian III King Denmark (age 30) and Dorothea of Saxe Lauenburg Queen Consort Denmark and Norway (age 23).

Execution of Bishop Fisher and Thomas More

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 01 Jul 1535. This yeare allso, the first day of Julie, beinge Thursdaye, Sir Thomas More (age 57), knight, sometyme Chauncellor of England, was death, arreigned at Westminster for highe treason and there condemned,c and the Tuesday after, beinge the 6th of Julie, he was beheaded at the Tower Hill, and his bodie was buried within the chappell in the Tower of London [Map], and his head was sett on London Bridge. The effect of his death was for the same causse that the Bishopp of Rochester (deceased) died for.d

Note c. The interrogatories and answers of Sir Thomas More and Bishop Fisher will he found printed in the first rolume of State Papers, pp. 431-6.

Note d. For refusing to subscribe the new Oath of Supremacy as enacted hy the last parliament "This Act," said Sir Thomas More, "is like a sword with two edges, for if a man answer one way it will destroy the soul, and if he answer another it will destroy the body."


Henry Machyn's Diary. 01 Jul 1559. The furst day of July all the craftes of London send owt a (blank) men of armes, as well be-sene as ever was when owt of London, boyth waffelers in cott of velvet and cheynes, with gunes, mores-pykes, and halbardes, and flages, and in-to the duke of Suffoke('s) parke in Sowthwarke, and ther they mustered a-for my lord mayre (age 50); and ther was a howsse for bred and dryng [drink], to gyffe the sawgyars [soldiers] to ett and drynke, and they then after thay lay and mustered in sant Gorges ffeld tyll x of the cloke. [The next morning they removed towards Greenwich [Map] to the court there, and thence into Greenwich park, where they tarried] tyll viij of the cloke, and then thay [marched] to the lawne, and ther thay mustered in harnes, [and the gunners] in shurttes of maylle, and at v of the cloke at nyght the Quen (age 25) [came] in to the galere of the parke gatt, and the inbassadurs and lordes [and ladies, to a] grett nombur, and my lord marques, and my lord admerall (age 49), and my [lord Robert Dudley (age 27), and] dyvers mo lordes and knyghtes, and they rod to and fro [to view them, and] to sett the ij batelles in a-ray; and after cam trumpeters bluwing [on] boyth partes, and the drumes and fluttes; and iij ansettes [onsets] in evere bat[elle]; so thay marchyd forward, and so the gunes shott and the morespykes [en]contered to-gether with gratt larum, and after reculyd bake [again]; after the towne army lost ther pykes and ther gunes and bylle .. rely, and contenent they wher sturyd with a-larum; and so evere man toke to ther weypons agayne; by and by the trumpetes and the drumes and gones playd, and shott, and so they whent to-gether as fast as they could. Al thys wyll the Quen('s) grace and the inbasadurs and the lordes and lades be-held the skymychsyng; and after they reculyd bake agayn; and after master chamburlayn and dyvers of the commenars and the wyffelers cam to the Quen, and ther the Quen('s) grace thankyd them hartely, and all the cette [city]; and contenent ther was the grettest showtt that ever was hard, and hurlyng up of capes [caps], that her grace was so mere [merry], for ther was a-buyff above lyk M [1000] pepull besyd the men that mustered; and after ther was runyng at the tyltt, and after evere [man] home to London and odur plasses.NOTEXT

Note. P. 202. Muster before the queen in Greenwich park. Stowe has described this muster at some length. The Grocers' company were, by a precept from the lord mayor, required to contribute to it "190 personnes, apte and picked men; whereof 60 to be with calyvers, flaskes, touche-boxes, morions, swordes, and daggers; 95 to be in corselettes, with halbertes, swordes, and daggers, for a shewe at Greenwich." Heath's Hist, of the Grocers' Company, p. 65.

On 01 Jul 1591 William Douglas 9th Earl Angus (age 58) died at Glenbervie. His son William Douglas 10th Earl Angus (age 39) succeeded 10th Earl Angus.

Before 01 Jul 1592 Alexander Seton 1st Earl Dunfermline (age 37) and Lillas Drummond were married.


On 01 Jul 1608 Thomas Arundell 1st Baron Arundel (age 48) and Anne Philipson Baroness Arundel Wardour were married. She by marriage Baroness Arundel Wardour in Wiltshire.


On 01 Jul 1625 Edward Montagu 2nd Earl Manchester (age 23) and Anne Rich Viscountess Mandeville (age 21) were married. She the daughter of Robert Rich 2nd Earl Warwick (age 38) and Frances Hatton Countess Warwick. He the son of Henry Montagu 1st Earl Manchester (age 62) and Catherine Spencer.

PAINTINGS/LELY/Edward_Montagu_2.png PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/Anne_Rich.jpg

After 01 Jul 1657. St Bartholemew's Church Tong [Map]. Monument to Elizabeth Harries aka Harris (deceased).

Elizabeth Harries aka Harris: Around 1597 she was born to Thomas Harries aka Harris 1st Baronet (age 47) and Eleanor Gifford (age 22). On 08 Jun 1628 William Pierrepont of Thoresby (age 20) and Elizabeth Harries aka Harris (age 31) were married at St Martin's Church, Ludgate. He the son of Robert Pierrepont 1st Earl Kingston (age 43) and Gertrude Talbot Baroness Pierrepont Holme Pierrepont (age 47). On 01 Jul 1657 Elizabeth Harries aka Harris (age 60) died. She was buried at St Bartholemew's Church Tong.

Pepy's Diary. 01 Jul 1663. Thence home, and my clerks being gone by my leave to see the East India ships that are lately come home, I staid all alone within my office all the afternoon. This day I hear at dinner that Don John of Austria (age 34), since his flight out of Portugall, is dead of his wounds: (not true) so there is a great man gone, and a great dispute like to be ended for the crown of Spayne, if the King (age 58) should have died before him.


Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 01 Jul 1665. Thence to Westminster, where I hear the sicknesse encreases greatly, and to the Harp and Ball with Mary talking, who tells me simply her losing of her first love in the country in Wales, and coming up hither unknown to her friends, and it seems Dr. Williams do pretend love to her, and I have found him there several times.

Pepy's Diary. 01 Jul 1665. Thence by coach and late at the office, and so to bed. Sad at the newes that seven or eight houses in Bazing Hall street, are shut up of the plague.

On 01 Jul 1678 Richard Maitland 4th Earl Lauderdale (age 25) and Anne Campbell were married. She the daughter of Archibald Campbell 9th Earl Argyll (age 49) and Mary Stewart Countess Argyll. He the son of Charles Maitland 3rd Earl Lauderdale.


Battle of the Boyne

On 01 Jul 1690 Frederick Schomberg 1st Duke Schomberg (age 74) was killed at the Battle of the Boyne. He was buried at St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. His son Charles Schomberg 2nd Duke Schomberg (age 44) succeeded 2nd Duke Schomberg.

On 01 Jul 1690 the Battle of the Boyne was fought between the armies of Protestant King William III of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 39) and Catholic King James II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 56).

The English army was commanded by Frederick Schomberg 1st Duke Schomberg (age 74).

The English or Protestant army included Richard Lumley 1st Earl Scarborough (age 40), Osmund Mordaunt and Henry Sidney 1st Earl Romney (age 49).

For the Irish or Catholic army James Fitzjames 1st Duke Berwick (age 19) and Henry Hobart 4th Baronet (age 33) fought. Richard Hamilton was captured.

Drury Wray 9th Baronet (age 56) fought for James II for which he subsequently forfeit his lands.

Evelyn's Diary. 01 Jul 1700. The Duke of Gloucester (age 10), son of the Princess Anne of Denmark (age 35), died of the smallpox.


On 01 Jul 1764 William Conyngham Plunket 1st Baron Plunket was born.

On 01 Jul 1774 Henry Fox 1st Baron Holland (age 68) died. His son Stephen Fox 2nd Baron Holland (age 29) succeeded 2nd Baron Holland of Foxley in Wiltshire.

On 01 Jul 1784 Paul Thompson 1st Baron Wenlock was born to Robert Lawley 5th Baronet (age 48) and Jane Thompson (age 41).

On 01 Jul 1788 Major-General Thomas Twisleton 7th or 13th Baron Saye and Sele (age 53) died. His son Gregory Eardley-Twisleton-Fiennes 8th or 14th Baron Saye and Sele (age 19) succeeded 8th or 14th Baron Saye and Sele 1C 1447.

On 01 Jul 1790 Joseph Thaddeus Dormer 11th Baron Dormer was born to John Dormer (age 60).

On 01 Jul 1790 John Vereker 3rd Viscount Gort was born to Charles Vereker 2nd Viscount Gort (age 22) and Jane Westropp.

Before 01 Jul 1809 Francis Russell 7th Duke Bedford (age 21) and Anna Maria Stanhope Duchess Bedford (age 25) were married. She the daughter of Charles Stanhope 3rd Earl of Harrington (age 56) and Jane Fleming Countess Harrington (age 54). He the son of John Russell 6th Duke Bedford (age 42) and Georgiana Elizabeth Byng. They were half fourth cousins. He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 01 Jul 1831 Archibald Cochrane 9th Earl of Dundonald (age 83) died. His son Thomas Cochrane 10th Earl Dundonald (age 55) succeeded 9th Earl Dundonald.

The London Gazette 19285. 01 Jul 1835. St James's Palace [Map]. The King (age 69) was this day pleased to confer the honour of Knighthood upon Francis Chantrey (age 54), Esq. Member of the Royal Academy of Arts.


After 01 Jul 1836. St Marcella's Church, Denbigh [Map]. Grave of Reverend Edward Jones. Headmaster of Ruthin Grammar School for 23 Years.

On 01 Jul 1845 Charles Ellis 1st Baron Seaford (age 73) died. His son Charles Ellis 6th Baron Walden 2nd Baron Seaford (age 46) succeeded 2nd Baron Seaford of Seaford in Essex.

On 01 Jul 1889 Lewis Vernon-Harcourt 1st Viscount Harcourt (age 26) and Mary Burns Viscountess Harcourt (age 14) were married at St Margaret's Church, Westminster [Map].

Salisbury Railway Disaster

On 01 Jul 1906 the Salisbury Railway Disaster resulted in the death of twenty-eight people including a number from America and Canada.

After 01 Jul 1906. Salisbury Cathedral [Map]. Tablet in memory of those who lost their lives in the Salisbury Railway Disaster.

Battle of the Somme

On 01 Jul 1916 Captain John Macfarlane Charlton (age 21) was killed in action on his twenty-first birthday on the first day of the Battle of the Somme seven days after the death of his elder brother Lieutenant Hugh Vaughan Charlton.

On 01 Jul 1928 Alfred Wyatt-Edgell 5th Baron Braye (age 78) died.

On 01 Jul 1933 Robert Grosvenor 5th Baron Ebury (age 19) and Anne Acland-Troyte (age 21) were married.

On 01 Jul 1948 Gerald Legge 9th Earl of Dartmouth (age 24) and Raine Mccorquodale Countess Dartmouth and Spencer (age 18) were married. He the son of Humphry Legge 8th Earl Dartmouth (age 60).