On this Day in History ... 06 October

06 Oct is in October.

1517 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1625 Cádiz Expedition

1799 Battle of Egmont on Zee

On 06 Oct 877 Charles "Bald" I King West Francia (age 54) died.

On 06 Oct 1272 Edmund "Almain" 2nd Earl Cornwall (age 22) and Margaret Clare Countess Cornwall were married at the Ruislip [Map]. She by marriage Countess Cornwall. She the daughter of Richard Clare 6th Earl Gloucester 5th Earl Hertford and Maud Lacy Countess Gloucester and Hertford. He the son of Richard of Cornwall 1st Earl Cornwall and Sanchia Provence Queen Consort Germany. He a grandson of King John "Lackland" of England. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Henry I "Beauclerc" England.

Between 06 Oct 1342 and 20 Nov 1342 Robert III Artois (age 55) died. Earl Richmond 4C 1341 extinct.

On 06 Oct 1349 Joan Capet II Queen Navarre (age 37) died.

On 06 Oct 1497 John King Denmark Norway and Sweden (age 42) succeeded King Sweden. Christina Queen Consort Denmark Norway and Sweden (age 35) by marriage Queen Consort Sweden.

1517 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1517. 06 Oct 1517. Egert. 616, No. 43. B. M. 3723. Extracts from the BP. OF HELNA'S letters.

Delivered Charles's letter to the King of England, and declared his instructions. The King replied that he had as much care for the dominions of Charles as for his own, and was bound to defend them when necessary. He wishes Charles to send ambassadors that he may show this more openly, and promises nothing shall be done except to Charles's advantage. This he seemed to say with great good will. He further said France was using every effort for a league with England, but Charles might rest assured he (Henry) would never join any prince to his detriment. Helna said Charles would not be uneasy at his making peace with France if it were not to the detriment of Spain; at which the King was much pleased. It seemed as if he wished to make peace with France.

Heard two things from the Cardinal: 1. that if Charles had wished to negotiate to have Tournay, England would not have objected; and if Helna had had powers to treat he believed it would have been brought to a good issue,—at least he would have thrown difficulties in the way of the French; but the Cardinal did not believe Charles wished to have Tournay. 2. If Tournay is to be delivered to the French, Wolsey will see that it is not to the disadvantage of Charles, although Charles has much to do with the French contrary to the wish of England. Wolsey told him at the same time, though not distinctly, that England would come to an agreement with France, and would send as ambassadors the Chamberlain and another to meet the French at Boulogne or Calais, and that before anything was concluded he would inform Charles of the offers of the French and the answer of England. Hears the French make great efforts to recover Tournay. Suspects that the King of England supports with ill will "los hastos" that he has made in Tournay, and that if Charles would bear part of the expence England would be glad to keep it; if Charles would give a sum, even though not so large as the French offer, Henry would give it up to him, and that these offers were made to him by an Englishman, as if from himself, but he suspects they come from a good quarter.

News of Scotland.

The departure from thence (England) of the Papal ambassadors, 21 October. The King of England is quite determined on peace with the French. The King and Wolsey have told him that they will not listen to other conditions but the old ones. The King of England is endeavoring to bring the French ambassadors, now at Boulogne or Calais, over to England. Many say that the French will not pass over, but that the English will cross to Calais. Thinks Wolsey a good servant of Charles. The King of England has withdrawn from all business on account of the pestilence.

Spanish, pp.2. Endd. in the same hand.

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1535. 06 Oct 1535. Add. MS. 28,588, f. 23. B. M. 557. Dr. Ortiz to the Empress.

Has received the Empress's letter of Aug. 26. Chapuis writes that the king of England gives bishoprics to heretics who conform to his William He does not mention the liberty of the Queen, of which Thomas Petiplet, the King's chamberlain, spoke when he passed here on his way to the Emperor. Supposes it was fiction, as also was the rumor lately in Rome that a son of Thomas More had murdered (muerto) the king of England in revenge for his father's martyrdom. Sends a copy of the passion and martyrdom of Thomas More and a copy of the Pope's brief to the earl of Kildare, who has so nobly resisted the king of England and conquered the greater part of the land he holds in Ireland.

Hears, through France, that there is a plague in England, and that the King had absented himself in consequence.

Has received a letter from the ambassador, dated London, 25 Aug., stating that the Queen and Princess are well, and that a friar has been martyred in the archbishopric of York (Hiorc) in the same manner and for the same reason as the Carthusians. Rome, 6 Oct. 1535.

Sp., pp. 3. Modern copy.

Letters and Papers 1535. 06 Oct 1535. R. O. 549. Ri. Gwent, of the Arches, to Cromwell.

This St. Faith's Day, Dr. Olyver, Mr. Carne, Mr. Hewys, and I came from Uxbrige, where we have tarried a good while on account of the sickness at London. If it be your pleasure we will come and report to you how far forward we are in these new laws; but we dare not till we hear from you. I beg you will dispense with me that I may keep the court of Arches this day, and I shall sue further for your licence under the great seal. Many have come from far countries for expedition of their causes, but I dare determine none without your licence, considering that your general visitation doth now depend. Let me know by bearer your pleasure for this one court. This Crastino Fidis is the first court done in the Arches and the Prerogative the morrow after. Doctors' Commons, St. Faith's Day.

Hol., p. 1. Add.: Secretary. Sealed.


On 06 Oct 1576 Roger Manners 5th Earl of Rutland was born to John Manners 4th Earl of Rutland (age 25) and Elizabeth Charlton Countess Rutland (age 23) probably at Kirk Deighton Harrogate North Yorkshire.

On 06 Oct 1577 Ferdinand Wittelsbach Archbishop Cologne was born to William Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria (age 29) and Renata Lorraine Duchess Bavaria (age 33). Coefficient of inbreeding 2.86%.

1625 Cádiz Expedition

The Cádiz expedition of 1625 was a naval expedition against Spain by English and Dutch forces led by George Villiers 1st Duke of Buckingham (age 33).

The expedition left Plymouth, Devon [Map] on 06 Oct 1625.

In Nov 1625 the fleet attempted, unsuccessfully, to capture Cádiz.

In Dec 1625 the English returned home having achieved nothing other than spending £250,000, losing 62 out of 105 ships and 7000 English troops.

John Felton (age 30) served.

PAINTINGS/LARKIN/George_Villiers_1st_Duke_Buckingham.png PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/George_Villiers.jpg PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/George_Villiers.jpg PAINTINGS/RUBENS/George_Villiers.jpg PAINTINGS/MIEREVELT/George_Villiers.jpg

On 06 Oct 1644 Elisabeth Bourbon Queen Consort Spain (age 41) died.


On 06 Oct 1692 Captain Philip Lawson was killed in a duel by his brother-in-law Charles Knollys 4th Earl Banbury (age 30). The House of Lords decided that he was not a Peer (there was doubt over the paternity of his father), and he pleaded in the King's Bench. The second husband his wife Anna Maria Knollys (age 36) had lost to dueling.

On 06 Oct 1720 Edward Stourton 13th Baron Stourton (age 55) died without issue. His brother Thomas Stourton 14th Baron Stourton (age 53) succeeded 14th Baron Stourton.

On 06 Oct 1735 William Courtenay 6th Earl Devon (age 59) died. His son William Courtenay 7th Earl Devon (age 26) de jure 7th Earl Devon 5C 1553.

On 06 Oct 1767 Henry Temple 2nd Viscount Palmerston (age 27) and Frances Poole Viscountess Palmerston (age 38) were married. She by marriage Viscountess Palmerston of Palmerston in County Dublin.

On 06 Oct 1776 James Duff 4th Earl Fife was born to Alexander Duff 3rd Earl Fife (age 45).

On 06 Oct 1793 William Keppel Barrington 6th Viscount Barrington was born to George Barrington 5th Viscount Barrington (age 32) and Elizabeth Adair Viscountess Barrington (age 24). He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

Battle of Egmont on Zee

On 06 Oct 1799 Lieutenant Colonel Philip Bainbrigge (age 44) was killed in action at the Battle of Egmont on Zee at which battle he was commanding the 20th Regiment of Foot. He was buried in the churchyard near the field of battle. Monument in St Oswald's Church, Ashbourne [Map]. Signed Hayward Lichfield - possibly Peter Hayward.

Lieutenant Colonel Philip Bainbrigge: Around 1755 he was born.

On 06 Oct 1808 Frederick VII King Denmark was born to King Christian I of Norway and VIII of Denmark (age 22) and Duchess Charlotte Frederica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (age 23). Coefficient of inbreeding 6.76%.


On 06 Oct 1820 James Molyneux Caulfeild 3rd Earl Charlemont was born to Henry Caulfeild (age 41).

On 06 Oct 1888 Ellis William Roberts (age 27) and Eliza Glover (age 21) were married at St John's Church Fulham. Both were living at 24 Cedar Road at the time of their marriage.

Eliza Glover: Around 1867 she was born to Joseph Glover at Longton, Staffordshire.

On 06 Oct 1894 Oliver Russell 2nd Baron Ampthill (age 25) and Margaret Lygon Baroness Ampthill (age 19) were married. She by marriage Baroness Ampthill of Ampthill in Bedfordshire. She the daughter of Frederick Lygon 6th Earl Beauchamp and Mary Catherine Stanhope Countess Beauchamp. He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 06 Oct 1915 Victor Hervey 6th Marquess Bristol was born to Herbert Hervey 5th Marquess Bristol (age 44) and Jean Cochrane (age 28).

On 06 Oct 1924 Charles Alfred Euston Fitzroy 10th Duke Grafton (age 32) and Lucy Eleanor Barnes Duchess Fitzroy (age 26) were married. She by marriage Duchess Grafton.

PAINTINGS/VANDYCK_LTD/6th_Earl_Harewood_Wedding.png PAINTINGS/VANDYCK_LTD/Wedding_of_Princess_Mary_and_Viscount_Lascelles_1922.jpg PAINTINGS/ELWES/Princess_Mary.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN_PHOTO/7th_Earl_Harewood_Wedding.jpg

On 06 Oct 1940 Marmaduke Furness 1st Viscount Furness (age 56) died.

On 06 Oct 1943 Lieutenant Edward John Anson (age 24) died unmarried in an accident while returning to duty at a naval dockyard during the black-out whilst on active service on HMS Southdown. He was buried at St Stephen's Church, Great Heywood [Map].

Lieutenant Edward John Anson: On 19 Feb 1919 he was born to Thomas Edward Anson 4th Earl Lichfield (age 35) and Evelyn Maud Keppel Countess Lichfield (age 31).

On 06 Oct 1949 Victor Hervey 6th Marquess Bristol (age 34) and Pauline Mary Bolton were married. He the son of Herbert Hervey 5th Marquess Bristol (age 78) and Jean Cochrane (age 62).

On 06 Oct 2020 John Francis Baring 7th Baron Ashburton (age 91) died.